Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble were driving home after attending a WATER BUFFALO convention in a nearby city. They had been there over weekend and was looking forward to going home add seeing their wives WILMA AND BETTY . As they approached their homes they were talking about the great time they had at the convention where some of the guys had hired a stripper at one of the hotel rooms and where she did a lap dance on Fred's lap. HA HA! we can tell that to the girls hey Barney boy said Fred . No if they found out we would be dead meat said Barney.

The car pulled into the drive way and the guys said goodbye to each other . Fred opened the door of his house and decided not to wake up Wilma so she could stay asleep and not to disturb Peebles who Fred considered his pride and joy. He thought he would get a CATUS JUICE before getting ready for bed and relax after along drive. Then he heard a knock on the door it was Barney and he said that Betty wasn't at home and wondered if she was over at Fred's house . It was not unusual for the girls to stay together when the boys were gone out of town. So they checked the bedroom and there they both were asleep in the bed but they were both NAKED this surprised the guys.

WILMA ,BETTY wake up! what the HELL IS GOING on? Wilma and Betty slowly woke up . FRED ,BARNEY what are you doing here ? We live here the boys said . What the HELL IS going on ?Why are you two naked and what have you been doing ?Well oh! the girls were nervous . OK! Fred you caught us The deal is Betty and I have been having sex for sometime now even before we married you we were having sex together you see we're closet lesbians and we enjoy ourselves while your not around. The boys were shocked they couldn't believe the it ears their wives have been having sex all this time and they didn't tell them till now.

"well this is a find how you do." Fred was mad as an old wet hen. "well if you what to have sex meet MR. PENIS and Fred took off his clothes and got Wilma and started to fuck the shit out of her. Betty get ready for some loving Said Barney as he took off his clothes and jumped into the bed too. "I'm the only one who your to have sex with said Fred and the only one . So how does this feel. Pretty good Fred said Wilma. AS the boys were fucking the girls Betty said why limit yourselves to the wives why don't we switch partners . The boys were shocked but ,decided what the hell couldn't hurt so Fred went and started to fuck Betty and Barney started screwing Wilma and they thought that this was beginning to be fun.

Suddenly and without knowing about it the kids woke up and wandered into the grown ups bedroom and was watching what was going on . They were amazed at what was going on and decided not to say anything and went back to their own bedroom . They talked in baby talk and said what were their parents doing . I won't know said Bam BAM but ,they looked like they were having a lot of fun. Hey! said Pebbles let's have our own fun now. So they took off their diapers and started to to touch and lick each other .

Boy I don't know what's going on but I like it said Bam Bam. We should have done this a long time ago. So the kids played with each other until they fell back to sleep and had sweet dreams of each being naked.

Back in the parents room the grown ups were finishing up their love making and started to go asleep themselves . The girls would have to do some explaining to Fred and Barney in the morning telling them about their past sex lives so they could understand about how they came to be what they are but that could wait till in the morning . Right now everyone was tired and slept with a big smile on their faces. UNTIL NEXT TIME