If You Bend It, They Will Cum

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Chapter 6: Fancy Meeting You Here

Katara slipped her shoes on and left the tent where Aang was now lying, weak, but awake. She hurried into the woods toward a nearby stream which they had been using for water since their arrival. It was only when she was nearly there she realized that in her haste to get the water she had left the tent still naked, except for the shoes. She was suddenly incredibly embarrassed and immediately tried to cover herself. Then she felt silly because there was no one else around to conceal herself from. She considered, for a moment, running back to retrieve her clothes, but decided that it would wait. She was much closer to the stream than to camp, and Aang needed the water. Besides which, walking through the woods naked gave her a strange thrill. It was exhilarating in a way she hadn’t really experienced before.

She walked on, a little more cautiously now, because she was very worried about running into someone. They hadn’t met anyone in the woods in all the days they’d been making camp there, but things like that always seemed to happen at the most inopportune moments, and this was certainly that.

As if to reinforce that thought, she soon began to hear noises up ahead. The sound of the water gurgling down its path was familiar, but there was something else mixed with it. Slowly the stream began to become visible through the trees, and as she got closer the sound became more audible and more human. There was definitely someone else there, and she had to find out who, because if the Fire Nation was this close to their camp, they were going to have to move, immediately.

She moved extremely carefully as she approached the edge of the trees. She had to see without being seen, and getting close enough to get a clear look without allowing whoever was there the same thing wasn’t easy. Finally she found a spot, by crouching behind a tree and a bush, from which she could command a view of this whole area of the stream by peeking between some leaves.

Upstream a bit was a small waterfall, just taller than a man, from there the stream wound its way downhill, past where she was hiding and around a bend 200 feet farther down. At its deepest the stream was about waist deep, but the water was so calm as it meandered on its way that there was hardly any current to worry about.

Near the waterfall, not 10 yard from her hidden vantage point, Katara saw her brother standing, waist deep in water, and apparently completely nude. Wrapped around him was an equally naked earthbender.

Toph’s arms and legs were wrapped tightly around Sokka, and she was bouncing up and down rapidly, Sokka’s hands supporting her firm ass cheeks. “Ooo, fuck me, Snoozles!” She exclaimed. Sokka had taught her a few choice terms he’d picked up. “Your cock feels so incredible!”

Katara had never heard some of the words before, but she could readily guess at the meanings. The two of them were having sex in the stream. A moment of revulsion at the contamination of their water supply was overshadowed by curiosity. She’d wondered the night before if the two of them had gone as far as she and Aang had. Now she had her answer. What’s more, they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of each other long enough to even get themselves some water.

“Oh, Toph!” Sokka grunted. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it!” She encouraged, “fill me up with Sokka!”

Once again Katara didn’t recognize all of the words, but she knew what was coming, and suddenly she realized that she had to hurry before Sokka put Toph back down and the blind earthbender felt her presence. She couldn’t risk actually going down to the stream and exposing herself (literally) to view, but fortunately she didn’t have to. She could make the water come to her.

Katara used her water bending ability to reach out to the stream, and cause enough water to fill her jug to begin floating towards her. She almost lost it when she heard Toph scream out her orgasm, but she kept it together and increased her speed. She had to get out of there. A few moments later her jug was full of water, and she turned around and hurried off through the woods back toward camp.

In the water Toph squeezed her legs tightly around her lover’s waist as she came, and at the same time Sokka shot his load deep into her incredibly tight pussy. When they both came down a bit from the sensation Toph kissed Sokka passionately.

Suddenly, and much to her surprise, he broke away. “I heard something.” He said.
“What?” She asked. She hadn’t noticed anything, then again she’d been a bit distracted. She unwrapped her legs from Sokka, and he set her down as he tried to listen for whatever it was to happen again.

Back in connection with her beloved Earth Toph reached out through it, feeling for anything that he might have heard. Then she found it. “Someone is running away from here.” She said, thoughtfully.

“What?” He asked, but she was still trying to concentrate, get a better picture of the person, which became harder the farther away they got. “I think it’s Katara.” She said.

Sokka’s face went pale. “Oh no, she saw us.” He couldn’t begin to imagine what her reaction would be. Things with Toph had been so amazing, he hadn’t even started to think about what they’d tell Katara, and now she’d found out on her own, but Toph wasn’t done dropping bombshells.

“I think she’s naked.”

“WHAT?! Why would she be running through the woods naked?”

Toph considered it for a moment. “I don’t know.” She said finally, “but I think we should head back to camp.”

“Yeah, ok.” Sokka agreed, “do you remember where we left our clothes?”

When Katara made it back to camp, she disappeared quickly back into the tent she’d been sharing with Aang. What she didn’t consider was the rather interesting show she’d given the Earth King who had just woken up, but in his depressed funk he didn’t even say anything.

Aang had fallen asleep again, which worried Katara at first, but she quickly realized that it was a fitful sleep. He’d been so tired and weak from his ordeal. She hated to wake him, but he needed to drink and eat to regain his strength. She leaned close and called to him quietly, “Aang, wake up.”

The Avatar stirred, and his eyes fluttered open. He saw Katara’s face smile again. Waking up was becoming very enjoyable with that sight to wake to. He tried to sit up, but his body was stiff. Katara helped him, pulling him into a sitting position and moving him against the wall, so he had some support.

“How are you feeling, Aang?”

“It hurts.” He replied honestly, his voice still more akin to a croak than the jovial, light-hearted boy he usually was.

Katara had retrieved a basket of berries from outside. It was about all they’d found to eat in the surrounding woods, not exactly a feast, but Aang needed food. She pushed a berry into his mouth. “Eat, Aang.” She told him. “It will help you feel better.”

Aang complied. He ate several berries and drank as much water as he could. He began to move more and more on his own, and Katara thought happily that she could already see an improvement. She thought that she could even see a bit of that bright sparkle returning to his eyes.

“Katara!” a voice called out from the edge of camp. It was Sokka. He and Toph must have come back, and now they were looking for her.

She left the berries and the water for Aang to continue working on. “I’ll be back in a minute, ok, Aang?”

“Ok.” He said. Even his voice was beginning to sound a bit better.

Aang watched her intently as she quickly slipped her robes back onto her lithe, beautiful body, adjusting them as bet she could before making her way outside again. She saw Sokka walking toward her, Toph trailing just behind him, and she quickly decided that she wouldn’t say anything about their conspicuously long absence. They’d all found something incredible the night before, and she would let them tell her about their discovery when they were ready. She certainly wasn’t quite ready to tell them about hers. That revelation was going to take some serious thinking to word just right. She could, however, share the good news about Aang’s recovery.

“Guys, I have the greatest news,” she began, but Sokka cut her off.

“Katara,” he said sternly, “we know what you did.” He’d decided as they walked back that accusing her of wrongdoing for watching the two of them might be the best way to start. It would put her on the defensive and maybe soften the blow against them if she was more concerned with proving that she wasn’t in the wrong than proving that they were.

Katara was taken aback. She was thinking about Aang, and what she’d done with him. So when Sokka made his statement her mind immediately connected the two. How could they know about that? They’d been having their own tryst in the woods. What if they’d come back later that night and seen her as well?

“You, you know about last night?” She stammered, very thrown off by the sudden curve the conversation had taken.

“What?” Sokka said, now just as surprised and confused as his sister. “No, I’m talking about you watching us at the stream this morning.” Then, after a moment, “Are you saying you were watching us last night too?”

Katara was relieved that he wasn’t talking about what she’d thought, but at the same time she’d stepped into a whole other problem. She blushed a bit at his statement. “Well, yeah, I did see you last night, and this morning. I’m sorry about that?”

“You’ve been spying on us?” Toph demanded, indignant.

“No, it just happened. Let me explain.” She recounted her version of the previous night’s events, how she’d needed water, and, discovering the both of them missing, had gone into the woods in search of them, only to come upon them having a rather private moment and then how she’d come back to camp. She, of course, downplayed exactly how long she’d watched them, not to mention leaving out her own experiences of later that night.

She went on to explain that, never having gotten water the night before, she’d set off that morning for the stream, and come across the pair yet again. Wanting to give them their privacy she’d used her ability to retrieve her water without disturbing them and hurried back to camp.

Sokka and Toph listened to her story. They both thought it sounded reasonable, Toph, of course, could tell for herself that Katara was being truthful, although she had some suspicions that she’d watched a bit more than she let on.

“So you’re not upset about what Toph and I did?” Sokka asked her. He’d expected a very different reaction and was surprised at how casually she had accepted it.

“Of course not.” She replied. “I’m glad that you two have found happiness with each other.” She saw Toph hugging her brother’s arm contentedly and knew that they really had. “I mean, if I found someone who made me that happy, you would want me to be with him, wouldn’t you?”

“Of course.” Sokka replied. He wasn’t really sure he meant it, but he was sure that he didn’t want Katara reconsidering her position. The three of them shared a familial hug and Katara realized that she still hadn’t told them about Aang’s revival, but before she could begin again, one last thing struck Sokka.

“I just have one more question.” He said. He seemed to be trying to come up with just the right way to phrase it. Katara looked at him expectantly, and then he seemed to decide. “When you went to the stream this morning, why were you naked.”

Katara nearly jumped out of her own skin, and she blushed again furiously. How did he know that? She struggled a bit, stuttering as she searched for an answer. “Well … I, we … I mean, uh …”

She realized that any explanation she could come up with would seem extremely ridiculous, not to mention that Toph would probably see right through it. She was going to have to tell them. She hadn’t planned on doing it yet. She wanted to wait for the right moment, but apparently the moment had found her first, and she didn’t really have much of a choice.

She took a deep breath and steeled herself for what she had to say. “Ok,” she began, “you see, Aang and I,”

“Aang’s awake?!” Sokka exclaimed.

Katara was thrown a bit off-balance by being interrupted again. “Uh, yeah, he is.” She replied after a moment.

“That’s great!” Sokka said, and he jumped up and hurried off to see their friend.
Katara was relieved. She seemed to have narrowly avoided having to reveal her little secret, saved only by the fact that teenage boys have an incredibly short attention span. She quickly realized that she wasn’t out of the woods yet, however, because sitting there, staring at her with unseeing eyes, Toph had a knowing smile on her face. “You two did it, didn’t you?” Toph asked.

Katara looked down at the ground and nodded, then she quickly added, “yes.” Because she wasn’t completely sure that Toph would receive the full meaning of a nod.
Suddenly she felt arms wrapped around her as the young earthbender embraced her, as a friend and fellow woman. “That’s great!” Toph said, mimicking Sokka’s words from a moment before. The hug lasted for several seconds, and then Toph ran off after Sokka to see Aang.

After they’d talked for many hours Katara forced Sokka and Toph to leave, insisting that Aang needed his rest. In truth, the Avatar’s recovery was progressing at an incredible rate. In only a few hours he was sitting up and moving around on his own, and he sounded like his old self again, though his voice betrayed a certain weariness about him, as if the world wasn’t quite as bright as it had once been.

Katara continued to sit with Aang, but the exertion of talking with his friends had tired him out more than he let on, and he was quickly asleep again. Once she was sure he’d drifted off completely Katara went outside where she found Sokka and Toph sitting around a small fire, hand in hand. Toph was trying to explain, as tactfully as possible the new relationship between Aang and Katara.

Sokka wasn’t really sure how he felt about it, but he couldn’t exactly object too strenuously, not after the way Katara had responded to his own revelation. Although the new development certainly seemed to throw that particular response into a different light. In the end Sokka agreed that Aang was a good guy, and that he was happy for them.

With everything out in the open the company put out the fire and headed to bed, Sokka and Toph into a tent together, and Katara back to the one she shared with Aang. She curled up beside the Avatar and drifted off to sleep contentedly. Toph and Sokka didn’t go to sleep quite as quickly. They fucked themselves to exhaustion, waking up other people in camp several times during the night.

In the morning Katara announced that some of them needed to find a town where they could buy some supplies. She decided that she and Toph would take Appa and find a small town where they could buy things with minimal chance of being spotted by Fire Nation patrols.

“Just the two of you?” Sokka asked. “You sure you don’t need me to come along and protect you?” He struck what he thought was a heroic pose.

The girls laughed. “I think we can take care of ourselves, oh mighty warrior.” Katara said. “We need you to stay here and watch over Aang. He’s still really weak. Besides,” she continued, looking back and forth between the other two, “if I sent you two, nothing would get accomplished.” Sokka and Toph exchanged mischievous looks. It was perfectly true.

At that moment Aang made his way out of the tent, holding on to the stone structure for support. “Aang!” Katara yelled and rushed over to him. She reached out to help him, but he waved her off.

“I just needed to be outside.” He said. “I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in a hundred years.” He looked up at the bright blue sky, a few puffy white clouds floated here and there on missions of their own. The wind shook the trees softly, and Aang took it all in while his friends watched him with not a little concern.

Appa, who had spent most of Aang’s convalescence sulking despondently on the edge of camp now caught sight of him and thudded across the ground toward his friend. The bison’s giant tongue flopped out and licked Aang’s entire upper body. The Avatar giggled, that same laugh that they all knew so well. Somehow it made everyone a little more comfortable to hear it again. “Hey, buddy,” he said, “I missed you too.” He hugged the great white fur ball.

Katara explained to Aang what they were planning to do. He wanted to go with them, but even he acknowledged that he was in no shape to do that quite yet. So he agreed to remain in camp with Sokka while the girls took Appa.

The girls went to get ready while Sokka and Aang stood around paying Appa some attention. Sokka remarked on how suddenly Appa’s demeanor had changed upon seeing Aang again, which elicited another hug for the flying bison. There was a connection between the two of them that none of the others would ever quite understand.

The girls came back in a few moments chatting happily about their recent experiences. “So you actually kissed him first?” Katara asked, feigning astonishment.

“Are you saying that Aang kissed you first?” Toph retorted.

“Well, not exactly.” Katara blushed.

“Then what did happen, exactly?” Toph replied, mockingly.

Katara noticed the boys watching them and whispered to Toph, “I’ll tell you later.”

The foursome said their goodbyes, the Earth King hadn’t even come out of his tent yet. Toph jumped up and kissed Sokka for a long moment before mounting the bison. Katara did the same, although much more gently, as if afraid she might break Aang if she was as energetic as Toph. Then the girls climbed onto the flying bison’s back.

Appa gave one last, longing look at Aang, as if he expected the Avatar to climb aboard as well, but at Katara’s command he lifted off into the air and they quickly disappeared from sight.

Aang and Sokka sat together on a nearby rock. Without Appa as a conversation piece there was an awkward silence between them for several moments.

“So,” Aang said finally, “you and Toph?” The subject had come up during the group’s long talk the previous day, although they’d all stayed away from the subject of Aang and Katara since Sokka didn’t know at the time.

“Yeah,” Sokka replied simply.

It was silent again for a moment. “That’s, uh, great.” Aang said.

“Yeah,” Sokka said again, “it really is.”

Having apparently exhausted that topic the two lapsed into silence again, both of them looking at the ground absently, avoiding eye contact with the other.

This time it was Sokka who broke the silence. “So,” he said, “you and my sister.” It was said in a tone that really implied that he didn’t want more information about it if at all possible.


Silence again. “That’s nice.” Aang wasn’t quite sure he believed the sentiment, but at least Sokka wasn’t upset about it.

The long uncomfortable silence returned once again. Neither of them knew what to say. They’d talked at such length the day before. It had come so easily with the girls there, but now the two guys sat quietly, completely unsure of what to say.
“Want to get some food?” Aang offered finally.

“Definitely.” Sokka said, and hopped down from the rock to see what they had left in camp to eat. Aang made his way after him, a bit more slowly.

The girls arrived back at camp in the early evening. They didn’t report running into any trouble, and they’d brought back all sorts of goodies, including, much to Sokka’s delight, some meat that they could cook for dinner.

The next few of days passed quickly. Aang seemed to regain more of his strength every hour. Katara devoted herself to helping him recover, if anything even more so than she had while he’d been asleep. Sokka and Toph spent every free moment together, sometimes disappearing into the woods for hours at a time, coming back smiling and disheveled. The Earth King and Bosco spent their time as they had since their arrival, either sleeping or wandering camp or the nearby woods, depressed and despondent.

After almost a week Aang was, miraculously, back in fighting form, almost as good as he had been before the fight with Azula. If anything he was more focused and a bit more serious than before, which led Toph to pronounce his earthbending skills complete. She said he had the focus, determination, and steadfastness of an earthbending master, not quite as impressive as her own skills of course, but miracles couldn’t be expected. She even promised, should the opportunity arise, to try to teach him her previously unheard of technique for metal bending.

This left the group with one goal in mind. They had to find someone to teach Aang firebending and soon. The Day of Black Sun loomed in the not-too-distant future and the arrival of Sozen’s comet was not long after. If Aang was going to master the final element, they had little time to waste.

“We have to try to find Jong Jong.” He stated firmly. Jong Jong the Deserter was the only person they knew who was a master firebender and who was willing to teach Aang. The spirit of Avatar Roku himself had ordered it.

“We can leave tomorrow morning.” Sokka suggested. “If we head back to where we saw him last, we might be able to find some hint about where he went from there.” It seemed like a long-shot. A great bender and military man like Jong Jong would certainly know how to cover his tracks, but it was the best shot they had.

“What we really have to be careful of is,”

Suddenly Toph jumped to her feet. The conversation stopped and everyone turned to look at her. “Someone’s coming.” She said quietly.

Everyone else rose to their feet as well, and turned in the direction that Toph was facing.

“Is the Earth King safe?” Katara asked, readying her water skin for a fight.

“He’s in his tent.” Sokka told her, pulling out his boomerang.

Toph seemed to be concentrating very hard, as if she was having trouble connecting the thing that she felt with its correct name. Then a look of recognition and understanding crossed her face, followed by a different look that none of them could quite interpret. Then she took a step forward. “I know who it is.”

Before she could tell them, they all heard a noise, and the other three tensed up, prepared for anything. Out of the woods stumbled the form of a young woman. Everyone except Toph gasped in surprise. The figure collapsed to the ground and Sokka rushed forward. “Suki!”

Sokka ran to her, dropping to his knees beside her prone form. Aang and Katara weren’t far behind. Toph approached slowly, hesitantly. “Suki, what’s wrong?!” Sokka yelled. She’d landed face down, and instead of trying to pick her up, risking further injury, Sokka carefully rolled her over.

“Someone get something to lay her head on.” Katara said. Toph took the opportunity and ran off, quickly disappearing from view.

“Suki, can you hear me?” Sokka, Katara, and Aang looked down at the Kyoshi warrior. Suki’s eyes flickered open, darting back and forth, not focusing on anything, apparently not seeing anything.

Toph returned with a soft bundle, which they tucked under the girl’s head. “Suki,” Sokka prodded again, “can you hear me? What happened?”

Suki’s eyes continued to roam, blinking rapidly, Sokka had nearly given up on getting anything out of her for the moment when suddenly, with laser-like focus her eyes zeroed in on his face. “Sokka.” She said. It was a firm statement, no particular sense of urgency to it, just a sudden recognition of the face she saw before her. Then she passed out.

“Suki!” Sokka yelled, worried about what might have just happened to her.

Katara put her hand to Suki’s chest. “She’s alright.” She said after a moment. “She’s just passed out. I think she’s exhausted. Come on, we need to get her inside and let her sleep.”

Sokka and Aang lifted the young woman’s form between them. She was surprisingly light. Katara directed them toward the larger tent where she and Aang were staying. The bedding there was the most comfortable. It had been laid out for Aang’s recovery. Now it could serve the same purpose for Suki. Toph simply stared after them, her unseeing eyes watching them go.

“I wonder what happened to her.” Aang said. Toph couldn’t help thinking that she wished they weren’t going to have to find out. Things had been going so well, and now this. She could have told herself that she was concerned because Suki’s arrival meant losing valuable time that Aang needed to find and train with a firebending master, but, in truth, it wasn’t Aang that she was thinking about.

In the morning Suki awoke a bit more cogent than she’d been the evening before. Katara had stayed by her side the whole night, as she had with Aang. So when the Kyoshi warrior opened her eyes, it was Katara’s face that she saw first.

“Katara?” She asked groggily, as if she wasn’t completely sure she could trust her eyes.

“It’s me, Suki.” Katara reassured her softly. “Here, drink this.” She got Suki to take a few gulps of water.

Suki drank it in deep gulps, and then took several long deep breathes. Katara waited and watched patiently. “What about the others?” Suki asked “Aang and Sokka. Is Sokka here? Are they alright?”

“Everyone is fine.” Katara said. “We’re more worried about you. I’ll let them know you’re awake, but I think you need to rest more before you’re ready to talk to everyone.”

“No,” Suki said firmly, strength managing to show in her voice. “I need to see them. I need to see all of you. There’s so much I have to tell you.

Katara was reluctant, but Suki seemed insistent, and so she went to find the others. She warned them not to put too much demand on Suki, not to bombard her with too many questions. Because what she needed more than anything else was rest. Aang and Sokka agreed. Toph said nothing but followed the others into the stone tent. Even Momo, who’d spent most of their time in the forest flitting pointlessly from tree to tree, flew in after the group, sensing that something was afoot.

Suki was sitting up, watching as the others entered. When Sokka came in her eyes locked on him and didn’t move again for quite some time. He went to her side immediately. “Are you okay?” He asked. “What happened?”

Katara rolled her eyes in irritation that Sokka was already doing precisely what she’d warned him against, but she said nothing as Suki seemed determined to answer the questions, and Katara was just as eager to hear those answers as anyone else.

“It all started a few days after I last saw you at the Serpent’s Pass.” Suki began. The story telling appeared to be costing her quite a bit of effort, but Suki seemed determined to tell it.

“I was with the other warriors. We were foraging for food in the forest, something to help feed the evacuees trying to get passage to Ba Sing Se. That’s when we found Appa.”

“Appa?!” Aang interjected.

“Yes.” Suki said quickly, sitting up straighter. “We found Appa. He’s with you now, isn’t he? He’s alright?”

“He’s fine.” Katara assured her.

“I’m glad,” she said, leaning back against the side of the tent. “He was in bad shape when we found him, alone, scared, and hurt.” Aang looked incensed, but Suki didn’t notice. “We did what we could, pulled off the shackles,” Aang bristled at the word, “attended to his wounds, fed him what little we could find.”

The description of Appa’s despicable state had upset Aang, but the kindness the Kyoshi warriors had shown his flying friend warmed his heart.

“That was when they showed up.” Everyone looked at her expectantly. “Three girls, riding giant lizards. The leader was an incredibly powerful firebender.”

“Azula.” Sokka hissed. Everyone knew he was right.

“Whoever they were, they’d been tracking Appa, trying to find you. We told them you weren’t there, but they attacked anyway. I told Appa to get away and find you while we held them off. There were more of us, but they were just too fast, too strong.”

Here Suki stopped for a moment. She seemed to be holding back tears. Katara suspected that she knew why. Sokka wasn’t quite so quick. “What happened to the other Kyoshi warriors?” He asked.

The dam broke and Suki’s tears began to flow freely. “They’re dead.” She said between sobs. “That bitch killed them all. She wanted us to tell them things, things to help them impersonate us, and when we wouldn’t, she killed them all. I had to watch them all die, girls I’d known since …” The tears overcame her, and she couldn’t continue talking.

They all waited for a moment, and when the crying didn’t abate, Katara put her hand on the girl’s shoulder. “It’s ok, Suki. You don’t have to talk about it right now. It can wait.”

“No!” Suki said, only have discernible through the tears. “It can’t.” Katara pulled back. There was obviously something Suki wanted to get off her chest. They gave her time to pull herself together. If she’d let them they would have left, but she was determined to finish her account. “I’m sorry.” She said finally, the tears subsiding. “It’s just so hard to think about it.”

“It’s ok.” Katara said again. “Take your time.”

Suki sniffled some before beginning again. “They left me alive.” She told them, sniffing some more. “They said they might be able to use me later. So they took our clothes, tied me up, within sight of my friends’ bodies, and they left me in the forest.”

The whole thing seemed unthinkable, even for Azula, but after what she’d done to Aang, no one doubted that she was capable of everything that Suki was relating. “I lay there tied up for two days, naked, without any food or water, but finally I managed to escape.”

“How?” Toph asked, speaking for the first time.

“One of our weapons had fallen behind a tree. Those girls never noticed it, but I spotted it and managed to use it to cut the ropes. I made my way through the woods to a nearby village where I got these clothes.” She indicated the non-descript clothes she was wearing.

“I was planning on going to Ba Sing Se, to warn them about those girls, impersonating Kyoshi warriors, but that night I saw Appa flying away from the capital. I thought if anyone would be able to help it was you. So I followed in that same direction. I thought I’d lost you completely until I spotted him a few days ago, flying away from the village. It took me days of searching the woods to find you. I ran out of food and water. I had just about given up hope when I saw a clearing up ahead. That’s the last thing I remember. I must have been weaker than I thought.”

“We knew that Azula and her friends had impersonated you.” Katara said, “but not until it was too late.”

“What we didn’t know was what happened to you, Suki.” Sokka added. “I’m sorry about the others. They were great warriors.”

“What do you mean ‘too late’?” Suki asked, looking from Katara to the others.

Katara, Aang, and Sokka looked at each other uncomfortably. Toph’s eyes were the only ones not moving from person to person, but all of her extrasensory attention was focused on Suki. Momo had apparently lost interest in the narrative and wandered off somewhere.

“There was a coup.” Toph said, matter-of-factly. “They overthrew the Earth King and took over the capital.”

“What?!” Suki almost bolted out of her bedding. “How is that possible?”

“We told the king he could trust the Kyoshi warriors.” Sokka admitted. “Then we left. Then they used the Dai Li to capture the five generals. We were barely able to get the king out of the city. She nearly killed Aang.”

Suki seemed stunned. It was all unbelievable. She sat for a moment, as if trying to take it all in. “This is so big.” She said finally. “I think Katara was right. I think maybe I should rest.”

“Of course.” Katara said, with an air of finality. “We’ll let you rest.” She began to usher the others out.”

“Sokka.” Suki called out. “Can you stay for a minute?”

He moved to comply, but Toph touched his hand, giving him a signal that she needed to talk to him. “Uh, I have to do something.” He said. Suki looked disappointed. “I’ll come back in a few minutes.” He added quickly. Toph didn’t look happy about the addendum, but she followed him outside.

When the four of them were far enough away not to risk being overheard Toph began to speak. “I don’t know if she’s telling the truth. She’s so upset that I can’t tell.”

“Why would Suki lie to us?” Katara asked.

“She’s our friend.” Aang added.

“I know that, but there’s something …”

“Suki wouldn’t lie to us.” Sokka stated it as a fact, not to be argued with.

“Listen to me Sokka …”

But he interrupted again. “She saved your life, Toph. Have you forgotten that already?”

“Of course not, but there’s something wrong here, Sokka. You must feel it too. Something is just not right.”

“What’s not right is that after all she’s done for us, you’re trying to turn us against her when she needs us the most.”

“Sokka, please, you have to trust me. Something’s wrong.”

“Something is wrong alright.” He said angrily. Then he stomped off back toward Suki’s tent.

Toph felt him go, her senses catching every step as he walked away from her, without looking back, and reentered the tent where Suki still lay. It looked for a moment like she might cry.

“Toph,” Katara said cautiously, “are you sure you’re not just a little bit jealous. We all know that Suki and Sokka …”

“NO!” Toph said loudly. “I know there’s something wrong. I can feel it.” With that she stomped off toward her own tent, the one she had been sharing nightly with Sokka for the past week.

Back in the tent Sokka sat down next to Suki, who had been awaiting his return. “You need to rest.” He told her.

“I need something else more.” She replied, almost cryptically. She reached out and took his hand. He tried half-heartedly to pull it back, but eventually left it in hers. “Sokka, I had a long time to think lying tied up in that forest. When I thought I was going to die I started thinking about all of the opportunities I’d missed in my life, all of the things that I could have had but let slip away. My biggest regret was that I might never see you again, and I’d never even told you how I really felt about you.”

“Suki, listen …”:

“No, I have to say this, Sokka. I love you, and I know in my heart that you feel the same way about me. I want us to be together, and I refuse to miss another opportunity to make that a reality.”

“Suki, things are different now.”

“What’s different?” She demanded. “Have your feelings about me changed?”

“Well, not … exactly, but I am kind of involved right now.”


“With Toph.”


“What do you mean ‘So’?”

“That doesn’t matter, Sokka.” She pulled his hand closer to her and pressed it between both of hers. “All that matters is do you love me? Do you feel the same way about me that I do about you?”

Sokka thought about the question for a very long moment. There was a lot hanging on his answer. He searched deep within himself, the myriad contradictions and feelings vying with one another for dominance. “Yes.” He said finally.

Suki was ready for that answer and immediately placed her lips to his. She placed her hands on the back of his head as she slipped her tongue into his mouth to encounter introduce itself to his. For a fraction of a second Sokka considered breaking the connection, but then he felt his will succumb and he wrapped his arms around her and returned her kiss with fervor equal to her own.

They kissed for a long time, hands roaming up and down each other’s backs as their lips and tongues enjoyed their first interaction. Finally Suki broke the kiss and quickly moved to begin nibbling at Sokka’s ear. “Ooo,” he said into her ear.

“I need you.” She whispered to him, in between nips at his earlobe. He just made another noise, enjoying the gentle ministrations of her teeth. “I need you inside of me, Sokka.” She said sensually.

He straightened up for a moment and pulled back to look into her eyes, as if to say, “are you serious?”

She looked back at him with an expression so sensual, so inviting, that it would have melted a man’s resolve had it been cased within 100 years of ice. He fell back into a kiss with her, and at the same time began to feel at her robes to remove them. Understanding his intention she pulled back and in one swift motion lifted most of her clothing over the top of her head, revealing a pair of incredible round, firm breasts, bigger than any Sokka had encountered before.

He decided that such perfectly-formed breasts required the proper attention be paid to them, and began by running his fingertips gently along the flesh of her chest. He was entranced by them, and she watched with a smile as his fingers traced their shape, and then, only after his hands had examined every subtle contour did he lean forward and take one of her pert, pink nipples between his lips.

He suckled on it lovingly for a moment as he cupped the other breast softly in his hand, and she tossed her head back, savoring the sensation of someone so gentle, something she had been missing as of late.

When he had sucked and teased the one sufficiently he switched slowly to the other, still using his hands to gently massage every unattended inch of the enticing globes of flesh.

“They’re incredible.” He said, after kissing her lips again.

“So are you.” She replied. Then she tugged at his clothes, signaling for him to take them off, and while he hurriedly did that she finished disrobing herself. In a few moments they were both on their knees, facing each other, without a shred of cloth hindering their views.

His eyes ran roughshod over her incredible, toned body. From her perfect breasts to her hairless mound, to her shapely legs, his eyes took in every amazing inch of her in the dim light that made its way into the tent.

For her part, Suki’s eyes traveled hungrily over his body, the muscular arms and chest, the well-toned abs, all leading down to where her eyes stopped, his sizeable member. “It’s so big.” She said, her eyes trained on it. That kind of compliment was always appreciated, and Sokka, ever proud, thrust his hips forward a bit to improve her view.

She fell forward and all but attacked it. Sokka was a bit surprised but wasn’t complaining in the least as she wrapped her hand around the shaft and began pumping as her tongue simultaneously went after the head. Her remaining free hand alternated between rubbing his inner thigh, his balls, and the area behind them. She went to work on his prick like someone with some practice at it, although the thought never occurred to Sokka.

“Mmmm, Sokka,” she moaned between licks, “I knew you’d be bigger?”

“Bigger than what?” He asked, barely able to manage the question under such incredible ministrations.

She stopped suddenly, and he looked down at her. “Uh,” she struggled for a moment, “bigger than I expected, bigger than I’d even hoped.”

His ego liked to be stroked almost as much as his dick, and the answer satisfied that quite well. Relieved at the near-escape Suki redoubled her efforts on his member. She sucked the head into her mouth, teasing the underside with her tongue before plunging it even farther in, as deep into her throat as she could manage. When she felt that she could take it no further she pulled it back out and went back to licking all along his length, giving his manhood a tongue-bath that caused him to fall backwards, into position lying full-out on the soft bedding covering the ground.

Suki didn’t let up for a moment, and when licking his shaft seemed to get repetitive she switched to the balls, sucking one and then the other into her mouth while both of her hands stroked the prick.

“Ohhh,” he moaned after several minutes of that. “I’m going to cum.”

“And I’m going to swallow every last drop.” She declared. With that she fastened her lips to the head of his penis and went to work with both hands to milk the seed out of him. It didn’t take long. His hips bucked as he began to shoot his load into her waiting mouth. True to her word, she took in every last drop, not spilling one, and after his orgasm had subsided she milked the remainder out of his cock and even licked her lips afterward.

“That was amazing.” Sokka told her.

“That was just for starters.” She smiled back at him. “But for the next level I’m going to need little Sokka back in fighting form.” As she watched his spent dick was rapidly deflating. “While I’m taking care of that, I think I have something you can do.”

She swung her body around until her dripping pussy was right in Sokka’s face. The blowjob seemed to have aroused her intensely because her pussy was soaked. Sokka grabbed her thighs and lowered her hot slit to his waiting tongue.

He liked to think that he’d become rather adept at this particular technique. Toph certainly seemed to enjoy it. The thought of Toph suddenly filled him with the most profound sense of guilt, but the beautiful woman whose pussy was massaging his face quickly pushed that aside.

His tongue was joined soon after by his fingers as he took the opportunity to explore this new pussy with all of the adventurous spirit he could muster. He pulled her lower lips wide and dived inside with his tongue, his lips, even his nose, exploring as far inside of her as he could reach, and when he had plumbed as far as he could, he took on the new task of finding her clit.

Suki cooed with pleasure. “You’re really good at that.” She said. She’d experienced it a lot. Many of her fellow Kyoshi warriors had been better at it, but few had been so energetic and dedicated to pleasuring her.

As Sokka was exploring her insides with his tongue, she was using hers to prod his flailing member back to life. It was working, albeit gradually. It was slowly regaining its formidable size and turgid disposition under her diligent attentions. She could feel an orgasm welling up inside of her. Sokka was attacking her clit vigorously, and she knew that she wouldn’t last long under that kind of assault, but she also knew how she wanted to cross that threshold.

Without warning she pulled away from Sokka’s lapping tongue and flipped around. His dick was again hard enough for her to do what she was planning. She positioned herself over the top of it and plunged all the way down in one thrust. His dick found places that she’d never known about before, and the new sensation sent her over the edge, into a screaming orgasm, during which she ground her pelvis into him, forcing his dick into every possible spot within her love tunnel.

Sokka watched and felt her as she writhed and screamed, impaled on his cock. He was amazed and impressed by the effect he seemed to have had on her. He gazed in wonder for several seconds as her climax played itself out. When she had come down from her orgasmic plateau of pleasure she leaned forward and kissed him deeply.

“It’s so incredible, Sokka. Can you feel it? You’re so deep inside of me. I never imagined it was possible. If feels soooo good.” She went back to grinding herself into him, forcing every available millimeter of Sokka inside of her. “I never knew it could be like this.” She whispered, almost more to herself than to him. He wasn’t really sure what she meant exactly, but he went along with it, because he had to admit, it did feel pretty damn good.

She ran her hands along his chest, savoring the feeling of his cock inside of her and the feeling of his strong, caring body beneath her. “I want to cum again.” She said, her eyes wild with excitement. “Can I, Sokka?”

He thought it was an extremely strange question, but she was looking to him very seriously, even desperately for an answer. “As many times as you want.” He said finally.

“Oh, Sokka!” She exclaimed, as if she had just been proposed to. “I love you so much.” With that she focused on his dick and began moving slowly back up, only to impale herself again with a squeal.

Not entirely content to simply lay there and let Suki do all of the work, Sokka sat up, clutching Suki to himself and facilitating her up and down motions by adding his own strength to the process and allowing her to use his shoulders for leverage. As he did that he also turned the attention of his mouth to her round, milky-white breasts, bobbing so erotically in front of his eyes. He stuck out his tongue so that on each downward thrust it would run from the underside of one breast to the erect nipple and then back down on the reverse.

At random intervals he would stop her completely, as if he simply couldn’t resist the siren song of her delectable nipples and round pink areola any longer, and he would push his hips deep into her and nibble at one nipple and then the other, causing her to thrash about, desperate to begin her bouncing again, but at the same time not wanting the pleasure she was feeling to stop.

Sokka also took care to pay special attention to her clit, and one of his hands rested on her pussy mound as she flew up and down, in the perfect position for his thumb to gently and consistently massage the small sensitive nub.

The incredible combination of stimuli brought Suki to orgasm and then again and again. Each time she climaxed her body would tense up, shaking with the waves of pleasure coursing through it, and she would scream her lungs out. At the same time Soka would redouble his efforts to stimulate her nipples and her clitoris, drawing her orgasms out longer and longer each time

As she began her fourth or fifth orgasm of the night Sokka went into his second, blasting stream after stream of his seed deep into her vagina. She hardly seemed to notice, so intent on her own climax.

Sokka could easily have been satisfied there, but she continued on, already building towards her next orgasm, and Sokka remembered that he had promised her as many as she wanted. Not one to go back on a promise he strained to keep pushing right along with her, and they fucked each other, cumming again and again far into the early morning.

Toph sat alone in her tent, able to feel every detail of what was happening between the man she loved and the woman he loved, unable to block a single second of it out. She “watched” them all night long, crying, inconsolable, and alone, every moment.

Eventually Suki collapsed into Sokka’s chest and fell asleep, their orgasmic juices pooling and soaking into the bedding joining what was left behind by Aang and Katara. In the morning Suki was the first to open her eyes again. She saw Sokka’s sleeping countenance next to her, remembered immediately everything that had happened, and realized that it was time to tell him. She shook him gently to wake him up.

Sokka’s eyes opened slowly, he felt a warm feminine body pressed tightly against his and reveled in the feeling. As his eyes opened the face looking into his began to come into focus, “T-Suki!” He said, a bit surprised momentarily as the events of the previous day came back into his memory.

Suki kissed him quickly, before he could say anything else. She pulled back and looked at him. He was smiling at her, but her face was deadly serious. “I have to tell you something, Sokka.”

“What is it?” He said, sitting up.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” She didn’t want to say it, didn’t want to chance ruining what they’d found together, but she knew she had to. “The story I told you yesterday. It wasn’t true. It was a lie.”

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