Brandy and Mr Whiskers lemon
By Keshihead

It was night in the jungle, and Brandy and Whiskers were laid in their bunk beds. Brandy lay on the top bunk, while Whiskers took the bottom. A cool breeze blew through the trees, causing the leaves to gently rustle, and the sound of the waves lapping up against the shore provided a very relaxed atmosphere. Even with the gentle jungle sounds, neither Brandy nor Whiskers could sleep. They both just laid on their backs, with their arms folded behind their heads.

"Hey, Brandy" said Whiskers

"Yeah?" replied Brandy

"What's it like to be spoiled and pampered like you are?" asked Whiskers

"What would you ask something like that for?" asked Brandy

"Just to try and pass the time, I guess. Besides, you must really miss Florida" replied Whiskers. A small smile crept onto Brandy's face.

"Yeah," she sighed "I miss all the parties I used to go to, and having butlers to please my every whim. I guess I just enjoyed having everyone do things for me."

"Man, I wish I could have a life like that" said Whiskers

"Well, maybe if you stopped doing all those gross things you do like picking your nose and smelling your feet, maybe get some new clothes instead of that tacky orange jumpsuit, maybe things'll look up for you" said Brandy.

"Yeah, you're right" sighed Whiskers "Er, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure" replied Brandy

"Did you have any boyfriends back in Florida?" asked Whiskers. Brandy laughed

"Of course!" she chuckled "There's a waiting list a MILE LONG to be my boyfriend!"

"Yeah" chuckled Whiskers "I should've guessed! I don't mean to be rude or anything, but have you ever had sex?" Brandy blushed.

"Whiskers!" she giggled "Don't ask stuff like that!" She suddenly thought that it would be a long time before she'd be rescued and reunited with her current boyfriend. Also, under her showbiz exterior, she was a raging nymphomaniac "Whiskers obviously wants to do it with me. Well, what my boyfriend doesn't know won't hurt him" she thought.

"Well, have you?" asked Whiskers

"Yes, I have" replied Brandy

"How long has it been since you last...y'know, had it?" asked Whiskers

"Well, I'll admit it has been a long time" said Brandy "Wait a minute! Is this going where I think it's going?"

"Whaddya mean?" asked Whiskers

"Are you trying to get me to have sex with YOU?" asked Brandy in a firm tone of voice. Whiskers thought for a moment and gulped.

"Uh-huh" he said, timidly

He thought Brandy would jump off her bunk and give him a slap right across his face for even THINKING of having sex with her, but the smile that was on her face got even bigger! She jumped off her bunk and laid on the floor in a provocative pose. She lay on her side, one leg curled up over the other, and her head resting on her palm, while she circled a finger on her other hand on the floor.

"Aww, does the widdle bunny-wunny wanna fuck cute widdle me? Does he wanna fuck my hot little body?" asked Brandy in a voice reminiscent of Frankie Foster's "I'm sowwy, Mr Hewwiman. I've been a bad girl" sentence. Whiskers sweated slightly and nodded.

"Well go and have a nice soak in the bath and I'll be waiting for you" said Brandy

Whiskers quickly rushed into the bathroom and did as he was told. A few minutes later, he dried himself off thoroughly, opened the bathroom door and saw Brandy sat on a chair in the middle of the room. She stood up and went over to a table with a small CD player on it that was salvaged when they both fell out of the plane. She pressed Play and a smooth sensual tune played. It was 'So Sexy' by Twista. Brandy took hold of Whiskers' hand and led him to the chair she got up from. As the chorus of the song kicked in, Brandy started to perform very seductive moves like grinding her hips and massaging her ample ass and breasts. She then proceeded to slowly lift her bedshirt over her head and tossed it to Whiskers. She then performed more sexy moves, now paying more attention to her breasts. She then started to undo the cord from around her pink bed trousers and slid them slowly down her long shapely legs revealing she was wearing a pair of pink panties. Whiskers was getting very excited and aroused by Brandy's striptease. He unzipped his jumpsuit and started to jack off while Brandy continued her dancing. She caught sight of him, coughed and wagged her finger at him.

"Naughty Whiskers" she giggled "If you do that now, it'll ruin everything. Just relax and enjoy the show"

"I can't help it, Brandy" said Whiskers "You're just SO HOT!!!" Brandy smiled and carried on dancing. As the song was reaching its end, she slid her thumbs in each side of her panties and slid them down a small way, turned away from Whiskers, wagged her tail seductively at him, then slid her panties the rest of the way down and kicked them to him. A strange compulsion came over him. He raised them to his nose and inhaled deeply. He often enjoyed the smell of his feet, but the scent of Brandy's panties was even better, especially since they had been in contact with her private area.

"Er, Whiskers, I'm, like, totally naked here. Perhaps you should be paying attention to me instead of my panties!" said Brandy

"Sorry, Brandy, but they smell so good!" replied Whiskers as he took another deep whiff.

"Maybe this'll take your mind off them" said Brandy as she got down on all fours, wagging her tail "Whaddya command me to do, master?"

"Master?" asked Whiskers

"Well, duh, I AM a dog, so I thought just for tonight, I'd act like one again" said Brandy "You remember when I found out I wasn't a pure-bred Harrington spaniel? Well, it'll be like that, but better!"

The thought of having power over possibly the sexiest dog he'd ever seen, plus the fact she was completely naked with her cute ass pointed high in the air and her pussy slit clearly visible, made Whiskers even more excited. He promptly tossed her panties aside and walked over to her. Brandy handed him a black leather leash with a diamond-studded collar attached to it.

"Go ahead" said Brandy "put it on me" Whiskers did as he was told, and fastened the collar around her slender neck. He took hold of the loop at the other end and then thought for a moment about what commands he should give

"OK, we'll start with something easy" said Whiskers "Erm, sit." Brandy sat as best she could like a real dog would, and panted happily with her tail wagging. Whiskers stroked her head

"Good girl, now roll over" he said. Brandy complied and Whiskers stroked her back

"Oh, that's a very good girl, now lay on your back and you'll get a reward" he said. Brandy did so and Whiskers tickled her tummy. Brandy rolled around the floor, laughing

"You're enjoying that, aren't you, you good doggy?" asked Whiskers

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes, I am!" laughed Brandy, as one of her hind legs started to twitch "Even though I hate the leg twitchy thing!" A minute or so later, Whiskers finished tickling her. As she got back on all fours, Brandy had a strange feeling in her stomach area. Without warning, Brandy peed all over the floor. She looked between her legs, saw the pool of liquid, then looked up at Whiskers

"Oh, Whiskers, I've been a vewy naughty girl" said Brandy in her sexy voice "I've peed all over the floor. Please punish me"

"What should I do?" asked Whiskers

"When I was a puppy, I did it all the time" she said "My owners used to rub my nose in it to try and stop me from doing it again". Whiskers didn't like the idea of putting her nose in her own waste product, but he grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and proceeded to stick her nose in the pool of urine. After a few seconds, he let her back up

"Now, I hope that taught you a lesson" said Whiskers

"Oh, yes, master" said Brandy, as small rivulets of urine trickled down her nose and chin "I pwomise never to do it again"

"Now for a punishment of my own" said Whiskers as he led Brandy to the chair and sat on it. He laid Brandy's naked body over his lap and spanked her hard on her naked rear. Brandy responded with a loud squeal, but instead of a squeal of pain, it was almost a squeal of enjoyment. With each slap, Brandy got more excited

"That's it, Whiskers" panted Brandy "Spank my ass harder. I've been a very bad Brandy. I deserve it!"

"Wow!" thought Whiskers to himself "She's getting turned on by this!" He was getting an enjoyable feeling as well, as Brandy's pussy was rubbing up against his leg. He carried on spanking her like he was possessed, until her ass was red raw. He suddenly stopped and saw what he had done

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Brandy" he said, quickly "I didn't mean to spank you THAT hard!"

"That's okay, Whiskers" panted Brandy, with tears welling up in her eyes, but managing to hold them back "It'll go in no time"

"Here, let me help" said Whiskers. He stood Brandy up, and turned her back towards him. He bent her forwards, and started to massage and kiss her rear to try and take some of the pain away. Brandy started to feel a little better, and showed it by tickling his face with her tail. When he had finished, he went outside for a moment, and got some dry leaves to try and clean up Brandy's pee. As he did so, Brandy went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up

"Man, that was nasty! And painful!" thought Brandy to herself as the smell of her urine still invaded her nostrils, and the stinging sensation of Whiskers' spanking coursed through her body "But, hey, if it got Whiskers excited, then it was worth it". When she had finished, and Whiskers had cleaned up as much pee as he could, Brandy got back on all fours and Whiskers took hold of the loop in the leash again.

"OK, Brandy, let's move on to something else. Sit up and beg" he ordered. Brandy complied by sitting on her hind legs, and holding out her front paws in a begging position, panting happily. She was rewarded with another stroke on her head

"Good girl. Now I'm going to let you play with your favourite toy" said Whiskers with a smirk. He unzipped his jumpsuit, took off his underpants and threw them aside. He stood in front of Brandy completely naked with a semi-on "Since you wouldn't let me jack off while you were dancing, I decided to let YOU do it for me"

"Ooh, Whiskers, it's so big!" said Brandy in her sexy voice again "Bwandy's gonna love playing with her favouwite toy" She took hold of his 6" member with both hands and started to stroke and caress it. The touch of her soft hands made him moan slightly and he could feel his cock stiffen. Brandy then took it into her mouth and started swirling her tongue around its tip. She then started to rhythmically bob her head backwards and forwards. Whiskers shuddered as the feeling of Brandy's warm velvety tongue against his shaft sent ticklish sensations down his spine. He gripped Brandy's head with both hands and was almost forcing her to take all of his cock down her throat with a series of hard thrusts. After a couple of minutes, Whiskers felt a pressure at the base of his shaft. He knew that he wasn't far away from orgasm.

"That's it, Brandy" he panted "Just a little more". Brandy knew of a technique that men used while masturbating. When they are on the vinegar strokes, they tend to slow down their strokes and let the pressure build, resulting in a better orgasm. She slowed down her rhythm and allowed the pressure to build in Whiskers' shaft. Within seconds, he let out a loud moan

"Oh, Brandy, I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. Brandy stopped her strokes and took his cock out of her mouth

"Good boy, Whiskers. I want you to cum on my face" panted Brandy. Whiskers finished himself off and sprayed a huge amount of cum all over her face. Brandy let out a contented sigh as she licked what she could from around her mouth, enjoying its salty taste. She allowed some to dribble down her neck and pool between her breasts, then started to rub it in while licking her soft pink nipples at the same time.

"Oh, Whiskers" she moaned "I didn't know you were such a little stud!"

"And I didn't know you knew so much about giving head!" he laughed "So, what'll we do now?"

"Why don't you come over here and return the favour?" said Brandy as she lay on the floor on her back, and spread her legs wide. She cupped her left hand under her left leg, while her right hand parted her pussy lips "Come here and lick my pussy"

"Er, I didn't know you had a cat" said Whiskers, looking around for any sign of it "I love kitties!"

"Not that sort of pussy, you idiot, THIS one!" said Brandy as she pointed to the area between her legs

"Ohhhh" said Whiskers in realization. He knelt on the floor, his face inches from Brandy's private area. He hesitated for a moment

"Go on, Whiskers" said Brandy "Lick it"

"Er, I've never done anything like this before, Brandy" said Whiskers, worriedly

"Hey, there's a first time for everything" said Brandy with a smile "Just try it"

"OK, here I go" said Whiskers as he stuck his tongue out, closed his eyes and let the tip of his tongue make contact with Brandy's pussy. The instant his tongue touched her sensitive area, Brandy let out a small squeal as a wave of pleasure surged through her body. With each pass of his tongue, Brandy moaned softly, while rubbing her breasts at the same time, letting Whiskers know that he was doing the right thing. After a while, Brandy looked down at him

"Hey, Whiskers" said Brandy

"Yeah?" said Whiskers, still attacking her pussy with his tongue

"You see that little pink nub at the top?" said Brandy. Whiskers looked at it and nodded "That's my clit. Try licking that" He did so, and Brandy let out a louder squeal, as an even bigger wave of pleasure overcame her. After a minute or so, Whiskers stopped

"Aww, what did ya stop for?" moaned Brandy in a coy voice

"I just wanna try something" said Whiskers as he moved up her body so his face was level with hers.

He slowly moved his head towards hers and kissed her on the lips, allowing his tongue to explore. Brandy did the same thing as she closed her eyes and let her mind drift, while massaging his head with her hands. While locked in their kiss, Whiskers let a hand snake its way down Brandy's chest, around her slim waist, along her silky thighs, enjoying the feeling of her soft, clean fur as he went towards her waiting pussy. He parted her feminine flower and slowly ran a finger along her slit, causing Brandy to moan again. He then ran his middle finger along her slit while tweaking her clit with his thumb and forefinger. The sensations that were running rampant through her body made Brandy want to scream out in ecstasy, but she had to stifle it as best she could as they were still locked in their passionate kiss. As an extra surprise, Whiskers slipped his index finger inside her moist walls, slowly followed by two. He then began to thrust his fingers in and out, taking Brandy to the brink of orgasm. Within moments, she climaxed, coating Whiskers' fingers in warm sticky cum. He broke off their kiss, and raised his hand in front of her face, where she proceeded to suck on his cum-coated fingers

"So, did you enjoy that?" he asked

"Wow," panted Brandy "No-one's ever done that to me before! If you weren't so annoying, I'd make you my boyfriend in an instant!"

"Well, us bunnies know a thing or two about reproducing!" laughed Whiskers "Well, I guess there's only one thing left to do"

"Yep," said Brandy, still panting "But just let me recover for a few minutes, OK?"

"OK, Brandy" said Whiskers "So, what positions do you know?"

"I've only really done it doggy style, with my being a dog and all" said Brandy "So anything you show me will be new to me"

"Oh, I'll show you a thing or two, you naughty little minx" muttered Whiskers under his breath as a sly smile crept onto his face. He let Brandy recover for a couple of minutes, then knelt down in front of her nude body. He placed his cock a few centimetres from the entrance of her love tunnel

"Tell me what you want, Brandy" said Whiskers

"Er, I want you to put it in me" said Brandy, slightly puzzled

"You'll have to do better than that" said Whiskers "I want you to say it like a slut. Tell me what you want like the slut you are" Brandy realised what Whiskers was talking about

"Oh, Whiskers" said Brandy, breathlessly "I want you to fuck me. I want you to stick your huge cock in my cunt. Oh, fuck me, Whiskers, I want you to fuck me till I cum all over you"

"That's more like it" said Whiskers as he motioned to Brandy to get back on all fours. He slowly put the tip of his member inside her pussy, just to tease her. Her body reacted to it by her vaginal walls trying to pull it in deeper. He grabbed hold of her waist and slowly started to pump in and out of her. Each time his member ran over her g-spot, Brandy let out a soft moan

"Oh, that's good, Whiskers!" panted Brandy "Mmm, put it in a bit deeper. Be as rough as you like with me" He then began to speed up his thrusts, and promptly gave her another slap on her pert ass

"Yeah, you like it rough, don't you?" panted Whiskers as he watched Brandy's floppy ears swing back and forth in time with his thrusting

"C'mon, Whiskers" moaned Brandy "Fuck me harder" But instead of doing so, he took his member out of her pussy

"What did ya do that for?" asked Brandy

"I just wanna try something else" said Whiskers as he went over to the chair that he had sat at earlier, while Brandy performed her strip show, and where he had spanked her. He sat down and curled his finger at Brandy to come over and sit on him. As Brandy lowered her pelvic area, Whiskers guided his cock back into her pussy

"So, what's this called?" asked Brandy

"From what I know, this is called the 'reverse cowgirl'" said Whiskers "Basically, it's you that decides how fast you wanna go" Whiskers gripped her waist and Brandy started off slowly to get used to this new position, and found it was really comfortable. To give Brandy extra pleasure, Whiskers moved his pelvis up while Brandy moved down, so they met in the middle. Brandy used one hand to squeeze her breasts, while the other made its way to her crotch, so that she could feel Whiskers' member moving in and out of her pussy

"Oh, Whiskers" moaned Brandy "It feels so big in me! I want you to cum right in my pussy!" Whiskers just laughed and continued his thrusting. After a few minutes, they both climaxed together. Brandy got up off Whiskers and as she stood up, globules of cum dripped from her pussy onto the floor. They both washed up, put their clothes back on, and got into their beds.

"That was fantastic, Brandy" said Whiskers "We should do this again sometime!"

"I really enjoyed it too!" said Brandy "Perhaps I was wrong about you being useless, Whiskers...Whiskers...Whiskers"

"What are you repeating my name for?" asked Whiskers

"Whiskers. WHISKERS! Wake up, sleepyhead!" said Brandy as she shook him awake

"Huh? Wha?" said Whiskers as he slowly opened up his eyes "What time is it?"

"It's morning" said Brandy "I'll go get us some breakfast" Whiskers rubbed his eyes and got out of his bed. He looked around the floor for Brandy's pee stain, but it was nowhere to be seen. Brandy returned with a basket of fruit and set it on the table

"Mornin', Brandy, you horny little minx!" shouted Whiskers

"What did you just call me?" said Brandy angrily

"I called you a horny little minx after what we did last night" said Whiskers "You up for another round tonight?"

"Ewww, gross!" yelled Brandy in disgust "I wouldn't have sex with you if you were the last creature in this jungle!" She stormed out the door, slamming it behind her. Whiskers realised that he had been dreaming

"Well, I'm gonna have you one way or another, so you might as well be there!" he shouted, as he thought about the dream he had, unzipped his jumpsuit and started to jack off.