GEN-13 - Invasion

By Spring-Heeled Jack & High-Heeled Jill


Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of extreme Alien/F Non-Consensual sex, Impregnation, and Anal Penetration. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it


Chapter 1- Freefall


Roxy and Grunge made their way through the woods in search of a little space. Their transportation had completely broken down so they and the rest of the team had been stranded in a small mining town called Mason’s Rock, which was situated halfway up a mountain and surrounded by dense conifer woodlands. They had booked into the tiny motel that was the only accommodation to be found in the town before Mr. Lynch left. He had to catch the evening train to the nearest city in order to keep the ‘vital appointment’ that was the reason they had been dragged across six states in an overcrowded SUV.


While the other had begun settling in to a rundown hotel the two most irresponsible members of the team had sneaked off in order to spend some time together. For the last two days they had been cramped into a small van without enough room to even breathe freely and were in need of a little relaxation.


Percival Chang smiled as he remembered the way that one of Caitlin’s huge breasts would brush against his arm every time she tried to stretch her overly long limbs. Then he quickly wiped the smile away as Roxy gave him a sharp look.


She had to keep reminding herself that she was mad at him. She had noticed the way he had kept squashing up close to Sarah and Caitlin, whichever one of them was sat on his other side. They had been tacking turns to sit up front with Lynch where there was more room but Grunge had taken every opportunity to sit in the back. Her suggestion that he should sit next to the door, while she took the centre seat since she was the smallest had been ignored as he joked and clowned around.


But right now, she was just too glad to be out of the van and in the fresh air. She turned back to look at him and he gave her an innocent and cheeky grin, but not fast enough that she hadn’t noticed that he was watching her ass jiggle in her tight denim shorts as she walked ahead of him. She smiled to herself as she continued, the last of her temper evaporating with the knowledge that he was lusting for her.


It was always reassuring that he looked at her in that way when the other two girls on the team were so drop-dead gorgeous. With their superb figures and oversized breasts, her friends sometimes made her feel almost dowdy, even though she knew she was pretty. And she was very pretty, with pert, almost elfin features and large expressive eyes. But she didn’t provoke that same mindless desire in men as the others, even if they would rather men didn’t look at them in the way that they did. Caitlin was a 6’3” amazonian babe with an awe-inspiring physique but who also had the mind of the studious wallflower that she had been before her powers manifested, and while although Sarah had a tall supermodel’s figure and the face of a Native American goddess, she was also a politically correct, feminist, lesbian. The fact that neither Cait nor Sarah wanted that attention was all the more galling to Roxy, who would gladly have accepted the adulation, just because it would allow her more opportunities to pursue her favourite pastime. A thought which reminded her that it was time to tease Grunge a little.


“Aren’t you glad to get out of that stuffy van, Grunge?” she asked as she whirled around.


“No kidding. I think that if I’d had to hear another of Sarah’s rants about the evils of society, I might just have ended up in a coma!” He said as Roxy hooked her arm in his.


“I know,” she giggled, flashing her eyelashes at him, “she does sound like a broken record sometimes.”


“And she’s always insulting me. Just cuz I don’t know what any of the words mean doesn’t mean I don’t know what they are.” He added, confusedly.


“She did? What did she say?”


“She said that I am ‘a typical example of the misogynistic male principle that dominates the modern world and forces a phallo-centric and paternalistic framework that militates against a truly egalitarian society’.” Grunge said in a sing-song voice as his photographic memory recalled one of Sarah’s frequent diatribes.


“Huh?” Her finger twirled in her hair, making the style that she called freeform and the others simply called messy even more disarrayed than usual. The pink flash of color she had dyed into her hair giving her a certain bohemian, “alternative” appearance that matched the ring through her nose.


“That’s what she said. Not that she knows anything about male phallic frameworks” He sniggered and snuggled closer against Roxy. His smirk became a virtual leer before he added, “You know she’s got the hots for you?”


Roxy did know, but wasn’t going to admit that to him. Besides, this conversation wasn’t going in the right direction at all. “Oh yeah? Just you get your mind out of the gutter, unless you want me to leave you here and walk back to town right now!”


Grunge couldn’t resist one last jibe, however. “Seriously though, if you an’ Sarah ever did . . . you know, if you do . . . Can I watch?”


Grunge ducked the slap she aimed for the back of his head and ran off in amongst the trees hooting with laughter while Roxy yelled and gave chase behind him.


“Grunge! You get your ass back here so I can kick it!” she shouted as she ran into a small clearing.


A large tree had fallen and taken some of the others down with it, leaving an open space with a clear view of the open and gradually darkening skies. It was also completely empty. There was no sign of Grunge and no sound of any movement in the woods around her.


“Grunge.” She said.


No answer.


“Grunge! Where are you!” She shouted.


Behind her, a fallen long started to move. One of its branches started to curve towards Roxy, seeming to grow longer as it came closer.


 “This isn’t funny. Grunge! Come out where I can see you right now!”


Then she yelped and jumped as the branch poked into the crotch of her shorts. She whirled around and saw the log, which was grinning broadly as Grunge’s features became discernible on the moving wood.


“Gotcha!” He cried.


Roxy stood for a moment and fumed, then, using her gravity manipulating powers she levitated her disguised sometime boyfriend thirty feet straight up and left him hanging in mid-air.


“Roxx! I was only kidding! I didn’t mean it. Roxy, let me down. Please.” He virtually begged as he resumed his own shape.


“I don’t know, I think a bit of fresh air might help you to clean up that cesspit you call your mind.”


“Roxx, I’m sorry. Please let me down.”


“I’ll think about it.” She said as she blew a pink lock of hair from her eyes. Then she turned and started back toward the tree cover.


“Roxx. Roxy! Where are you going. Don’t leave me up here!” He shouted from his perch in the sky.


Then, just at that moment, there was a ground shaking impact that almost knocked Roxy off her feet.


“What was that?” she cried.


“It looks like a meteorite!” Grunge answered from his vantage point. “And there are some more.”


Roxy floated up beside him and watched the glowing streaks against the night sky, the sunset behind them. There were a dozen of them, and all of them were coming down within about five miles of where Grunge and Freefall hovered above the trees.


“Is it my imagination, or are they slowing down before they land?” She asked.


Grunge looked intently at the last of the meteorites and said. “I think you’re right. It definitely seemed to slow down at the last moment.”


“We’d better check it out.” Said Roxy.


“Shouldn’t we get the others first?”


“They must have seen it in town, so they’re probably already on their way. We’d only end up going straight past them in these woods if we went back. Come on.”


* * *


It took them almost half an hour to reach the nearest of the impact points. Half of that to fly the majority of the distance, the rest was the time it took to work their way through the trees, so as to remain inconspicuous.


When they finally came to the crater site, Freefall gasped in surprise. For there was no crater. Instead there was a large, organic looking tower!


The trees around the landing site had been flattened and the tower stood in the centre of a hollowed clearing some three hundred metres across. The tower itself seemed to be growing. A glistening, iridescent black with flashes of dark reds and purples over its irregular surface, its fleshy hide covered with plates and bony extrusions. There were vein-like cables that were pulsating slowly as they coiled around the full height of the inhuman tower.


Grunge and Freefall slipped forward on their stomachs for a better look at the alien thing. As they watched they saw several large spider-like creatures that seemed to be constructing, or perhaps tending to, the organic tower. The things scuttled across its surface with all the grace of a true spider, guiding the growth of the plating. Then from the base there issued a stream of the creatures. Grunge and Freefall counted ten . . . twenty . . . thirty . . . more than fifty of the alien spiders exited the tower and began to form up into small troops of five.


Freefall gestured to Grunge and they retreated to the cover of the trees.


“They’re aliens!” she whispered.


“No kidding.” Said Grunge.


“It must be an invasion! We have to get the others and warn them. Then we can find some way to stop them.”


“Okay.” Grunge answered without arguing.


They turned and started back toward the town be the most direct route they could determine. As they walked as stealthily as they could manage, each of them pondered the fact that they had seen or felt at least a dozen of the ‘meteorites’. Even if each one of them only held the seventy or so aliens they had seen working on or leaving this one, that meant that there were at least nine hundred to a thousand of the invaders!


* * *


Roxy was fighting a rising tide of panic. The aliens seemed to be everywhere. They could hear them moving through the woods and at the moment they were hidden beneath a bush in the roots of a fallen tree as a patrol came closer.


The creatures moved incredibly fast, and Freefall decided it had been a mistake to try and sneak out on the ground. They should have flown and risked being seen by the aliens. Then she was not thinking at all as the patrol came into view, just concentrating on being as quiet and inconspicuous as possible.


Grunge and Freefall watched the aliens from their hiding place as they passed. The creatures were huge, over eight feet tall, with a glistening black hide that looked blood red in the reflected light of the last rays of sunset. Seen close to, they didn’t look all that much like spiders after all. More like inhuman, spider-like centaurs. Unlike spiders, the aliens had ten legs, each as thick as Roxy’s slender waist although the length of them made them seem spindly from a distance. Six of the limbs were attached to their thorax and were used for walking, the other four limbs were attached to a smaller, second thorax and were obviously used as arms. Those were shorter and ended in three long, finger-like talons. The head was held high and had six jewel-like eyes above its mandibled maw.


The last creature in the patrol slowed its movements and turned its head. Then it altered its course to head for the bushes, directly toward Roxy and Grunge’s hiding place!


The two heroes froze as the bushes rustled, the alien spider probing the undergrowth with one of its walking limbs. It methodically made its way forward, but the probing leg left wide spaces between each thrust and passed directly over the hidden Roxy and Grunge to rest on the fallen tree’s trunk. A shroud of leaves and branches still covered the two GEN-13 teammates.


Another member of the patrol returned then and gave an urgent sounding, chittering noise. The first spider replied with the same inhuman noise. The two aliens conversed for what seemed like an age to the concealed couple, the first one standing immediately above Roxy!


She peered up through the bushes to get a closer look at the hideous creature. She stared for one long drawn out moment before she realized what she was looking at. She froze in horrified shock at the sight. There, below the disproportionately slender abdomen, hung what could only be a penis! Even though she could see no details with foliage and darkness obscuring her vision, it couldn’t be anything else, positioned as it was on the creature’s body. A huge, hard, and pulsating penis!


The massive organ held her total attention. She simply could not tear her eyes away. Roxy had to fight not to scream or totally freak out. It was longer than her arm and as thick as her leg! It sprouted from the mid-point of the abdomen and extended parallel to the floor, standing erect. The little light available revealed its profile, showing that the shaft was twisted and knotted and reminding Roxy of the gnarled trunk of an old tree.


The plump cockhead was bigger than both of Roxy’s balled up fists put together, and it was drooling. A thick strand of clear viscous fluid was slowly descending from the cockhead towards Roxy’s upturned face. Even when her shock had passed and the horrified fascination waned, she didn’t dare move for fear of making any noise, or doing anything that might attract the things attention. Carefully she turned her head and slowly, very very slowly moved to one side, away from the gap in the leaves and away from the dribbling inhuman discharge.


Her wide eyes swiveled as far in their sockets as they could to watch the drooling strand as it passed her cheek. Then, suddenly, the creature moved, its penis swung, and the slimy strand slapped wetly against the side of Roxy’s horrified face. She forced herself not to panic, clenching the muscles of her entire body with the effort required to prevent herself from reacting to the sensation of the cool alien pre-cum as it slid down her cheek and dribbled from her earlobe.


And then the two spider creatures left the clearing.


“Oh god! Yeeuch!” Roxy gasped as she frantically wiped the fluid from her face, her expression contorted with the disgust that she felt. Then she tried to wipe her hand clean with a leaf. “We’ve got to get ou . . .”




Grunge hurriedly grabbed her arm and clapped one big hand over her mouth as the sounds of more moving monsters came through the undergrowth, becoming louder as they neared the adjacent clearing. They spied the huge spiders through the bushes and watched them stride under the trees.


Roxy shuddered as they passed and Grunge slipped an arm around her, protectively and reassuringly. Now that she knew that they were there her eyes fixated on those monstrous erections as they bounced in time with the graceful movements of their legs. Then the aliens were gone and they emerged from their place of concealment.


After her distressingly close encounter, Roxy decided that she had had enough of hiding and skulking through the undergrowth, and so with only the briefest of warnings, she took herself up into the air and lifted Grunge, who had to stifle a startled yelp, behind her. As she gained some height she could see the lights of Mason’s Rock some ten degrees away from the course they had been taking. She could also discern several roads and tracks, and what appeared to be river. After taking a moment or two to try to fix her position, she headed for the town.


The chittering sounds they heard clearly indicated that they had been spotted, but Freefall hoped that none of them could follow, or possessed any kind of weapon with some degree of range. None of the aliens they had seen had been carrying anything more advanced than grotesquely ornate swords.


* * *


“EEEEEEEAAAAArrrrrrrggghhhh! Noooooo!”


The woman’s voice keened through the air like a saw from the road to their left. Without even thinking, Freefall altered course to help whoever it was that was screaming. She swung down low to hide their approach and slowed as she reached the treeline.


“Help! Eeeaaaahh noooo! God nooooooaaaAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEE!”


There below them was the main road into Mason’s Rock and on it the aliens had wrecked two cars. Freefall couldn’t see the woman that she could hear, but there were several men lying dead near the cars and Roxy and Grunge felt a wave of nausea as they saw that three of the spider-like creatures appeared to be eating them whole!


A fourth alien was in the process of dismantling a car and it was several moments before Grunge finally located the source of the screams.


“Oh, Jesus!” he whispered and pointed to where the fifth member of the alien patrol was partially hidden, hunched under the branches of a tree.


Roxy followed and watched the alien’s abdomen thrusting wildly for a full minute before she saw the girl’s legs sticking out to either side of the creature’s body and she realized what was happening. Her heart froze in her chest as she watched the alien rape the human girl with its massive penis.


Grunge wakened her from her shocked immobility. “Christ, we’ve got to help her!”


With a horrified shudder, Roxy took action. Freefall’s fear and anger fueled her gravity-manipulating powers, and she used them to pick up one of the cars and throw it at the three feeding aliens, then she lifted the other car, toppling the fourth alien from its hood, and slammed it against the spider creature. The massive alien simply shrugged off the automobile and started toward the heroes.


“Keep them busy!” Freefall yelled to Grunge, “I’ll get the girl!”


So saying she dropped Grunge before the alien and swooped over its head. Grunge landed on the road and immediately started to absorb the properties of the concrete. By the time the giant spider returned its attention to him after momentarily trying to follow Freefall’s flight, Grunge was fully transformed and throwing the first punch.


He hit the creature with his full strength, and to his surprise, the alien took the blow and followed with its own. He barely managed to avoid a slash to his face and rolled under a second to kick hard into its thorax from below. Moving quickly, he dodged a flailing leg and kicked again, this time connecting with the alien’s massive cock and sending it swinging wildly. Then he rolled out from under the thing and wrapped both arms around one its legs and twisted sharply.


The alien emitted a high-pitched squeal as its leg snapped and it lost its balance. Grunge grabbed another thrashing leg and pulled it, causing the stumbling creature to topple over. That gave him the opening he needed and he started to attack the creature’s head, striking it with sledgehammer blows that shattered the chitinous armor and smashed the pulpy flesh beneath.


Grunge stood back and looked down on the twitching body of the alien soldier, before he remembered the other members of the patrol. He turned around just in time to see all three of them bearing down on him.


* * *


Only an hour earlier pretty young teen Tiffany Morrison, captain of the cheerleading team, had been sitting in the backseat of her boyfriend’s car with two of his friends fondling her breasts while she played with their hard dicks, looking forward to having more cock than she could handle as the center of a seven man gang-bang. Now she really did have more cock than she could handle, more than she could ever have imagined, and she screamed in abject agony as the alien spider drove its massive penis remorselessly in and out of her gold-furred pussy.


The blonde did not see or hear Freefall’s approach, but nor did her attacker, it was so engrossed in taking its perverted pleasure. The superheroine used her powers to rip the earth from beneath the alien rapist. The monster lost its footing and released its grip on the young woman, who was still screaming with the agony of her violation. Roxy saw that the girl was not much older than she was, with long blonde hair and massive breasts that were bouncing wildly on her slender chest. The girl’s body swung up and down as the spider creature staggered, and Roxy again pulled the ground out from under its claw-like feet.


Again Tiffany’s body swung wildly on the alien’s gigantic cock, and the teenaged heroine struggled to suppress the terror it struck in her heart to realize that the girl was firmly wedged on the impaling penis. She was flailing her limbs energetically in an effort to get it out of her agonizingly overstretched vagina, but she was stuck fast!


Before the alien could regain its bearings, Roxy grabbed one of the branches off the nearest tree and swung it into the creature’s hideous maw. While it was momentarily stunned, she ran forward and grabbed the naked girl’s arms and tried to pull her free of the monster’s giant cock.


She had to hook her arms under the blonde’s shoulders and pull, only to stumble as she lost her grip. Quickly she tried again, grabbing a firm hold of Tiffany’s big breasts and bracing one foot against the spider’s giant leg as she hauled with all of her strength until the monster’s victim came free with an audible and sickening slurping sound. Freefall fell to the floor with the naked blonde sobbing hysterically on top of her. Desperately, she pushed the girl off her and barely managed to avoid a clutching talon.


Roxy tried grabbing the creature itself to throw it with her powers, but her psionic grip seemed to just slip off from it. She shouted for the girl to run as she instead used her powers to throw debris at the alien. Tiffany struggled to her feet, clutching her ruined pussy and weeping, and managed to stagger a few feet at a time. Roxy realized with horror that the pain of the girl’s cruel rape was simply too severe for her to move any faster, and that the only way she would escape was if Freefall carried her.


Roxy brought her full attention back to the giant spider. If she could defeat it then she might have the time to deal with the girl she was trying to rescue. First she had to rescue herself. The alien was trying to back her up against the dense foliage, and as it slashed at her head she ducked to slip under its grasp and escape the trap. Suddenly the world spun and everything seemed to go dark as a rose of pain bloomed on the back of her skull.


The huge monstrosity had caught her on the backswing of its strike.


* * *


Grunge went careening across the road as another massive blow caught him on the shoulder. He struggled to his feet and barely managed to dodge the rush of a truck-sized alien, a tackling attack which destroyed the tree that had been behind him.


Grunge tried to dodge the second alien but wasn’t fast enough and a heavy limb clubbed him to the floor, then it grabbed his throat in its powerful claws. As he was hauled back to his feet, he saw the blonde girl stumble and fall, only to be grabbed by the third alien which had clearly decided that Grunge no longer posed a threat. It manipulated the screaming girl with its many limbs, lining her gaping golden pussy with its huge black appendage, and then the terrified teenager was impaled on another monstrous cock.


Suddenly, Grunge heard a crack as the massive creature compressed his concrete neck. He could survive without air for a while but he didn’t know whether he could survive if he literally lost his head. He needed to restore his body and fast!


But, the alien was holding him, crushing him, three feet above the ground. He couldn’t change forms unless he was touching whatever he was to mimic and there was nothing with which Grunge could make contact. Apart from the creature trying to kill him.


Another cracking sound made his decision for him and he grabbed the tree-sized arms of the alien and concentrated. He tried to focus his powers but they didn’t seem to be anything there! He pushed harder, driving his powers to probe further until suddenly he detected what seemed to be an echo of the sensation he always encountered from any material. He forced his powers to absorb the echo.


Suddenly his veins felt as though they were filled with molten fire! His muscles seized and his mind reeled as it was assailed by intense pain that went deep into his very core. He screamed in such agony that he even drowned out the cries of the girl being brutally raped by monster-cock. But he did not suffer alone, as the alien emitted an ear-splitting shriek and its many limbs began to convulse until it collapsed, dropping Grunge to the ground, his stony body returned once more to flesh and bone.


The giant alien thrashed and lashed out wildly as it experienced an impossible-seeming reaction to Grunge’s Gen-Factor induced powers. Then its cries became more pitiful until finally it was still and silent. The creature that had ploughed into the tree came back into the fray in time to see its compatriot’s death, and it stalked over to the pain-wracked Grunge and kicked him viciously. When he didn’t respond, it left him and moved over join in the rape of the cheerleader. Her screams abruptly stopped as the monster’s insectoid head descended on her agonized face and something emerged from its maw to force its way into her mouth.


From where the stunned Grunge now lay, he could see the first creature pick a dazed Roxy up from the grass where she had fallen and he tried to rise, to help, but he couldn’t move!


He was paralyzed!


* * *


Freefall was hoist aloft by her leather jacket and inspected by her captor. It raised a three-clawed hand to her perky breast and scraped the sharp talons over her cotton-covered tit-flesh. As Roxy struggled to come to her senses, the alien hooked one talon into the neckline of her T-shirt and ripped the fabric from top to waist, exposing her flat stomach and the plain bra she’d worn for the road trip. It then tore her brassiere from her body, freeing her apple-sized tits from their concealment.


The spider issued a clicking chuckle as its eight eyes studied Freefall’s teenaged body.


Roxy grabbed the arachnoid’s thick limb and futilely tried to pull its grip loose, she still could not get any kind of a hold on the creature with her telekinetic powers, but she could grab the rock below her feet. She brought it up sharply under the things mandibled head and then wriggled out of her leather coat as the creature staggered. As she fell her shredded T-shirt caught in the zipper of her jacket and it was pulled off her back.


Roxy instinctively tried to cover her naked breasts even as she started to raise herself from the ground. No longer caring about saving the girl, only concerned with her own escape. She had risen no more than ten feet when the huge alien caught her ankle and swung her forcibly, slamming her down into the grass.


A dazed Roxy turned to look up at her opponent just as the spider-alien reared up to shake its head, clearing the last effects of the blow it had received. In doing so the creature’s penis was thrust forward toward Roxy and then it swung upward into the light of the fires.


In that orange glow Roxy got her first good look at one of the aliens’ huge black cocks and she couldn’t tear her terrified eyes from it. Around the base there were half a dozen bloated blisters that seemed to be churning with fluid and just above these was a thick tendon attaching the solid main shaft to the alien’s abdomen allowing a large degree of independent movement. The shaft itself was at least 17 or 18 inches long, and as thick as a man’s two arms together, with a large knot, almost like a knuckle, about a quarter of the way along the glistening phallus from the base. At the end of the giant stalk was a swollen, vein-ridden bulge, from which emerged a flared pink arrowhead that was smooth and slick with the alien’s pre-cum, and which pulsated with the monster’s lust.


Freefall attempted to hit it with another rock using her powers, but there was no force behind the blow and the spider simply shrugged it off. She rolled away from the creature and launched herself from the ground, but stumbled to her knees as she failed to take to the air. Two blows to the head had left her dazed and disorientated, with fear and horror further diffusing her focus she could not concentrate enough to use her powers even for levitation.


She tried to regain her footing but the creature grabbed her shoulders from behind with two of its arms. It lifted her high into the air, and using its other two forelimbs it pulled her cut-off jeans from her ass down to her knees. Then it turned her around so that she was facing it as it slowly peeled her panties from her flesh. Roxy’s breasts bounced enticingly as she kicked out weakly with panic and her face blushed red with shame. Her panties slid down her thighs, revealing the small neatly trimmed triangle of her pubic hair, a shocking-pink delta of fur that Roxy had dyed on a whim to match the flash of color in her hair. This was the tantalizing sight being exposed to the alien’s many-faceted gaze.


After the alien had stripped her it pulled her legs so far apart that she felt he nether-lips open. She screamed in pain as her tendons were stretched to their very limits. She was raised high into the air and by twisting her outstretched ankles the spider forced Roxy to thrust her pelvis forward, where it was met by a long, wet, prehensile tentacle, the creature’s tongue. Roxy shrieked and her body spasmed in disgusted response to the touch of the hideous alien’s organ.


The rough, slimy tongue thrashed across her smooth shaven pussylips and its repulsive face rubbed against her pink-hued pubes as it slathered and slobbered silently over her groin. The tip slithered between her buttocks and licked the length of her crotch from ass to clit before flicking back to probe her anus. After testing that hole, and making a chittering noise that seemed peculiarly pleased, it came forward to explore her slit, pressing into the entrance of her vagina until it discovered her maidenhead, testing the possibilities of her urethra, and rubbing the swollen bud of her clitoris.


After several minutes of that disgusting oral assault, the inhuman beast lowered its victim slowly, its gaping maw slobbering over her naked body as it did so, its tentacle-tongue thrashing across the whole of her pelvis and abdomen, leaving her awash with spider-saliva that cooled rapidly in the night air, until it was level with her breasts. The spider-alien’s mandibles opened wide and engulfed the whole of her left tit in its yawning orifice. Her breast was surrounded by hot wet heat for a moment before the monster went to work on it. Hard bony . . . things . . . within the creature’s mouth began gnawing at her tender tit-flesh from either side, squeezing it painfully as the thick tongue lashed against her ribs. Something inside that maw, something almost like a second mouth, latched onto her hard nipple and bit down firmly. It tugged at her nipple in counterpoint to the squeezing of her breast.


Roxy groaned in disgust as the alien began suckling at her breast. The creature’s inhuman twin orifices, the outer mandibles and the inner mouth, sucked powerfully on the helpless heroine’s mammary, pulsing in a syncopated rhythm that made Freefall moan softly. Her nipple felt as though it was on fire, and she could feel a build up of pressure somewhere inside her aching breast that was unlike anything she had felt before. Roxy gritted her teeth as the ache increased in intensity so much that she thought the horrendous alien intended to swallow her tit, until suddenly their was what felt like a small explosion inside her breast and milk erupted from the virgin teen’s shapely orb.


Freefall sobbed while the hideous monster milked her young breast, the spurting fluid causing a sharp tingling pain as it exited her nipple. It seemed to last an age, Roxy’s tender tit being consumed by the spider-alien’s gaping maw, but eventually the underdeveloped mammary gland ran dry of its mother’s milk and the creature chittered a sound of disappointment.


As the inhuman beast ceased suckling and withdrew, a dribble of milk dripped from the end of her swollen nipple to roll down her heaving breast. Her vision blurred by salty tears Roxy cried out in chagrin as the monster descended upon her other tit. The spider-alien milked that small but shapely breast as dry as it had the first, then it drew back its repulsive, strangely insectoid head away from her and lifted her high in front of it.


The monster held her body splayed in the air with its four arms, each holding an outstretched limb, and leaned its outlandish, hideous head close to Roxy’s face. The teen heroine choked back a sob and turned aside in revulsion as the beast chittered in quiet, emphatic tones. To Roxy’s terrified mind it seemed malicious, specifically so, that the alien was expressing its anger for her unsuccessful assault upon it.


It pulled back slightly and when she opened her eyes she saw its body twist slightly. She did not understand what it was doing until the tip of its monstrous penis rose into the field of her vision. Roxy screamed in horror as the massive shaft rose toward her face. She closed her eyes again and buried her head in her shoulder, instinctively trying to hide herself, to deny the reality of the phallus that threatened her virginity.


She screamed again when she felt the slimy head of it touch her breast. The alien rubbed the hot, wet tip over Roxy’s nicely proportioned bust before dragging it down to her smooth white belly. It pushed back up her body once more, then pulled back and thrust again. With increasing speed the hard inhuman monstrosity began thrusting, the drooling cockhead leaving a sticky trail of pre-cum from navel to cleavage as the spider-alien taunted Roxy with its intentions. 


Freefall gulped in great gasping lungfuls of air as the fear-released adrenaline coursing through her body caused her to hyperventilate. Her perky breasts bounced energetically as her chest heaved, and the tendons and muscles of her entire body showed in stark relief as she struggled ineffectively. She focused every ounce of effort into pushing the creature away with her powers, but they slipped off it. It was like trying to grasp the wind. She could not fight, she could not flee, all she could do was wait for the terrifying, inevitable assault!


* * *


Frantically, futilely, Grunge tried to move his paralyzed body, to do something to save his girlfriend from the fiendish monster that held her like a toy as it rubbed its penis against her naked skin. But he couldn’t help her. He couldn’t do anything to stop what was happening. Grunge was able to move his eyes and flex his muscles, but his bones seemed to be fused into one single rigid structure. He was totally immobilized.


* * *


The giant thrusting stalk suddenly ceased all movement, the incredible thickness of the thing pushing Roxy’s firm tits apart, the flange at the base touching her pubis. The creature chittered at the shivering heroine, enjoying the anticipation it felt, enjoying the terror of its victim. The pit of Roxy’s stomach seemed to fall away as she realized the full extent of what was to come, what it intended to force inside her. The base of the alien’s cock was at her groin, but the tip was almost touching her collarbones!


“No, no, oh nononononono . . .”


Once it had her arranged to its satisfaction it pivoted its abdomen underneath her body to position the head of its monstrous erection against the smooth swollen lips of her sex.


“NO! OH GOD, NO! GRUNGE! HELP ME!” she cried.


But he could not do anything. Grunge was as helpless as Roxy.


It seemed as though the alien was trying to tease the frantic heroine, rubbing the swollen tip up and down her slit as if it wanted to arouse her, but nothing could ever overcome the sick terror in her soul created by the hot touch of the monstrous appendage against her vulnerable sex. Then it positioned the football-sized cockhead against Roxy’s tight pussy and pushed.




The pain was incredible to the virgin teen and her tearful eyes bulged wide as her hairless pussylips opened, then her small labia were forced far apart.  The tip of the alien spear entered her body and pressed against her maidenhead. The hideous creature thrust with its incredible strength, but Roxy’s tiny hole would allow no more than an inch of the thing between her lips. The creature wasn’t going to be thwarted however. It started to swing its abdomen back, and then it struck, stabbing its massive penis between Freefall’s widespread legs.




Roxy’s scream of agony was ear-splitting as her pussylips were crushed by the gigantic phallus, but it still failed to penetrate her slender channel. The alien swung back again, then paused, poised to strike.




She screamed again as hard alien cock hammered her pussy once more. But again, it failed to obtain entry.




So great was Roxy’s next scream that it went beyond mere sound as the third punching blow forced her cunt wide, ripping through her maidenhead and splitting her like a log!


The monstrous flared arrowhead was firmly embedded inside her, and the muscles of her pussy snapped back to hug the cockhead’s narrower stalk just above the main bud. Her tears flowed freely down her cheeks and she sobbed hysterically with the pain of her brutal deflowering as the alien gripped her ankles tightly and pulled her downward onto its massive cock, forcing the massive bulge of the black stalk from which the head blossomed against her strained pussy-lips.


“NOOOO!!! . . . OH, GOD . . . NOOOOAAAAAAAAAAYYYIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!” she screamed anew as the 6 inch wide, vein-ridden bulge was slowly and mercilessly forced inside her.


There was nothing but pain in Roxy’s world, as the inhuman monster enjoyed the incredible tightness of her virgin cunt. She was instinctively convulsing her internal muscles in a futile battle against the impossibly huge violation taking place and the pulsing sensation it created on the alien rapist’s softer cockhead were wonderful to it.


There was a momentary respite for the tortured teen when the large knot of solid monster-meat passed and her cunt closed over the swollen bud, gripping tightly onto the main body of the shaft. And then the creature forced her down the thick stalk toward the giant knot.


* * *


Grunge could only watch in despair and weep silently as the hideous alien raped his girlfriend with its monstrous cock. He could clearly discern the incredible dilation of Roxy’s pussy as her lips stretched around the impossibly thick penis.


* * *




The monster dragged her down relentlessly, pain shooting through ankles, knees, and hips to rival the agony from her cunt as more and more pressure was exerted to pull her onto the impaling shaft. The walls of her vagina were being forced agonizingly far apart, the membranes stretching as they were designed to do only for childbirth, and the rough texture of the rock-solid penis shaft rubbed her dry insides raw.


“HELP MEeeeeEEEEAAAAUUUUuuuuoooooowwwWWWW!!!”


At 6 inches she was sure that she was being split in two, it felt like a tree trunk was being rammed inside her, so large and bumpy was the inhuman thing. But still it continued. 7 inches, and her body began convulsing after the initial shock of her rape started to wear off. 8 inches, and the alien spider-cock reached the natural limit if her virgin pussy.




9 inches, forcing her vagina to stretch, pushing her cervix deeper into her body. 10 inches, screaming agony as she was stretched beyond her capacity and the massive cock ripped through her cervix, penetrating her hot, soft womb. 11 inches, the entrance to her womb stretched wide by the flared cockhead. 12 inches, and her cervix closed behind the huge glans, only for the giant bulge at the top of the penis’s shaft to begin forcing it wider once more.


“NNyyaa!!! UUuhhr!!! OOaaw!!! AAhhh!!! UUhhnnn!!! Aarrrhhh!!!”


13 inches, her cervix stretched wider than even childbirth would achieve, the second cock-knot nudged the overstretched lips of her pussy. 14 inches, Roxy’s screams hoarse, her eyes bulging and pouring tears down her pain-contorted face as her cervix hugged the massive cockshaft behind the bulge and her pussy’s entrance stretched incredibly wide to take the cock-knot near the base.




15 inches, and Roxy was stretched beyond human fortitude, but the superhuman heroine could only endure. After the second knot was inside the sobbing superheroine, the alien began to pull her back off of its cock and she screamed again as the huge knots stretched her cunt on their exit from her body just as painfully as on their entry. The black shaft glistened with her scant juices and spider-alien pre-cum as it withdrew. Her pussylips were pulled out from her body by the friction and they quivered as the rough surface of the massive cock rubbed against them.


It withdrew until only its fleshy cockhead was within her, and then it rammed her back down. Roxy screamed as the cockhead crashed into her cervix again, the soft, fleshy arrow forcing her tight opening wider. Then the alien pulled her up and slammed her down onto its cock again, ripping through her cervix and hammering into the roof of her womb with such force that her vision faded, graying out as the pain propelled her toward unconsciousness.


“Uh, uhn, huh, ah, uh,”


Roxy craved that oblivion, that state of insensitivity where she could escape her horrible ordeal, but even as she sought to embrace it she was pulled back to awareness by the same thing that had pushed her toward it; the pain of her brutal rape. She screamed hoarsely as the bulging bud forced her cervix to open wide as it was withdrawn once more. The internal sphincter snapped back around the base of the cockhead and she screamed again as it too ripped through her tiny opening on the outstroke of the spider-alien’s thrust.




Then more screams when the alien powered its monstrous phallus back inside her warm, pain-wracked orifice, impaling her on a full 16 inches of solid obsidian monster-cock with one unstoppable thrust. Roxy threw back her head and shrieked with all the power of her lungs.




Her agonized cry rose in pitch through her rape, interrupted by grunts as her body shook under the powerful impacts of the spider-cock inside her. Her pink flash of hair was plastered to her forehead by the sweat that was pouring off her entire petite, spread-eagled figure now, shimmering in the firelight and dripping from her tortured body onto the road beneath her.


* * *


Grunge could not tear his eyes away from the sight of his girlfriend’s pitiless rape by the hideous being from beyond the stars. The terrible tableaux held his full attention, even though it knotted his stomach with rage and loathing and fear. The girl he loved was naked, transfixed on a cruelly shaped and incredibly massive alien penis, twisting and shrieking in agony, and there was nothing he could do. His paralysis, his impotence, was complete.


* * *


Roxy’s pain was so great that she could no longer scream, her whole body convulsed in paroxysms of agony as she went into shock, moaning and gasping for air. The alien did not care about Freefall’s agony and just kept fucking her with its massive penis, forcing more and more of its 20-inch shaft into her tiny, pain-wracked sex.


Roxy gasped as the huge spider-thing pounded away at her pussy relentlessly.  It was pummeling her like a runaway jackhammer, smashing its way deeper into her core.  Her naked breasts were bouncing and jerking wildly as the alien fucked her with rapid-fire thrusts, every muscle and tendon in her body standing out starkly under a sheen of sweat as she fought against the powerful creature.  With every lunge, the monster’s cockhead plunged into Freefall’s womb and punched against the roof of it.  The pain of having her ultra-sensitive womb battered so hard and so frequently nearly made Roxy pass out from the sheer agony, but the pain also dragged her back to reality and full consciousness. 


Tears streamed from her eyes and her whole body was rocked by the alien’s merciless sexual attack. Her vision was blurry, from the tears and the stark, mind-searing agony, as she stared up at the stars above, trying to think about anything other than the hideous alien raping her, the huge penis splitting her apart.


The spider-alien hoisted her higher, twisting its abdomen so that it could thrust straight up into her tight love canal. It speared its cock all the way up in one powerful thrust that almost dislocated her hips. Roxy screamed, but the pain was less than it had been before. Her tortured body was beginning to succumb to shock, her pussy growing almost numb to the brutal violation it was experiencing. Freefall wept with relief as the excruciating pain slowly ebbed. She could still feel the cock inside her, she could still feel pain, but the unspeakable agony that had threatened to turn her into a mindless wreck no longer overwhelmed her.


Tears of relief quickly became tears of despair however as the realization of her situation hit her fully. She was being raped by a monster! Her precious virginity had been brutally ripped from her by an alien invader! Her barely developed sex was being ruined by a cock many, many times larger than anything it was intended to receive. Even if she somehow survived this ordeal, she would never be able to put it behind her, never be able to forget and live a normal life.


Suddenly she shrieked as the spider-alien stopped it pounding thrusts and twisted her impaled body 180 degrees around on its penis, wreaking havoc on her battered insides. Now Roxy was facing away from the monster, her arms and legs still stretched wide, and the massive cock resumed its jackhammer thrusts.


Freefall’s abdomen was obscenely distorted as the spider changed the angle of its penetration, driving it gigantic prick into the front wall of her sex and pushing the unfortunate heroine’s belly out from her body. Roxy looked down in horrified fascination at the bulge beneath her skin as it traveled impossibly far up her torso to finally disappear beneath her ribcage.


She raised her head, groaning with every bone-jarring thrust, and saw directly in front of her the motionless body of her boyfriend. Her face crumbled with anguish and despair once more as she sobbed at the destruction that had been wrought on her life, her future, and most especially her body.


* * *


The monster was taunting him, Grunge was certain. The creature’s pose could not be accidental, somehow it knew exactly how to make him suffer his failure to the fullest extent. It had to have been done for him, a deliberate display, because Roxy was now directly facing him, her body fully illuminated by the fires behind him, her elevated position making every detail of her obscenely dilated pink-furred pussy glaringly apparent to him, as too was the massive size and cruel shape of the alien’s penis as it plowed in and out of her defenseless body.


Grunge’s eyes locked onto that sight in spite of himself, in spite of his sickness and fury, and he watched Roxy’s hairless, overstretched pussylips being dragged back and pushed almost into her body with every thrust of that evil organ. He could not avert his gaze from her humiliation, from the pistoning black spider-cock that glistened with moisture as it plowed in and out of his girlfriend. And that wetness that coated the inhuman penis more thickly with every thrust made him wonder, even though he knew it was impossible, some small part of his mind, the insecure part of his sexuality that equated bigger with better, speculated whether Roxy might actually be enjoying that big cock inside her.


The way that it was pushing her flat belly out and toward him from the inside with its penis again, demonstrating its domination of his violated girlfriend. Grunge’s self-pity rose like a sickness. The thing was mocking him, it had to be! It wanted him to know that it was taking his female, raping her for its own perverted gratification, splitting her apart with its gigantic cock, ruining her for any mere human male’s equipment.


Ruining her for Grunge.


* * *


The arachnoid’s thrusts began to pick up speed, hammering into Roxy faster and faster, making her squeal in response. Everything below the level of her breasts had become numb to pain, it had become too great for her body to register in its shocked state, but she could still feel the cock, feel the rough texture of the rock hard thing as it stroked across her internal membranes, feel the impossible pressure of the rampaging penis pushing her innards aside and apart as it plowed deep into her very core, feel the throbbing pulse of the huge flared glans inside her womb.


Roxy’s body began juddering violently as the limbs of the spider-monster holding her started to shake and twitch. The rhythm of the impaling penis became irregular and jerky, more forceful and urgent. Freefall sobbed in tormented anguish as she dimly realized the hideous alien was going to shoot its disgusting inhuman seed into her!


“Nauugh! N, no, ugh! Nahh! No! Nooooo!”


She struggled weakly in denial, her contortions adding to the erotic sight of her sweaty young body impaled vertically on the monster’s gigantic black cock.


The alien gave a clicking caw and slammed its penis far inside Roxy’s battered sex, pushing her high into the air, perched atop the obsidian shaft as its climax arrived. Freefall screamed when the first jet of alien spider-sperm blasted into the roof of her womb. In that moment all sensation seemed to return to her numbed body and she screeched as agony and horror overwhelmed her mind.




It was like a fire hydrant was erupting inside her pussy! The first load was enough to fill her pussy completely.  The second load forced her belly to expand to contain the thick alien cum shooting into her taut cunt. Then the next eruption, and Roxy shrieked even louder as her womb stretched even further, muscles straining as her abdomen became as full and round as a heavily pregnant woman with its load of spider-spunk. 


The next massive load flooded her cum-packed womb, bloating her already swollen belly so much that Roxy was certain that she was going to explode! But then she felt her cervix forced even wider by the internal pressure and the alien’s disgusting ejaculate spurted down her vaginal canal and sprayed thickly from her agonized cunt.


Thick, sticky jets of spider-spunk squirted powerfully around the solid shaft of the monster’s black shaft and splashed wetly onto the road. The explosive release of the sperm from Freefall’s pussy was like a fountain, the stream of the vile white fluid seemingly never-ending as the alien emptied its blister-sacs into the screeching heroine. Roxy’s crotch and legs were completely covered in a thick layer of the alien’s cum, and dripped in long sticky strands as the arachnoid ’s orgasm continued to blast huge quantities of sperm into the tortured teen.


Eventually the pulsing jets of spider-cum subsided and Roxy stared into space with glassy eyes as the gigantic shaft inside her began moving once more, slowly thrusting in and out of her body. Cum continued to spurt out of Roxy’s overstretched slit, squirting around the spider-cock and splattering onto the ground.


* * *


Grunge’s sight was blinded by the tears that poured from his eyes now and he sobbed like a child. His stomach was roiling within him and it was miracle that he hadn’t thrown up as the fury, impotence, anguish - and even jealousy - overwhelmed him. It was too much. He felt as violated and humiliated by being forced to helplessly witness his girlfriend’s monstrous rape as Roxy herself, or so he believed, and the final culmination of her ordeal, the inhuman sperm that distended her belly and poured from her speared sex had driven him into an irrational, almost insane state of mind as his consciousness retreated from the reality before his eyes.


* * *


Freefall’s weeping had settled down to broken sobs by the time the huge spider-alien’s orgasm was finally complete and it pulled its cruel phallus from her hot, slimy cunt with a wet sucking noise.


Roxy cried out in pain and despair as brutally stretched membranes contracted and pressed against one another in the wake of the exiting marauder. Her abdominal muscles contracted weakly and spastically, as though still trying to expel the massive invader, and spat thick gobbets of spider-cum from her cunt that hung in long ropes from her sperm-smeared pussylips.


The enormous spider-creature lowered its victim as it swung its rock-solid phallus back under its abdomen, the soft fleshy cockhead disappearing into the large bulge at the end of it. Roxy felt the alien’s hot breath against her sweaty back, and then the tentacle-tongue wrapped its prehensile length around her slender throat. The raped heroine was certain that this would be the end, that the thing was going to kill and eat her now that it had had its fun with her formerly virgin body, but nothing happened. The tentacle just kept rubbing itself against the pale skin of her neck as though it was searching for something.


Without warning the creature dropped Roxy to the hard road below. She cried out in pain and shock, and then began sobbing at the aching emptiness inside her. She felt hollow, her body bored out by the massive spider-cock that had so brutally ripped away her maidenhood. Freefall buried her face in her arms as the tears flowed.


She heard the giant alien move away and she raised her head to follow it with her red-rimmed eyes. The massive monster glided gracefully across to the other two surviving spider-aliens of the patrol.


The poor blonde girl was completely coated in thick white sperm, and she was impaled from both ends by the creatures’ enormous cocks. Her belly bulged obscenely as one spider hammered away at her pussy, its spunk spurting powerfully from her stretched-out cunt with every thrust, and her neck seemed impossibly thick as it was forced to expand by the other monster’s swollen cockhead, more sperm pouring from her widely stretched lips and her nostrils as the huge volume of alien semen forced its way back out of her tortured face.


Roxy watched in horror as her rapist climbed on top of the spider-alien raping the unfortunate cheerleader and deftly guided its black shaft to the cleft of her tight buttocks. The violated heroine closed her eyes so as not to see what happened next, but she could not stop the vision that her imagination conjured in her mind’s eye. It wasn’t even as though the creature was actually excited. Roxy was certain now that the obsidian shaft was always rock-solid, and that the actual penis was the pink arrowhead that emerged from the bulge at the tip, and that was still fully retracted inside the stalk. The teenager’s ass-rape was an act of pure cruelty.


She shuddered with sickness and fear. She had to get away!


This might be her only chance to escape, so she had to make use of it! She tried to use her powers, but still they were weak and unfocused. She began crawling, but every inch was an effort of herculean magnitude. She could barely even move her legs let alone co-ordinate them, so she had to drag herself along the rough tarmac of the mountain road by her fingers. Every part of her body ached, battered and bruised from the inside, and agony shot up her spine from her ruined sex. Behind her she left a trail of thick white sperm.


Slowly, so slowly, she crawled across the expanse of the road’s surface toward Grunge’s motionless body, sobbing and groaning all the way.


As she got closer she heard his sobs, scarcely any quieter than her own. The pain in her pussy still seemed too distant, not as terrible as it should be in the aftermath of what she had just experienced. It was almost as though it was somebody else’s body. The pain of her soft skin being scratched by road’s surface was actually more sharply in her mind, particular her sensitive nipples. But the pain was not the main reason for her tears. It was the knowledge of her ordeal, the fact that she, a superheroine, had been raped by a hideous spider-like creature, her virginity stolen by an alien monster, that wounded her more deeply than the ruination of her sex.


Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, Roxy managed to crawl within arm’s reach of Grunge. She stretched out her arm to touch her stricken boyfriend, but before her fingers could make contact hard alien digits caught her ankle. Freefall yelped and cried out in despair as she was pulled away from Grunge, and then she screamed as the alien that held her lifted her leg high and dragged her across the road, her weight bearing down almost entirely on her breasts as they scraped against the rough tarmac.


More inhuman hands grasped her body and lifted her into the air. Roxy’s eyes darted from side to side in panic, terrified to realize that her ordeal was not yet over. Her fear deepened as she realized that there were more of the aliens now! Another patrol must have arrived at the scene, because the first three spider-things were still entertaining themselves with the busty blonde but there were six of the aliens surrounding her! Five of them where like the others, some sort of warrior drone, but the sixth creature was much, much bigger, with a hooded carapace that made it look more like a beetle than a spider despite the length of its multiple limbs.


“No, no, no, no, no, nonononononooooo!” Roxy sobbed as the inhuman creatures manipulated her already battered and tormented body into position.


She felt the smooth head of an alien penis pressing against her slimy pussy mound and sniveled in fear and despair as the huge member poked hard against her shaven, spider-cum dripping slit. 




The pain was agonizing as one of the monsters drove its cruelly shaped and gigantic phallus into her sloppy, stretched out cunt. It hurt no less than the first one, for although her pussy fought less against the incredible invader her membranes had been rubbed raw by her previous excruciating rape.


And worse, for she had hoped and believed that her ordeal was over, but now she knew that it had only just begun!


“Aaaauuhhhh GOD!  Please, NOOOOOAAAUUUWWWWWW!” 


Freefall threw her head back and screamed with pain and humiliation as the second alien monstrosity to fuck her forced its cock easily into her slick love canal. More of the first spider’s cum squirted out of her pussy as her new rapist filled up her insides with its alien maleness.


Her sweat shimmering body twisted and writhed in the aliens’ grasps as she was skewered once more. She looked up with tear-streaming eyes but all she could see was a wall of oily black chitinous bodies and limbs and hideous insectoid faces. Faces that, in spite of their total inhumanity, seemed to be leering lustily at her.




The creature just kept on jamming more and more of its massive penis deeper and deeper up Roxy’s impossibly stretched pussy and did not stop until it finally reached her cervix. It barely even paused before powering its fleshy arrowhead through the broken orifice to occupy her battered womb.


“AAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!  UUAAHHH!!!  It’s killing me!  UUHHHN!!!  It’s splitting me in two!  AAAahhhhh!  NNNOOOOOO!!!”


This alien was not quite as thick as the first, but it was even longer! And it was determined to stuff every last inch of its two-foot cock into the frantically struggling 5’ 5” heroine.


“Help MeEEEEEE!!! GRUNGE! HELP!!! Get it out of me!  NooooAAAARRGGGHHHHH!!!  NO!  Make it stop!  OHHHH…GOD!  Somebody! Please make it STOP!   AAAYYYYYIIIIEEEEEE!!!”


Roxy screamed as her pussy was explored to its innermost depths, the spider-alien pounding its rock-solid meat into Freefall to the hilt!


The spider made a chittering noise that seemed perversely pleased, and then there was a sucking sound as the creature withdrew its colossal cock halfway out of its victim. Roxy’s respite was only momentary as it swiftly slammed back in again, striking the roof of her womb so hard that Roxy choked as her internal organs bounced inside her.  Then again, and again, and again.  The monster picked up speed and plunged harder each time until it was power-fucking its captive even more forcefully than the first.


The other creatures began rubbing the drooling heads of their cocks over her sweat-damp body, but Roxy was barely aware of anything but the agony ripping through her core once more.


“NOOAAAHHH!!!  UNGH!  PLEASE!!!  UUHF!  NO!  AIEEEE!  NOOO!!!”  Roxy grunted as her pussy was brutally pounded by the huge alien cock.


The spider-creatures lowered her slender, impaled body to a horizontal position facing the ground. Talons clutched her wet, sweat-dripping hair and jerked her head up and back. Looming just inches in front of her face was one of the massive alien penises, its great length twitching ponderously as pre-cum drooled from the tip. Roxy’s eyes went wide and her mouth clamped shut as she realized what the thing intended to do to her next.


“NUH! NNNNGGHH!!! NNUHH!! NGH! NYMMPPHHH!!! NGH!” Roxy’s grunts forced their way past gritted teeth in response to the continuing pummeling of her pussy.


Her lips curled back as the need to scream, for the futile and useless expression of the agony she felt, became ever greater. The spider-cock rubbed against her tear-streaked cheeks and smeared the clear pre-ejaculate over her contorted features. Sweat beaded down her forehead and dripped from her pert little nose, but still she sought to deny the creature entrance. But then her alien rapist drove into her with a particularly vicious thrust and her scream sang loudly into the night for two seconds before it was cut off by a thrusting monster-cock.




Freefall choked as the enormous pulsing cockhead stretched her mouth as wide as it would go and drove its way into her throat. She gagged on the foul tasting penis as its long pointed tip opened her convulsing gullet. The widening of the bright arrowhead strained her jaws as the increasing thickness forced them apart. The creature’s thrust was remorseless however, and Roxy’s entire body spasmed as her jaw popped, dislocating to allow the wide flared base of the cockhead into her mouth.


The long fleshy tip of the creature’s penis was buried almost seven inches down her convulsing throat, blocking her airways and filling her senses with the simultaneously creamy and salty flavor of its sperm. She choked and tried to cough as the disgusting pre-cum slid down her throat.


Two of the spider-alien’s four claw-like hands grasped Roxy’s head and began jerking her up and down on its cock, forcing her further and further until her over-stretched lips were pressed against the slick black bulge of its cockstalk and the whole of its bright pink head was inside her contorted face.


Roxy’s eyes were wide with panic. With her jaw dislocated she could not even try to bite the penis that was raping her face. Her tongue thrashed wildly but futilely against the invader and her gagging throat spasmed violently, both of which simply provided the alien with the pleasure it sought.


At the other end the thrusts of her monstrous rapist had become less like a steady jackhammer and more like a series of short, quick, hard, punching jabs.  Each brutal blow elicited a muffled scream from the helpless heroine. Faster and harder the pounding thrusts struck inside her womb, until the alien’s climax finally overwhelmed it.


For the second time Roxy wept as thick spider-spunk blasted into her belly, stinging painfully with the force of the explosion inside her and causing a terrible ache as the pressure of the incredible volume of it stretched her womb almost to breaking point before forcing its way back down her vagina to erupt from her pussy around the tree-trunk like shaft of the alien’s cock.


“OOOUUUAAAHHWWLGH!” Freefall screamed a gurgled cry of agony and disgust as the spider-cock in her throat began to climax as well.


She gagged and choked loudly, her eyes clenched shut, as the thick syrupy sperm of the alien invader blasted directly into her throat. Roxy’s eyes watered uncontrollably as the backwash of the repulsive semen swelled out her cheeks to near breaking point before the vile fluid erupted from her over-stretched wide-open mouth around the gargantuan spider-monster’s cock.


Spunk forced it way up her airways too to pour from her nostrils, joining the thick white spunk drooling from the corners of her mouth to hang in long, wet, gooey ropes from her chin; more sticky strands dripped from the length of the creature’s cock. Her throat was already stretched wide by the monumental organ and it was forced to expand further by the massive volume of disgusting alien sperm being pumped into her. It was so much that Freefall was terrified that her neck might explode with the power and quantity of semen ejaculating into her mouth, filling her belly until she was painfully distended.


The spider-alien using her face pulled her head back by her sweat-dripping hair until the horrible heat of its penis left the yawning cavity of her warm mouth. Her dislocated jaw hung open uselessly as she vomited the slimy sperm from her convulsing stomach.


The monster at the other end also withdrew its impaling massiveness, and spunk gushed from her tortured pussy in a vast torrent. For several moments Roxy’s abused body expelled as much of the inhuman sperm inside her as it could, but the flow from her cunt was cut off as another huge alien stepped between her splayed thighs to takes its turn with the human superheroine.


Roxy groaned as the slick spunk was forced back into her battered womb by the piston effect of a huge spider-cock being driven up into her thoroughly raped love canal.


* * *


Freefall’s body bounced and writhed as the massive aliens took turns to fuck her hard and fast, slamming into her pussy with great bone-jarring thrusts and filling her mouth with their hot, throbbing cockheads. Her small shapely breasts jiggled madly on her chest, dripping mingled sweat and spider-cum. 


Time lost all meaning as the aliens savagely gang-raped the teen heroine, fucking her practically senseless. More patrols arrived to join the fun, and tears streamed down Roxy’s face as the reality of her ordeal continued and continued, over and over again. She couldn’t understand it; she couldn’t believe it; but the pain and the sounds and the smells and the tastes were too real, too intense for her deny. It didn’t make any sense for these monstrous creatures to be so driven by lust to rape a human girl. Their species were so extremely different, so lacking in any points of similarity, that surely they should find her as hideously repulsive as she found them. But the truth was that no matter how unlikely it was, over a period of more than five hours Roxy was raped repeatedly by almost a dozen completely inhuman spider-like aliens.


* * *


Roxy lay in a three inch deep pool of thick spider-spunk and she sobbed pain and humiliation and cold. Her shivering body was coated from head to foot in her disgusting alien seed and it filled her belly and womb with painful comprehensiveness.


Clawed alien hands descended upon her yet again, lifting her slimy body up into the air, but all she did was shake her head in a futile and useless gesture of denial. The creatures raised her horizontally so that she was facing the sky and her head hung limply, sperm-matted locks of hair dangling wetly as she awaited her next ordeal.


She felt hollow inside. Her vagina and womb were a yawning chasm through her petite body. Her womanhood had been violated, stretched and battered and expanded by giant raping spider-cocks, by copious explosive ejaculations, until she felt like nothing more than a receptacle for the aliens’ lusts. She no longer cared whether they raped her again; she couldn’t do anything about it anyway. She had tried her powers several times during her ordeal but had been met with failure every time. Roxy had surrendered to the aliens. It was the only way that she could cope with the enormity of what was happening to her, and the tiny part of her mind that was still rational didn’t know whether she would ever be able to put the shattered pieces of her broken soul back together again.


Freefall’s pussylips spread easily for the new intruder, and she arched her back with a gasping sob, as her once virgin passage was painfully dilated by the swollen mass of an alien organ. She choked back a sob as the penetration went deeper, all the way to her cervix before she realized that the thing inside her felt completely different to the hard unyielding solidity of the spiders’ cocks. It was as thick as any of the cocks to have plundered her cunt, but it was fleshy and pliable like a semi-erect penis.


With an effort Roxy raised her head to look at her new rapist and saw that it looked very different to the others. It was the beetle-like thing she had seen when the second patrol had arrived. Its kinship to the spiders was obvious, but it was bigger and more heavily armored, with a slightly different construction to its hideous features.


The thing’s organ pushed its way into Roxy’s sperm-packed womb. The head of the alien monster cocked to one side beneath its hooded carapace as it stared into the teen’s dazed eyes. Its mandibles chittered and the oversized abdomen of the creature began a strange, slow, rhythmic oscillation. The tentacle inside Roxy moved and pulsed in response, but the beetle-alien was not trying to fuck her. She didn’t know what it was doing, but the slow, almost gentle, motion of the thing now filling her over-stretched cum-filled pussy was an intense relief after the agonizing pain of her brutal rapes.


Roxy’s eyes half-closed as the sensations continued. The sperm inside her lubricated the slight movements of the thick organ, making it almost pleasant. Her velvety pussy walls began pushing down on the thing, not seeking to expel it but contracting instinctively around the fleshy organ, embracing it, welcoming its gentle undulations.


Freefall started to moan softly, unable to deny herself this tiny fragment of pleasure in the hurt that had become her world. Her hips gyrated softly to get the maximum effect from the flexing tentacle, and she whimpered. Intellectually she was repelled by her body’s reaction and her legs squirmed in the spider-creatures’ talons as she weakly tried to close her legs against her pulsating intruder. This only had the effect of intensifying the sensations of the thing inside her rubbing against her over-sensitive membranes. The whole of her skin was blushing hotly, and it felt as though her battered insides were melting as a strange sense of relaxation washed over her.


It was driving Roxy crazy, and she realized with horror that she was going to come! And soon! Deep waves of warmth were radiating out from the center of her body, from the deepest part her, where the tentacle was firmly embedded inside her battered and bruised and sperm-packed womb.

“no, no . . . no, no, no, noooo,” she murmured breathlessly as an inferno raged within her.


* * *


Grunge could not see Roxy, but in his despair he heard and recognized the change in the sounds she made. He didn’t know what was happening. All he knew was that she was moaning and groaning as though she was enjoying her ordeal.


* * *


This couldn’t be happening. Not after everything that had happened to her, not on the hideous organ of an alien invader. She tried to beat back the rising tide of her imminent climax but she felt helpless against its strength. She’d suffered so much that her body was grasping at what pleasure it could, no matter what Roxy wanted. Her hips were flexing gently as they sought to ride the large fleshy tentacle and soft moans escaped her lips.


With an effort she opened her eyes and stared up at the repulsive, monstrous faces of these spider-like aliens as she tried one last time to stop the inevitable, deliberately reminding herself of the horror of her position. But instead of bringing her to her senses as she’d hoped, it seemed that looking up at the monsters that had raped and ruined her brought her crisis to its peak!


“Ooooh! Ooooaaaahhhhh!! OOOOOOOHHHH GOD!”


The explosion of pure ecstasy that rippled outward from her palpitating pussy to envelope her petite body was incredible, far greater than any orgasm she had experienced before and made even stronger by the contrast with the agony she had endured in the previous hours. Her limbs squirmed as her euphoria carried her mind far, far away from the reality of her situation.


The canal of her vagina became even slicker as her orgasmic fluids diluted the thick alien sperm. Her glistening, sticky body wriggled gently and she thrust herself against the intruding fleshiness until her climax was spent. She collapsed in the grasp of her hideous rapists as the last of her strength drained away with her orgasm.


She hung seemingly lifeless with her head lolling back but Roxy’s body twitched occasionally in response to the tentacle as it continued to pulsate inside her sperm-bloated womb and vagina.


Freefall was just beginning to regain her senses when she felt something pressing against the entrance of her sex, spreading her tortured lips even further apart. She sobbed with despair for her weakness and helplessness, and then with an effort of will she rose her head to look down over her distended cum-coated belly at the phallic tentacle penetrating her. The rubbery tentacle was incredibly inflated, swollen as though there was a basketball passing through the organ, which had now reached her vulnerable sex.


Roxy stared numbly at the thing uncomprehendingly until the tentacle contracted behind the swelling to push the spherical object against the entrance to her cunt.


“No, no, it, it can’t be . . . Unh! NO! NOOOOOOOO!!!” Roxy screamed as she recognized the egg for what it was!


The beetle-alien was going to impregnate her!




Pain blossomed once more as her pussy walls were forcibly dilated to incredible dimensions as the repeated contractions in the alien’s ovipositor pushed the egg into its new host. The ova had a soft membranous shell that flexed slightly inside the tentacle as Roxy’s rebellious vaginal muscles fought to deny it entry. The beetle-alien continued to bear down, forcing the spherical egg into the violated heroine’s cum-sloppy cunt.


Fresh surges of incredible pain ripped through Roxy as her vagina was stretched even wider than for the monstrous spider-cocks. Her recently virgin orifice spasmed in agony as the ova made its way inside with excruciating slowness. Freefall’s vaginal muscles bore down with all the strength that they could muster in the effort to expel the invading egg, prolonging her agony as the contractions of the ovipositor gradually propelled the egg past and into Roxy’s core.




Freefall had been beaten, milked, raped, and ruined by these repulsive aliens, and now she was going to become their human brood-mother! An incubator for hideous aliens! A breeding slut for inhuman monsters!




Roxy’s howls of pain were broken by great panicking gasps for air as her body fought the monstrous invasion.




Roxy shrieked as the egg was forced through her cervix and into her womb. The pain was unbearable as this childbirth in reverse reached its conclusion. Her belly felt like it would explode as it was stretched to the size of a woman 8-months pregnant in a matter of moments. The ova pressed against the roof of her womb as it popped out of the withdrawing ovipositor and then slipped down in the surrounding bedding of thick spider-cum to nestle against the contracting ring of Roxy’s cervix.


Tears poured down Roxy’s cheeks as she stared and the swollen mound of her pregnant belly rising between her pert teen breasts. She was beyond despair. Every time she thought the worst was over, the monsters humiliated and debased her even further! She could not even hope for rescue now. It was too late, the worst had already happened to her. Inside her womb was an alien child!


The ovipositor was still pulsing inside her vagina, vibrating gently as Roxy sobbed. Then it suddenly pressed forward again and Roxy gasped in pain and shock as something hot and sticky gushed against her cervix. More and more of the scalding fluid was spat into her tortured vagina and forced against the wounded entrance of her womb.


Freefall’s mind was still reeling with the shock of her impregnation, and she wailed as more pain was added to the ordeal she had endured. The thick substance being pumped inside her was cooling and hardening like resin, sealing her womb shut! The ovipositor withdrew gradually from her cunt, continuing to pump the glue-like fluid into her vagina. The extraction was slow, so slow that enough of the resin was being ejaculated by the alien’s organ to push the slack, stretched walls of her pussy far apart.


By the time the ovipositor finally left her brutalized body, Roxy’s cunt was sealed by a plug of solid resin three inches thick and more than ten inches long. It was like having an oversized dildo inside her that was glued to the walls of her sex. The beetle-alien smeared the tip of its prehensile organ over the smooth lips of Roxy’s violated pussy, making sure that her vulva were firmly affixed to the resin plug, and that their pregnant rape-slut’s fate was, like her cunt, well and truly sealed.


* * *


Gazing despairingly through the forest of giant spider-limbs Grunge saw Roxy’s body drop to the ground with a splat of thick alien cum. It took his hysterical mind some time to take in the sight of her hugely distended abdomen and for him to realize just what the monsters had done to his girlfriend. An animal like wail emerged from between his paralyzed jaws as he watched Roxy sobbing and stroking the painfully stretched sperm-drenched skin of her pregnant belly.


The sound attracted the attention of two of the alien spiders. They stalked over to the fallen hero and lashed out at him with their powerful legs. Grunge grunted in pain, but there was nothing he could do to defend himself. Just as there had been nothing he could do to defend Roxy. The monsters chittered to one another, the conversation seeming to rise in tone and vehemence until some sort of agreement appeared to have been reached.


One of the aliens lowered itself with a complex movement of its eight legs and scooped up Grunge in its four talon-tipped hands. It tipped and twisted Grunge’s frozen body, pulling at his paralyzed limbs as though trying to straighten him up, before slinging him onto the back of its second thorax and holding him in place by twisting its lowermost forelimbs behind its upper body. Then it carried the helpless hero away through the woods.


* * *


Roxy had heard Grunge’s cry, but her relief at knowing he was alive was drowned out by the horror of what had happened to her. Her hands roamed of the vast expanse of her belly, feeling the egg move inside her, gliding through the spider-cum in her womb, in response to the gentle pressure. An utterly vile, disgusting, unnatural sensation.


Her hand slipped down over her swollen pregnancy until she reached her pussy. Her fingertips touched the resinous substance that sealed her battered sex. It was warm and sticky, but also quite, quite solid. Freefall rolled onto her side with a sob, closing her lips and curling up around her bloated belly in a fetal ball. The position made her much more aware of the plug inside her. It tugged at her vaginal walls with every movement, stuck fast to her sensitive membranes, and filling her pussy with its remarkable size. Yesterday Roxy had never had anything even half the size of the resin seal inside her, but after the massiveness of the spider-cocks the ten-inch long, three-inch thick plug was a mere detail. She sobbed again at the memory of those hideous cocks.


But then, in the terrible recollection of what she had endured in the recent past came an even more terrible premonition for the future. The beetle-alien had sealed her pussy shut; so how would she be able to give birth to the thing inside her?


Roxy began shaking with terror as she imagined being ripped apart by the infant monster as it clawed its way out of her.


She hoped, she desperately, desperately hoped that the plug would dissolve when the time came, Despite everything that had happened to her, despite whatever was still in store for her, she discovered that she still wanted to live! Even if it meant that she would have to give birth to the monster inside her, she wanted to LIVE!


* * *


More monsters arrived, not a patrol but some sort of guard detail. Between them came more than a dozen sobbing, naked, cum-splattered, and very pregnant women. They must have come from some isolated house in the woods, thought Roxy, as judging by their resemblance to one another quite a few of them seemed to be members of the same family. Several generations of a family in fact. The youngest of them looked barely old enough to have reached puberty and the oldest had to be well over sixty. Those that could walk moved with a waddling gait due to the resin plugs sealing the hideous alien fetus inside their swollen wombs, those that could not were being carried or dragged with careless ease by the incredibly strong alien spiders.


Behind the women came a succession of animals; cattle, horses, deer, several large dogs. All of those, like the humans, were noticeably pregnant! Obviously the aliens were intent on using every living creature on Earth as brood stock for their monstrous offspring in a form of procreation that required a third party to host the final stages of the creature’s development. Roxy shuddered as she speculated once more that the creature would rip its way out of her and maybe that was why they needed a host mother.


As the animals passed another thought came to Roxy. She was a human, an intelligent being from the most advanced species on the planet, and a superheroine too, yet for all her intelligence, all her powers, she had fared no better than a dumb animal against these alien invaders.


Two of her attackers picked up the impregnated blonde cheerleader from where she lay several feet away in the road and carried her to the procession. One of the others started lifting Roxy’s weakly struggling form when another of the giant monster’s stopped it. The strident chittering of an argument passed above her head and the urgent, forceful tone of the second clicking voice made her think that it was actually the first of the alien spiders. The very first. The one that had so brutally raped away her virginity.


The dispute, or discussion, or whatever it was, came to an abrupt end and taloned fingers hoisted Freefall aloft. But she wasn’t carried across to where the procession of surrogate brood-mothers were disappearing beneath the trees, instead her slimy sweaty limbs were pulled far apart until she was spread-eagled in mid-air with the alien behind her yet again.


Roxy had no understanding of what was happening. Surely they had done everything that they possibly could to her. They had raped, ruined, and impregnated her with their evil offspring. They had completely and utterly beaten her, in a way that she would never have believed possible. They had violated her totally, tortured her with their impossibly massive and cruelly shaped cocks and broken her spirit and willingness to fight in the process.


Suddenly Roxy gasped loudly in surprise as the spider’s drooling cockhead struck her sexy ass, wedging between her tight teen buttocks. With the resin plug filling and sealing her vagina, the alien set its sights on plundering another orifice for its perverted pleasure and revenge. Freefall cried out in terror as the spongy, cum-oozing head of the monster’s cock pressed up hard against the tight virgin ring of her anus! 




Roxy screamed when the massive spider thrust its abdomen forward, piercing her asshole with the huge pulpy arrowhead of its cock. Freefall jerked her hips forward and twisted her body instinctively to avoid the terrible pain of her imminent violation. The spider-cock had penetrated only a few inches into her bowels and the tip popped free as the heroine writhed.


With every movement she could feel the disgusting egg inside her heavy belly jiggle in its cocoon of cum.


The alien swung its monstrous cock back into position but Roxy clenched her buttocks tightly to deny the invader access. To her surprise the spider didn’t just hammer through her resistance. Instead it lowered her body and brought its head close behind hers. She felt the heat of its breath against her shoulder. Something touched her neck and swept her wet, dripping hair out of the way with an astonishingly gentle and disturbing caress of its mandible.


“Oh god, oh god oh god ohgodohgodohgodohgod!”


Roxy shivered in terror as the creature’s giant mandibles circled her neck. The spider’s jaws closed tighter and Freefall lost control of her bladder as she waited for the crunch of shattering bone that would end her life. It never came. The thing’s tentacle tongue licked the back of her neck as it savored her fear.




Roxy screamed as something sharp stabbed into her just below the base of the skull. A sensation of terrible warmth started spreading through her body in waves, and in their wake her muscles became weak and unresponsive. The spider’s venom acted as a muscle relaxant, and Roxy was powerless to stop the toxin spreading through her tiny body and sapping what little resistance she could muster.


The spider held her in its mandibles as it repositioned its cruel penis at the entrance to her anus, nuzzling between the round, soft, and relaxed globes of her buttocks. Roxy’s face scrunched up as she broke down in tears. She was nothing. No heroine, not even really human anymore with the demon-child in her womb. She was meat. A thing. To be used and abused by the aliens, for their pleasure and their brood-mother, and nothing she could do or say could change her complete and utter helplessness in the face of her destiny.




Freefall screamed when the brutal monster unmercifully drove its cock into her unresisting ass. The poison that the alien spider’s bite had injected into her did nothing to lessen the searing, burning agony as the slimy flared head of the creature’s penis split her asshole apart and impaled her rectum.


The piss dripping from her slit became a stream once more as the internal pressure on her bladder from the alien egg, the resin plug, and now the impaling cockhead in her ass joined the pain and toxin in denying her control over her body’s actions.


The alien didn’t care about anything other than hurting the tiny human female that had embarrassed it, that had actually managed to hurt it. It powered its obsidian cock deeper into her tight ass. Sweat and pre-cum were the only lubricants for its passage into Roxy’s hot bowels, and they were woefully insufficient. Not that any amount of lubrication could have prepared her virgin orifice for the hideous monster’s 6-inch thick marauder. And nothing alleviate the mind-shattering agony of its intrusion.




The spider drove deeper with an unstoppable thrust that forced the solid bulge behind the soft head into her rectum. It lunged forward again and speared fully half of its cock into the teen heroine’s defenseless ass.




The impact of the violent thrust jerked her body forward and caused her swollen belly to bounce and her tender titties to jiggle enticingly. Inside her she could feel the solid resin shaft that sealed her pussy pressing through the thin membranes against the monster-cock raping her rear.




Another powerful thrust and Roxy felt the bulge of the creature’s cock-knot butt against her asscheeks. The solid shaft of rock hard cock was forcing her innards to straighten out around it. Freefall screamed continuously as the spider began thrusting rhythmically back and forth, power-fucking her sexy ass.  Her body was rocked by the brute force of the savage anal assault, her breasts and belly bouncing so violently that it hurt.  The alien gripped Roxy tightly by the neck and hot slimy drool dribbled down her back from the monster’s maw.


The creature hauled back and then slammed forward again and again and again, the insectoid’s abdomen swinging rhythmically beneath its body as it raped the squirming superheroine’s widely stretched rectum. The spider-alien was hauling almost all the way back out of her ass when it withdrew and then driving every unyielding inch of it hard back into her. 




Her anguished cry of pain was so loud and despairing that anything with even an ounce of compassion would have taken pity on her, but compassion was a concept unknown to these aliens. All Roxy could do was endure. She writhed in agony in the grip of the monster as it fucked her ass with hard, punching jabs, convulsing and howling in pain.


She had no idea how long her anal ordeal lasted. It seemed as though she had spent years being raped by the cruel spider-cocks. There was only the never-ending pain. Her throat was raw and sore from constant screaming.  She was delirious with pain and the alien’s stamina seemed to be unlimited, it just kept on viciously raping her ass.


Eventually the spider came, blasting thick gooey ropes of alien-cum deep into her bowels. The unnatural sensation of the hot liquid filling her insides was almost a relief to Freefall. The bloated blisters around the base of the inhuman monster-cock churned as they pumped their load into Roxy tight ass.


The feeling of pressure inside her tiny body was almost unendurable, her cum-filled pregnant belly, her resin-filled cunt, her cock-stuffed ass, and the ever increasing volume of erupting spider-cum forcing its way deeper into her body, pumping the wrong way through her intestines toward her sperm-packed stomach. But at least now her ass would be well lubricated for the next assailant, and she had no hope at all that there would not be another.


Roxy gasped as the arachnoid finally pulled its enormous cock out of her aching asshole. There was a sucking sound as the monster’s huge black cock popped out of the superheroine’s tiny butt, and then a river of alien semen poured out of her ruined orifice in its wake. The spider pushed its dripping penis up into the cleavage of Freefall’s spunk-covered buttocks and rubbed it back and forth for a moment as the last few spurts of its climax shot from its tip.


* * *


The alien carelessly dropped Roxy to the ground, where she collapsed into a boneless heap. She tried to move but her muscles wouldn’t respond. The best she could manage was a faint spasm as the toxin pumped into her body made all of her muscles weak.


As before, talons descended to grasp her limbs and hoist her aloft as the rest of the spiders prepared to take their turn with the vulnerable body of one of Earth’s superpowered defenders. Roxy sobbed as one of them took a grip of her hips and positioned her gaping, cum-drooling ass in line with its enormous cock.


Suddenly the scene was lit up by an intensely bright light. The spider-alien dropped its intended victim as tires screeched and a gunshot sounded loudly in the quiet night. Freefall fell to the floor as the other creatures released their hold.


Desperately Freefall tried to understand what was happening, but in her state of shock her mind could not comprehend the events around her. She heard the gunfire, lots and lots of loud reverberating bangs, and she heard the familiar sound of controlled lightning bolts as they ripped through the monsters around her. Movement, talon-tipped feet clicking on tarmac and high-pitched chittering.


And then there was someone by her side, kneeling down and reaching out toward her.


* * *


“Oh my God . . .”


The lowering hand suddenly stopped with the horrified shock of recognition. The thick layering of spider-cum that coated her body made her almost unrecognizable, but the identifying flash of bright pink in her hair could still be seen and Sarah Rainmaker was shocked into immobility by the sight of her friend. She looked over Freefall’s brutalized body, lingering with distress over her swollen and obviously heavily pregnant belly, and felt sick to the pit of her stomach at the story of suffering and humiliation it told.


“Sarah . . . ?” Roxy asked hoarsely.


“Yes,” Sarah’s voice broke slightly. “It’s, it’s alright. We’re going to get you out of here.”


Roxy broke down into heavy, breathless sobs as the true horror of what had happened to her crashed down over her. Sarah pulled the smaller girl up and hugged her breast to breast, cradling her head in her arm even as her body tried to flinch back from the touch of Roxy’s sperm-slick flesh.


“They’re swinging back around! We have to go!” A woman’s voice cried out.


“Help me with her!” Sarah answered.


A tall, powerfully built blonde woman in a police uniform hurried over to them. She reached down to grasp Roxy after only a slight pause to overcome her revulsion at the prospect of touching the cum-covered heroine. With the sheriff’s help Sarah got impregnated superheroine up and braced her shoulder under Roxy’s, wrapping her arm around the smaller girl’s expanded waist to support her. The sheriff took Roxy by the other side and between them they turned to carry her to the car.


Before they could take even a single step toward it a huge shadow fell across them as a spider-alien stepped in front of the headlights. Then another. More shapes moved out from under the trees and the chittering cry of the insectoid invaders seemed to come from everywhere around them. The sounds of the battle had attracted every alien patrol within hearing range, encircling the would-be rescuers. With slow gliding grace, the spider-creatures began closing in on the surrounded group . . .

* * *


To Be Continued in Chapter 2 – Rainmaker