D.W. and her friend Emily were playing outside when the Tibble twins came over and started to annoy them. They were all friends but, The Tibble twins Tommy and Timmy could be annoying after  a while. They were all having a good time just playing regular normal games like HIde and Seek ,Jump Rope

and such.   D.W. then suggested that they all play Doctor and she would be

the doctor. The other said ok and they all went up to Arthur's treehouse to play.

    The Tibbles and Emily asked D.W. "how do you play Doctor D.W.  and D.W.

said simply "We take off our clothes and we exam each other. Emily and D.W.

began to take off their clothes but, the twins were relunte to take theirs off."What's the matter Tommy and Timmy never taken your clothes off in front of girls before? "Actually No Never " said Tommy "Wer never have." NOt even if front of your Grandmother. OH! come on now. "NO not even if front of Grandma"said Timmy. Well! your going to take them off in front of us right now said D.W. and she went over to Tommy Tibble and pulled down his shorts to get started with. "See its not so bad and there's nothing to it. " So come on guys just take off your clothes and let's get started.

       The Tibbles twins usually wild and unconstrined reluctly started to take off their clothes a little at a time. Their little faces turned red with a little embarrassment having nevr taken their clothes off in front of girls before stood there in their birthday suits with D.W. and Emily looking on in their birthday suits.  When they saw that the girls were naked they started to see the differences in boys and girls. "What are those they exclaimed loudly". SHHH! keep it down we don't want the grown ups to hear.OK! you guys never saw a girl without their clothes on before . NO! we always had our clothes on in front of everyone. Well!,its more than past time that you guys get up to date on things then said D.W.  What Emily and I have are called vaginas this is what all girls have and believe me it can drive boys wild.Look at what you two have in between your legs that is called a penis and all boys have one. Tommy come over here and I will let you touched me and don't be afraid it won't hurt you at all. So Tommy Tibble went over to D.W. and she took his hand and put it on her pussy and let him feel of her for a few minutes. IT feels pretty good and nice and smooth said Tommy. Emily said to Timmy come over here handsome and get some yourself. So Timmy went over to Emily and started to rub her off like Tommy was doing to D.W. They began to enjoy themselves and then the girls put their hands on the boys penisis and started to jerk them off. This is called "Jerking YOu off" said D.W. My brother Arthur does it all the time and showed me how to jerk him off when we are alone. "You mean you two play doctor like this said the others . Sure all the time and its fun Arthur and I have been doing it for a long time now. Also ,he taught me how to suck him and he likes it very much. Suck me D.W. said Tommy and D.W.bended over and put Tommy's penis in her mouth and begin to suck his dick . Tommy started to feel good ."It tikles D.W. He said. I wish we knew about this before.Emily then bend oover on Timmy and did the same thing. Everyone was having a good time. "NOw you two will learn how to lick out pussys .So let us lay down and I will show you how. So D.W. and Emily laid down on their backs and indicated to the boys to put their heads near their pussys . "NOw take your tongues and start licking them like an ice cream cone. I do think that you will like this flavor too she said. So the boys started lickomng the girls and they really got into the act. "NOw let us turnover and you can lick our assholes ,Lick your assholes said the boys thats terrible . NO it isn't actually they taste preety good when they not doing what they usually do the girls laughed. So the boys pulled apart the girls cheeks and first sniffed their butts and said that they smelled great and then they began licking their assholes and said they tasted very good.

       After awhile Tommy said that he needed to used the bathroom and D.W.

suggested they all use it together . "Use the bathroom together that sounds good D.W. We never seen a girl pee before and I for one would love to see you pee. So they all ent to to the yard and behind a bi tree stood there and went to the bathroom together . The boys stood up and took their penises in hand and let go with a might rush and came out with a nice golden shower.

The girls decided a little different . Emily being a girl decided to do it the regular girl way squating and letting go the boys were fasicnated by it.

D.W. being a  little more adventurous did it like a boy and stood up to pee.

THe boys like that just as much . D.W. said that next time she will sit on top of one of them and let them see her shit and set them see how a girls shits someday. But, right now I think we should go back into the treehouse and put our clothes back on so no one sees us like this and tells on us. So they went back into the treehouse and put their clothes bsack on. Unbeknowst to them that Arthur had saw everything that they did when they came down from the treehouse and he planned on getting to his little sister later that night.

    "Goodnight Tommy and Timmy and Emily I'll see you tomorrow and we can have more fun like today! yelled D.W, as everyone left ."Ands I for one can't wait Tommy yell back .I want you to do what you said to me and we're see you tomorrow D.W.Everyone went home happy and evryone was excited to their next time they played.