The Crush Part 1 by Red Dragon Zero


††††††††††††††††† (At Rickís home)


Rick: You know this Shelf McClain is a fucking dick when it comes to girls


Trinket: Yes ever since Middle school he try to keep me from getting near another guy.


Rick: I see he's be Cockblocking guys.


Trinket: (Removing her dress) you could say that.


Rick: don't worry Babe you' won't tell if you won't.


Trinket: Tell what?


Rick holds Trinket and gives here a lovely kiss on the Chest and then a French kiss

Trinket deftly released the drawstring to Rick's pants and touched the enlarged member.


Trinket: If you put it that way. It's okay you have a condom on you?


Rick: Yeah I have one.


Trinket: Okay when you're ready I want you to fuck me hard.


Rick: Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Trinket: Now I'll give you a blowjob.


Trinket holds Rick's manhood as she extended her tongue and ran it over the tip of his cock. A drop of clear fluid almost magically appeared after that. Trinket touched it with her tongue as her hand made its way down to her shorts. Trinket now is lying in the bed, holding the bed sheets to cover her chest. Rick looked down at the floor and saw the clothes that she wore just a few minutes before; at a gesture from Trinket, he rapidly rid himself of his own. Trinket pursed her lips as she gained her first full view of Rick's body. Returning the favor, she dropped the bed sheet from her hands and moved forward so that she lay fully exposed on the bed.


Trinket smiled at him and reached to take his manhood into her hand, still a little sticky from her saliva but not too much so. Rick stiffened at the touch. Trinket drew her hand back and forth along its length, watching it grow to its full length. She then layback on her bed Rick pulls the condom over his cock, Trinket wrapped her legs around Rick's torso, and pulled him down to her. Trinket spread her legs wide in anticipation of his entry.


Trinket told him to move and he started to withdraw from her body; using a visual technique she learned from her friend who did this before, she imagined she could feel her inner walls coming together in the wake of his passage. Then as he was about to

Disconnect himself Trinket tightened her legs that were wrapped around his ass and he started to return into her.


Trinket: Yes... like that... only harder and faster Rick.


Rick awkwardly complied at first, but became proficient as their joining continued. He drove himself into her with every stroke, burying himself in her moistness. Trinket loved the feeling of being driven into her mattress.


Rick: ah yeah girl you like my cock? You like Rick's big cock?


Trinket: oh Rick I love your Cock. Mt me cum Daddy!


Rick: oh yeah babe call me Daddy!


Trinket: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! Fuck me Daddy!


Rick: (With every Stroke) take that and that! Yeah Girl!


Rick released himself into Trinket's pussy with the Condom on him and fell on top of her body, exhausted at his effort.


Still joined, both lovers caught their breath.


(Inside Curly's bedroom)


Curly and P.A. are inside the hotel room and they start to kiss uncontrollably as they took off their clothes, but he stopped before he gave out his biggest surprise.


Curly: We can have memories that could last forever and since your mom knew about us, its better if we don't see each other anymore.


P.A.: Curly, I'll miss you.


Curly: I know so that's why were doing this.


Curly reveals a video camera and records them together.


P.A.: Are you sure you wanna do this? Remember the Pamela Anderson sex tape?


Curly: We can't see each other anymore, so this'll be Our last time and you can watch it over and over again when we're apart.


P.A.: (while kissing him) I'll miss you.


They both took off their glasses as their hands touch everywhere and lay down on the bed; he started to go down on her belly and started to make circles with his tongue in her hole, then. P.A. got on all 4 and Curly sticks it in her wet hole.


P.A.: (moaning out loud) Yes Curly, that's the spot!!

Cum inside me baby!!


Curly: Yes!! Oooooh yes! Wait a minute, I can't

I've a condom on.


P.A.: Oops, well, make me cum then!!


Curly resumes pumping her ass as he massages the top

of her clit as they moaned loud and started to cum.


P.A.: (moaning out loud) CURLY!!!!!!!!!!!


Curly took out his instrument and spooged all over P.A.

And afterwards, he put his spooge filled dick in P.A.'s Mouth.


Curly: (moaning) Suck it all up, you deserve it.


P.A.: I wish this lasted forever.


Curly: Me too.


They kissed passionately for one last time


(Back in Stinky's room, Lila was inside already in a bathrobe.


Stinky: What are you doing here Lila?


(Lila drops her bathrobe revealing her naked body as

Stinky's jaw dropped)


Stinky: That looks might Purdy Lila.


Lila: Thanks.


(Her hand starts to go down on her hot spot and

Massages it while Stinky got excited)


Stinky: I got a great idea. Lets play follow the leader, just lemme take off my clothes first.


Stinky took off his clothes and started to go down on Lila's chest and stated to nibble on her nipples as he Heard Lila moaning. Lila did the same thing as Stinky Moaned as well.


Stinky: (moaning) This feels mighty Purdy.


After an hour of fondling, Stinky spreader Lila's legs Apart and inserted in his HD, as Lila moaned out loud.


Lila: (moaning) You better be careful, remember what Happened to P.A. ad Curly.


Stinky: I'll be careful all right.


Stinky turned off the lights, it became dark and a green light appears like it was night vision and they don't notice it as Stinky sucked on Lila's sweet honey

juice out of her hole, and it was Randall who is taping the couple


Randall: Thank God for night vision.


Back to the couple, Lila got up and her vagina impaled on Stinky's HD as she bounced up and down hard and fast as Stinky screamed in ecstasy.


Lila: Say my name Stinky!!


Stinky: Lila?




Stinky: (moaning) LILA! LILA! LILA! LILA! LILA! LILA!

LILA! LILA! LILA! LILA! LILA! I'm Cumming!!!!


Lila: (moaning) Stinky!!!!!!!!!


(Stinky's condom was filled with spooge after they were done and Randall was done too)


Randall: Hehehehe! Now that's a rap. Mr. Eustace Bagg will be very pleased that he as a lot of videos now!


While Goten calls Mimi on his Cell Phone Chichi gave him. Cornchip Girl dragged Gus into his room and kissed him. Gus almost fainted at the sight of Cornchip Girl clad in only her Jigglypuff panties. Cornchip Girl was glad he didn't. Cornchip Girl kissed him again and Gus brought one of his hands up to her breast.


She sat Gus on the side of his bed and knelt between his legs, loosening his pants and slipping it and his underwear off. She had Gus take his shirt off as she kissed the tip of his manhood. Gus shivered as she slid her lips down until they rested around the head of his penis. Gus placed his hands on the back of her head as she attacked his cock with renewed vigor, soaking it with her saliva. She started to pump his manhood with her hand, saving the top for her mouth.


Cornchip Girl came as Gus finger-fucked her; she Spasmed around his penetrating fingers and her juices ran down his hand. As Gus put a Condom on Cornchip Girl straddled his torso and slowly lowered herself onto him He looked at Cornchip Girl, and her face was flushed, her body glistening with a layer of sweat and her nipples stood out from enlarged areolae. She grabbed his hands and brought them back to her breasts. As he worked them she started to move above him. Gus felt Cornchip Girl's body surround his cock, sliding over it slowly at first but with increasing speed.


Gus: yes girl you love it! Tell Griswold how much you like it?


Cornchip Girl: (Moaning) I like it!


Gus started to buck his hips as he got closer, but Cornchip girl was not quite there. She knew what was going to happen. Gus lunged down so that he fully penetrated her. Cornchip girl squeezed the muscles in her pussy around his cock, continuing her motion but not lifting herself off him.


Gus grunted as he started to cum his Condom was filled with Spooge, after they was done Goten walked in


In Nicky's room, Steward went inside and sat down on the bed. All of a sudden, Nicky came out naked from the shower and both of them were shocked.


Steward: Oh man, I'm so sorry.


Nicky: Please be honest.


Steward: You look beautiful.

Meanwhile, outside, Randall was taping again.


Randall: I can't wait to test this scene on widescreen

Format and putting it sound system on thx. Eustace will be very pleased with me for real.


Randall started to look and steadied the camera and

Went away while Steward and Nicky started kissing

Passionately as Nicky took off all of his clothes and

Laid down on the bed, she stared to suck and nibbled on

His nipple and gently blowing on it and his erection

Went up ad she went down on his lap and bobbed up and

Down on his cock. While this happens during taping

Randall was...somewhere else.


Randall: Oh Moose, my love. Ever since Spinelli never

Liked me I felt so heartbroken and I hope once i do

This for you by giving you all of these tapes, you will

Love me too and we'll be together forever.

Back in the room, after 5 minutes of the are of the

Fellatio, Steward put on the condom and tied up Nicky.


Steward: Just to let you know, I like you.


Nicky: You must be careful Randall might be taping this.

(Both stay silent)


Nicky: Nah, just take me in already!!!!


(After Nicky's legs were spreaded wide, he took her in

And pumped her like if she was a portable bed)


Steward: (while moaning and pumping Nicky) whoís your daddy, Nicky?


Nicky: (moaning) you are Steward!!!!! You ARE!!!OH



Steward: YEAH, NICKY! I'm gonna cum!!!!!


Nicky: Lemme Have it!!!!


Steward took of the condom; stick his dick in her mouth and spooged inside her mouth.


Nicky: Steward, I love you.


Steward: me too.


They kissed again.


Randall: (off screen) Sigh, I only have to get rid of

Moose's secret admirer and she's all mine. I gotta get

this tape home.


(The very night)


Goten leaves his japanese-esque room and patty and Harold come in by accident.


Harold: Is there something you want to tell me?


Patty: Yeah. Take off your clothes.


Harold: What?


Patty: I said take off your clothes.


Harold: Okay, but it ain't pretty, escape while you Can.


Harold took all his clothes off to show his obese body to his gf.


Patty: You don't look so bad, and besides, I heard from the Internet sex with a fat man is more pleasurable than with a skinny one. You know what they say, more Cushion for the pushing.

Patty took off her clothes as well showing off her bit chubby body, but Harold thought she's beautiful anyway.


Harold: I got a feeling I'm gonna enjoy this.


Patty: I got a feeling I'm gonna enjoy this too.


Meanwhile Randall and Eustace are outside watching the couple while taping


Eustace: Whatís this? Are you trying to get my customer sick watching these fat kids making out?


Randall: Think of it Mr. Bagg, you gotta have a little variety. You just can't have skinny and sexy people all the Time, that's considered prejudice.


Eustace: True True, but not many people would like to see

Sex and the art of fellatio between two fat people.


Randall: Ok, letís make this once and if someone asks for more like this, we'll get going with more of them.


Eustace: Deal. What happened to the rest of your Collection? Did you let that Stupid dog of my Wife get to it?


Randall stayed silent.


While all of th


Eustace (Angrily): Well?!


At happened, Patty played with his fat as he liked the feeling of Patty's touch, and he cupped her Breasts while playing with the nipples with his Fingers as a moan are heard from her.


Patty: (moaning) Yes. Oh yes. Lemme suck you.


Harold: (showing his short but hard manhood) okay.


(Patty swallowed all of Harold's cock as his tongue) Goes to her nether regions that needed to be wet. Both began to moan as they 69ed each other.


Harold: (moaning) Oh Patty. Can I take you now?


Patty stopped polishing his know and got down to Business by first swirling an ice cube in her mouth And then nursing on his nipples as they became hard ASAP due to the coldness. They went into a deep kiss and Patty finally lets him take her as he slowly pumps her as his hanging belly gently massages her clit with every stroke.


Patty: (moaning louder) faster harder more!


Harold: (moaning with every thrust he did) Like

That... and that... and that... and that... and

That... and that... and that... and that... and that.


Patty: (moaning) Harold, I love you!


Meanwhile outside, Eustace Looked at Randall.


Eustace: You're hiding something, what happened?


Randall: Sigh, someone stole my tapes.


Eustace: What!! You let that dog grab them didnít you!


Harold: (off screen) I'm gonna cum!!!!


Patty: (off screen) HAROLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sounds of falling down are heard


(Later on at the Pearson's home Binky and Moose walked in)


Binky: Hmmmm your mom change every since the last time I came here.


Moose: (Blushing) Really.


Binky: yeah you did too for the past 4 years.


Moose: I start wearing skirts with my Blue shirt.


(Binky kissed Moose)


Moose: (gasp) My god it felt good.


(From a window)


Beavis: Oh yeah.


Butthead: This is really cool.




Moose: Wait you have a condom?


Binky: Yeah I slacked one from my brother so is your mom home? I don't want to go thought what Curly and your sister went thought.


Moose: Mom is at my aunt's


Binky: So can I take you now?


Moose: Let's go up to my room and fuck.


Beavis and Butthead: yes!!!!


Moose took Binky up to her room and they remove each other clothes. Binky took Binky's light blue jacket (similar to the one Shingo Yabuki from KOF '97-'2000 wears). Binky unbutton Moose's dark blue Bra.


(Unknown to them Happosai was in hiding in Lydia's Room with a bag full of her Bras and Panties)


Happosai: Oh my Lydia has some wonderful Bras (Rubbing his face in a white bra)


(Moose: Can I suck your hard cock?)


(Binky: sure)


(Zipped sounds)


Happosai: Hmmmm what would Margaret Rose doing


Happosai look a peek at Moose Sucking down on Binky's Manhood licking his gray Pubic hairs. Binky hold her head as she Bob it up and down. Binky then came a Spooge all over her face.


Moose: oh Binky I want you to lick my deep wet spot.


(Happosai: Oh my a dark blue Bra I'll wait until they reach their climax first then I'll take the colorful Bra home with me)


Binky took Moose and laid her down on her bed and spreading her brown Pubic hairs and begun to lick her pussy. Moose moans as Binky licks her love juice.


Binky: Margaret now I'm gonna fuck you hard.


Moose: go head Binky lie down and let my do the rest.


With a condom over his cock Moose straddled his cock and lowered herself just as eagerly, his invading member push letting her pussy lips apart. Moose pulled at her nipples as she continued to grind her hips into Binky's. Every so often Binky would thrust his hips up and drive his member a little deeper into her, almost making it seem that she was riding a bucking bronco.


Binky started to rapidly thrust into Moose, wanting to time their orgasms together. The increased turbulence took Moose over the edge; her pussy muscles lovingly squeezed Binky's imbedded penis as she continued to bounce on his engorged member.


Binky: Ha yeah Margaret you love my cock don't you?


Moose: Yeah I like you cock Binky.


Binky: I'm gonna cum soon.


Binky laid Moose down took over the Condom and Spooge all over her. Semen landed on her breast, legs and the left side of her face. Binky lay next to her and they both kissed each other.


Happosai: Now it's me change to take the Bra.


Happosai zooms in and grab Moose's Bra and Jetted out the Door


Happosai: I should pat myself on the back.


The old pervert jumps into the night as Jimmy and Jonny 2x4 Watch Binky kiss Mosseís legs


Jimmy: Binky bet us it her.


Jonny: No fair Plank said I was going to get her.


Jimmy: That was to be me.


Jonny: You wish Jimmy.


††††††††††††††††††††††† (The two fist Fight)


Goten then ran a finger over her panties above her lips. Aneglica felt a tingling sensation run through her at his touch. "Hmmmmm that feels really good." Angelica sighed as Goten kept sliding his fingers along her soft Panties noticing the moister building up there.


Goten smiled as he watched Angelica shudder with pleasure before he really Got started on her. Goten then leaned down to give her soft bare pussy a small Taste. Sliding his tongue gently along her outer lips Goten then pushed into Tongue inside her lips to get a better taste of her pussy juice. Goten used his Right hand to tickle her pussy while his other hand moved up to play with her.


Goten then felt his cock being slid into her hot mouth feeling her sucking hard on his already to burst cock. Angelica moans with pleasure at feeling his hard cock in her mouth tasting his precum. Angelica then bobbed her head up and down to make him do deep in her throat feeling him


Angelica fell to her elbows when Goten sudden pushed his hard cock straight up her ass.


Angelica gasped as she felt her ass being pushed into deeply by Goten's hard cock. Goten just gave out a grunt as he enjoyed the feel of her tight ass around his throbbing cock. Goten then reached over to play with her soft tits again. Aneglica moved her hips backwards welcoming the feel of His cock filling her ass until he suddenly withdrew his cock. Angelica looked back with a question in her eyes.


In Akane's room Rick eagerly pulled down on Trinket's panties He ran his fingers along her nether lips and found them moist. He moved away from her and grinned, gazing over her naked body. He then untied the knot of his pants and let them fall to the ground. He quickly stepped out of them. He then pulled down his boxers, tossing them into the corner of the room.


(From a near buy window)


Beavis: Hey butthead it's booty call II featuring Rick and Trinket. (as in Tricket)


Butthead: Booty call is cool.


Beavis: Yeah.


Trinket: Don't forget the Condom.


Rick: I have it right her babe.


Rick moved over Trinket, and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. His Manhood pressed oh-so-close to her virgin entrance. His knees Spread her legs and his hand parted her flower. He then positioned His hips so his asoko was poised to enter her, and started to push himself into her.


The moist tightness threatened to cause him to orgasm when he pushed into her the first time, but he held on. He didn't want to orgasm until she had, and he knew it'd take minutes of pleasuring her for that to happen. He pulled out and pushed back in again and again.


Rick: Ah yeah girl you like this? Tell Ricky how much you like it?


Trinket: Oh yes Rick I love it.


Rick: Yeah baby no one does it bitter then Rick.


Trinket: Oh I Cumming!!


(Lighting clash)


(Binky went inside Moose's bedroom along with her)


Binky: So, how was the movie? I expected better but all in all, itís pretty good.


Moose: Do you have a feeling that we're being watched?


(They both look at the window and they look at each Other friskily)


Binky: (pretending to act very badly) Can I have a Glass of water?


Moose: (also pretending to act badly) Sure.


(As Moose leaves, Binky pulls out his CD collection And a CD that says "Porn's Greatest Movie Scores from The 70's" and pops it in and very corny porn music blasts out and takes of all his clothes)


Binky: (VO) This should make Randall shut up.


Moose: (pretending not to notice Binky's naked) Here's your water.


Binky: (acting) you know what; water's the third most Favorite thing in the world to me?


Moose: (acting) really, what are your 2 favorite Things?


Binky: Sucking and fucking.


(Moose starts to spit out her water intentionally and she starts to kiss her as she takes off all her clothes)


Binky: Can I suck you?


Moose: Sure.


(Moose starts to swallow his manhood with her mouth as he bucks his hips up and down as Moose face fucks him)


Binky: Oh yeah. Face fucking, feels so good.


(They both start to lie down on the bed as the two 69 each other as went on the Binky's tongue went fast on her clit as they moan)


Moose: Oh Binky, you love my pussy, ooooh.


Binky: I want to fuck you Doggystyle.


Moose: I like that.


(Moose got on all fours and Binky began to stick his HD in her wet hole, which needed internal massaging, his hips bucked fast and hard as loads of precum went out as she screamed his name)


Moose: Binky!!! Faster, harder, stronger, more!!!


(Before they cum, they begin to stop as they hear Squeaking of the bed)


A voice: (OS) Oh Spinelli!!!


Moose: You didn't!?!?!


Binky: I didn't say anything.


(The two find out it was TJ and Spinelli doing each other at the room next to them.


Spinelli: (OS) Oh TJ FUCK ME HARD!!!!!!!!


TJ: (OS moaning) This feels so tender, I'm gonna cum!!


(The two begin to moan OS)


Moose: Fuck!! Can't they keep quiet?!


Binky: They just ruined it, I'm so sorry to say it Moose.


Moose: Me too, I can't fuck to this!

(The two stare at each other)


Binky: Can we massage our hot spots until we cum?


Moose: Okay


(The two go under the sheets as a bit of moaning is heard)


(Outside, the most obvious laugh is heard outside and it turns out to be someone else)


Back in the same room where Mikey and Effie did it, the Two began to look at their books and started to study their basic Japanese.


Menlo: I'm sure gonna fail this class.


Gretchen: Sure Japanese may look hard but take a look at it this way; you're be speaking Japanese like a pro In no time.


(Gretchen began to kiss Menlo while he returned the Favor)


Menlo: Wait a minute, isn't this the same place where Mikey and Effie played Erotic Sumo Wrestling?


Gretchen: (chuckled and stopped) Yes.


(Gretchen and Menlo took their bags and went into her Dorm as they went inside, both of them got naked and laid down on the bed)


Menlo: I'm not sure about this.


Gretchen: Judging that you put on the condom first Thing in the morning before we ever came in to study In anticipation of this moment is a dead give away.


(Menlo began to blush and he sticked it in her, Menlo began stroking her slowly and he moaned)


Menlo: (moaning) Yes, I don't know what this is, but it feels good.


Gretchen: It's called an orgasm Menlo; it's a part of Sexual stimulation.


Menlo: Gretchen, I liked you since we met in the math Club and science club, can we put all the scientific stuff behind for a bit and just enjoy this.


Gretchen: Okay, what have I gotta lose?


(Gretchen began enjoying Menlo's HD going inside her Hole as she began screaming Menlo's name in orgasm and gripped the pillows)


Menlo: (moaning) you like that?


Gretchen: Yes, I never you liked me, and now I kinda like you too.


Menlo: (moaning loud) whatís my name?


Gretchen: (Moaning loud) Menlo, Menlo, Menlo, make me cum!


Menlo: That I'll do for you.


(Menlo whispered in her ear to rub her pussy as he pumped her, she nodded her head and she began to rub her clit hard and fast as Menlo stroked with his hips To the point of no return)


Gretchen: (moaning in and out) Oh Menlo, cum on me oh studious one!


Menlo: (screaming) I love you!


(He took out his dick and spooged all over here tits and stomach)


Gretchen: This will be the best day of my life.


Menlo: Me too, I never thought I would get laid.


(The two began to kiss as again the Ashley's began to tape them outside.)


Ashley Q: Still no Teej and Spinelli, sigh.


Ashley B: It still amazes me like a guy like Menlo can

Get laid.


Q: Yeah, especially when it's someone unsexy like

Gretchen Grundler.


Eustace: Big Deal just continue what are doing young lady.


(Time passes and back inside, Menlo began to lick Gretchen's clit as he pinched her nipples, while all This happens, and Grechen found something under her bed and it was another pair of Cornchip's Jigglypuff panties)


Gretchen: Stop eating me Menlo, I found some bad news.


Menlo: What's wrong?


Gretchen: The rumors were right, Cornchip Girl does wear

Jiggly puff panties!


Menlo: How can you tell?


(Gretch points out on the tag that said Thresa


(Cornchip's real name))


††††††††††††††††††††††† To be continue



Striker: Thatís it for now but RDZ will work on part 2 very soon.