The Simpsons were on vacation headed down to Walt Disney World for a

much needed week of rest and relaxation. Homer had been putting in a lot of

overtime at the nuclear power plant to pay for this vacation so that

everyone could have a good time. On the way down just like all kids Lisa

said "Dad I have to go to the bathroom ." "There's no bathroom alnywhere

your have to hold it till we get to a gas station." But , Dad I really have

to go Lisa started saying loudly.' Look Homie there's a bunch of trees and

bushes we can all go out and use the bathroom there. So Homer Simpson

stopped and they all got out and entered the clump of trees . When Marge

said let's not get seperated let's use the bathroom together. So they all

took down their clothes and urinated in front of each other . Bart noticing

Lisa's peeing suddenly got a hard on and Lisa seeing Bart's dick got alittle

smile on her face. They had something pop in their little minds that they

were going to really enjoy this vacation and were going to really have some

fun when the got the to hotel at Disney World. Back in the car Bart reach

over to Lisa and felt her crotch undereath her dress and Lisa gave Bart a

kiss on the cheek. The parents Homer and Marge just looked from the rear

view mirror and smiled They also had plans other than going to the theme

park and  everything was nice and quiet for the rest of the trip.