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Toons in Freefall Episode 3: Stop the Multiverse, I Want to Get Off

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Ariel’s environment was radically different from Babette’s, but it was just as out of synch with the current one. However, that wasn’t the source of the greatest confusion for her either. It turned out that the former fish girl was one of those who had a fairly big dick “naturally”, so she was even more overwhelmed by the sensation coming from it. Even with hundreds of years of experience, Serafina couldn’t get enough of it into her mouth, so she rubbed the excess with her hand. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Ariel moaned helplessly, pressing her head against Babette’s.

Ariel placed her hand on Serafina’s cheek. The witch queen immediately twisted her head so that the cock made that cheek bulge. Ariel could feel the hard cockhead against her fingers though the thin layer of flesh, not to mention the feeling in the head itself as it rubbed against the inside. She almost lost her wad right then, but managed to think of something else quickly enough to hold onto it.

Amara didn’t get to suck Enola for very long, because the newbies hardened quickly. The younger girl was ripe in no time and climbed on top of Torrance. Amara helped with the insertion, because Enola hadn’t done it before. Not surprisingly, Torrance was surprised to find herself plugged with a hard dick, and a big one at that. She felt Enola’s ass but could not find a strap. “Holy shit, is that real? Omigod, I thought you were a girl.”

“I am a girl. I just have some boy parts right now.” Enola couldn’t say anything else, too dazed by the hot, slick, wet feel of a pussy encasing her dick. She clumsily shoved the girlcock in deeper, and the sensation of course intensified as more of the length was brought into play. After fumbling around some more, she worked out the stroke and pounded Torrance without mercy.

The cheerleader was astonished. She hadn’t been filled up like this often, and certainly not by a girl. The fact that said girl was so much smaller than her, apparently around ten years old, freaked her out all the more. But she quickly decided that it felt too good to analyze and gave in to the pleasure. She would figure it out later. For the time being she would just enjoy the dick inside her.

Ripley had used her dick more than Enola, most recently to plug Ariel, but her boner was not long in the making either. Flora took a doggy position and Ripley plowed her way in. “Uhhhhhhhhhhh,” the fairy moaned, a sound echoed by the spacewoman. Amara laid down in front of Flora and presented her pussy for dining pleasure. The brown-haired girl didn’t notice at first because her eyes were closed. Flora got the idea after Amara gently pulled her head downward. She slurped on the pussy as she was pounded from behind.

The cunnilingus didn’t last long, though. Since there was a spare girl, Ripley fucked Amara too. The latin teen laid on top of Flora, in a facing position, while the grown woman drove her dick into the two pussies in alternation. The girls were a little offset to make the targets easier to reach. Flora held the slightly younger girl as both of them were pounded in turn.

Once the cocks in Missy’s group were online, they were put in use. Brandy drove hers into Mirta, Tabitha plugged Six, and Ophelia stuffed Missy. Like Torrance, Missy couldn’t figure out where the dick came from, but she was happy to partake of it now that it was here. Unlike Enola, Ophelia had been in someone already, specifically Melody, so she was a little less awkward getting started. The other two girls with dicks were veterans.

After a few minutes, Missy called for a position change. Now on top, she could control the insertion herself, jamming herself down on Ophelia’s cock without mercy. The pre-teen gasped as the older girl’s pussy repeatedly engulfed her organ. Ophelia held Missy’s waist as it bounced up and down. With her longer reach, Missy was able to stroke the Goth girl’s hair. She didn’t see hairstyles and colors like that much at Rancho Carne High School, certainly not when she mostly hung out with cheerleaders.

As a witch turned fairy, Mirta had seen more unusual things than most of the Freefallers, but certainly anthropomorphic animals were new to her. Bloom’s pet rabbit Kiko had magical properties, but he was nothing like this. Mirta loved the feel of Brandy’s furry hands on her as she was fucked.

Tabitha loved the body of Six. The tits were impressive, even without nanomorphing, and the ass was the most amazing she had ever seen. She drove her dick into the cyborg as hard as she could. She was experienced enough that she was in no danger of letting go too soon, so she let Six have it.

Jen and Jody manipulated Whitney into a doggy position, still managing to hide the now-hard dicks until the last minute. Jen pushed her cock into the asian girl from behind without warning. Whitney’s eyes widened and she started a “What the---?” But the exclamation never completed because Jody jammed her own dick into the open mouth. “Glurfff” was all that escaped after that. Whitney’s eyes opened even wider as she realized what was filling her mouth and who it was attached to. It was hard to focus at that close range, but there was no doubt that it was part of Jody. After a few more inarticulate noises, she settled down and sucked it, while Jen hammered her from behind. “Mmmmmmmmmm.” Jody stroked Whitney’s hair as she was blown.

Elly May wanted to drive her own dick into Rina, her first penetration. The kittygirl laid her down and sat on it, taking control of the operation. Rina’s love tunnel was a little different from that of a human, but of course Elly May didn’t know that, not having been inside either. “Dang, I ain’t never felt nothin’ like that.” Rina established a rhythm, jamming the dick deep into herself. She pressed her furry hands against Elly’s tits, but didn’t put her weight on them. Her tail, like Brandy’s, took on a life of its own, though the movement was more delicate and complicated.

Courtney was still blindfolded, and still sucking Vivian’s dick, though she still didn’t know it was real. She was slowly tilted backwards until she was lying on her back, without disengaging from the dick. Kirsten took charge of the other end, spreading the cheerleader’s legs and flipping up the skirt. Then she guided the cock into the slippery wetness.

Courtney was startled by the presence of another apparent ultra-realistic dildo. Where had the girls hidden those things? But she didn’t dwell on the mystery for long. Wherever it came from, it just felt too good. She gasped as it plunged deep into her, causing her to gurgle around the one in her mouth.

Since Melody was newly popped, Kim showed her what to do, guiding the much younger girl into her flowing pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhh,” the raven-haired girl moaned as she felt the inside of a pussy for the first time, at least with something more sensitive than fingers. “Oh, wow, is that what we feel like? Holy shit. Nggghhhh.” With Kim’s help, she clumsily established a rhythm and drove the dick deeper into the redhead.

Isis switched partners, sitting on Hilly’s dick while sucking Rogue’s. Right next to them, Bloom fucked Connie. The threesome and the couple cross-connected, everyone touching someone in the other group. Isis continued to rub Connie’s cone, fascinated by how much excitement the alien girl got out of it.

Bloom discovered something new about Connie. The alien love tunnel was a little bit different. Not enough to make sex difficult, but enough to notice. It provided an exotic element to the fucking, just as with the anthropomorphs. Bloom hadn’t fucked either of them, so the slightly different sensation was new to her.

Connie was used to the difference, or rather being told about it, having been fucked by humans many times back home. Indeed, she had never been fucked by her own kind. The trip to Remulak had been too brief for her to meet anyone, and she had spent most of it watching her dad gnarfle the Garthok anyway.

Plenty fucked Laura from behind. At the same time, the con artist blew Ursula. After a moment Plenty remembered that Ursula was a recent pop and hadn’t penetrated yet. She traded places with the jungle woman, realizing that it would be over quickly anyway. It was not as if she was losing out, as Laura was a pretty good cocksucker. Not that Plenty had had her cock in that many mouths for comparison.

Since there were too many dicks in this group, June drove hers up Lyra’s bunghole. Despite taking it slow, the keeper of the Golden Compass cried out in pain as well as pleasure. June’s current tool was somewhat bigger than she had taken there before. But finally it was mostly inside and June started to thrust, still taking it easy. Lyra was able to cope, more or less, and the Te Xuan Ze gradually stepped up the pace, finally slamming without mercy. Lyra’s hard dick was slung around with the force of it, adding to the sensation she was getting. She didn’t even have to handle it to keep it online.

After a few minutes, the two of them swapped positions. June laid on her back, with a pillow under her ass to elevate the target. After re-lubricating in June’s mouth, Lyra assfucked the asian girl. Given that they were about the same age and size, June also had to get used to a bigger dick than had ever impaled her before. Since June’s girlcock was not hanging downward, there wasn’t as much movement from the thrusting, so Lyra leaned forward and lightly jerked it as she reamed June’s asshole with her own dick.

Caitlin laid on top of Violet, facing in the opposite direction, while keeping most of her weight off the smaller girl. They were offset somewhat, each girl’s head even with the tits of the other. More or less, since Violet was shorter, and Caitlin had to bend a little. As they sucked each other’s tits, Nikki and Jasmine fucked them. The goth girl had easy access, since Caitlin was on top. Violet’s pussy wasn’t as easily accessible, but it was right at the edge of the bed, allowing Jasmine to go straight in.

Caitlin loved the feel of the dick inside her, especially knowing that it belonged to Nikki. She could feel the female hands on her thighs, providing a delicious contrast to the hard dick. She pushed back against it to force it in deeper. “Uhhhhhhhhh, fuck me, Nikki!” Her head thrashed around, so violently that the centrifugal force almost flung the butterfly hairclips away.

Violet formed force-dildos and inserted them into the assholes of all three of her playmates, enjoying the exclamations of surprise. She had absolutely no problem tracking the two asses that were in motion, humping Caitlin and herself. Adding an in-and-out movement on top of that was trivial for her. While she was at it, she force-fucked herself in the ass. Like Caitlin, her pussy was already in use.

Storm sat on Annie’s dick, then waited while Helen fumbled into her ass. The Waterworld refugee had done it before, but was still pretty awkward. Storm positioned the threesome so that she could control the action, driving both dicks into herself with the same motion. The other two merely had to hold themselves in place and stay hard, which was no problem at all. Annie squeezed the mutant tits as her girlcock was repeatedly buried to the hilt.

Helen lightly ran her fingernails across Storm’s back. She had done a double penetration before, helping Hilly fuck Ursula, but she was in no way used to it. Like before, she could feel Annie’s dick rubbing against hers deep inside Storm.

Amy could tell Babette was getting close. Not only was the heiress of the Dark Clown Empire squirming around and making mindless noises, the cock was leaking. The former villainess cupped the balls and probed the asshole with a finger, escalating the moans. “Nnnnggghhhh.”

Ariel was approaching orgasm as well. Serafina was jerking now, but the head was still in her mouth. She could taste the precum, leaking at a rate equivalent to that of Babette. She used her other hand to squeeze the tits of the former mermaid.

Babette suddenly cried out and sprayed cum all over her front. Amy kept stroking as glob after glob coated her padawan’s tits and stomach. As was typical for first-timers, there was quite a cascade. While the quantity was quite obvious up close, it wasn’t so apparent from a distance, since the cum blended with Babette’s pasty-white skin. Babette finally ran down and hung there trembling.

In the meantime, there was an equal amount of activity behind her. Ariel’s flow of cum was just as sudden and just as strong. It wasn’t as visible, however, because the flow went straight down Serafina’s throat. The witch queen swallowed frantically and was able to keep up. Just barely. Ariel wasn’t helping by jamming Serafina’s head down on the dick, not realizing she was doing it. But just as the cum started to back up, the stream slowed and finally stopped. Relieved, Serafina gulped down the last of it.

Ripley took over the ravaging of Torrance, while Enola switched to Amara, who hadn’t been fucked yet. Flora sat on Torrance’s face.

Torrance was mildly surprised to find that Ripley now had a dick too, but didn’t let it faze her. She just urged the spacewoman in deeper, while sampling Flora’s essence at the same time.

Amara bounced on Enola’s dick, while the smaller girl gasped and moaned. After Flora took over, Amara realized that Enola wasn’t going to last long enough to satisfy both of them, so she nanomorphed and played with her new dick, getting it ready.

Torrance and Flora swapped positions, so now the cheerleader jammed herself down on Enola, while Flora was fucked by Ripley. Watching all this got Amara hard pretty quickly, so she took Torrance’s pussy away from Enola, to give the smaller girl a breather. Enola laid there breathing hard while Amara hammered Torrance. But even though her premature ejac had been headed off, she still wanted to continue and jerked the dick herself.

But then there was another shuffle. Ripley sat on Enola’s dick, driving it into her ass, then Torrance impaled herself on Ripley’s. The movement was a little slower on Enola because of the awkward body positions, but that gave her a chance to last longer. However, even though Ripley had to move slowly, Torrance didn’t. She bounced several times on each of Ripley’s downstrokes.

After a little while, even the slow movement was too much for Enola. The girl groaned and offloaded spooge into Ripley’s ass. Torrance was then free to bounce at full speed on Ripley.

After Enola dropped out, the couples swapped several more times before Ripley spewed into Flora, and Amara filled Torrance with cum.

The Missy group had an equal number of each sexual organ, so they switched regularly, everyone spending a few minutes with each of the three opposite partners. Brandy and Six were particularly exotic, but everybody was hot, especially after nano-enhancement. In particular, Ophelia’s tits were much more desirable than before.

In one such rotation, Tabitha pounded Missy, while Brandy fucked Six and Ophelia reamed Mirta. Six thought Brandy was cute, but in the Riftverse she wouldn’t be that unusual. She was mundane compared to Whip or Choad. But Brandy’s excitement was contagious. She adored humans, and Six looked human enough to trigger her instincts. The cyborg handled the doggygirl’s tits as the humanlike cock was thrust deep inside her. Since Brandy was smaller, it was easy to reach around and feel the tail wag at its usual cyclone speed.

Tabitha propped Missy against the bed, upside down, and drove the dick downward into the cheerleader, while facing in the opposite direction. It was an awkward position for both of them, but different. “Ooooooooooh,” Missy moaned. She smacked Tabitha’s ass for good measure. It was within reach on the downstroke.

The sexy sextet continued to shift partners. Finally, Brandy realized that she was close to cumming. “Missy, I have to warn you that if I cum inside you, the dong will swell up and we’ll be stuck together for about an hour. That’s the way it is with dogs, even the ones that are more highly evolved, like me. It’s up to you. I can just squirt it on you instead.”

Missy’s eyes widened. “Just when I thought this couldn’t get any weirder.” Then she grinned. “I don’t guess I have any appointments for the next hour.”

“It’ll be nearly that long before you get your dick anyway.”

Missy’s jaw dropped. “My dick?”

“Sure. They’re contagious. Later you’ll be able to fuck me if you want to. Or any of the other girls. Though I assume you won’t get stuck like I do.”

“Well, that’s a relief, I guess,” the cheerleader said dazedly. “One crazy-ass thing at a time.”

Brandy put them in as comfortable a position as possible, since they would be that way for a while. Missy was on top, and pushed herself backward onto Brandy’s dick.

The other two couples continued the pushback theme. Tabitha and Ophelia stood back to back, while Mirta and Six pushed backwards against them, impaling themselves with the girlcocks. Then every few minutes the pussygirls switched sides and dicks. Whoever was on the Ophelia side had to drop her ass lower in order to connect to the smaller girl. After swapping several times, they realized that orgasms were imminent, and stabilized with Six grinding on the taller Tabitha.

Missy was extra excited because the end of this session would be even stranger than what her teammates were getting. Her orgasm was sudden and strong. Brandy felt the chomp on her dick, and let go immediately after. “Oowwwwwwwwoooooooooo!”

Missy was startled by the howl, but her insides continued churning as the dick sprayed cum inside her. After a few spurts, she felt the cockhead expanding. It stopped short of pain but there was a definite pressure against her love tunnel. The dick wasn’t going anywhere.

Brandy placed her arms around the cheerleader and sighed. “It’s just you and me, kid. For the next hour, anyway.”

Ophelia felt a churning in her balls she had learned to recognize. She gave a shuddering groan as her rocks fired seconds later, spewing into Mirta. Tabitha unloaded into Six immediately after.

Elly May traded places with Jen, taking over the ravaging of Whitney’s pussy. She now realized the difference between human pussy and Rina’s. After a little while, Jody took over the pussy and Elly May moved to Whitney’s asshole. Entry was fairly easy, given that she was still slick from the asian girl’s juices.

Jen hammered Rina without mercy. She had been fucked by Brandy earlier, now she was trying a feline. Maybe she would continue her tour of the animal kingdom in a future rip sequence. Rina’s fur felt even better than Brandy’s. Jen captured the tail with her hand and held it as she continued grinding her dick into the kittygirl.

Elly May didn’t last long. Except for Rina a little earlier, this was her first attempt at using a dick inside someone. The fact that it was a double penetration did her in. She was totally unprepared for the additional stimulation of encountering Jody’s dick inside Whitney. With a shaky moan, she unloaded into the asian girl, shooting cum deep inside. To Elly’s embarrassment, the pre-teen kept going, having done a double penetration before, and managed to cum with Whitney.

Jen slammed Rina harder than ever, mashing the kittygirl onto the floor. She soon felt a churning in her balls. “Oh, Rina. I’m gonna...I’m gonna...”

“Do it, Jen! I’m there too. Ohhhhhh...I think I’m...” Rina finished with a mindless “rowr” of pleasure and clamped down on the dick, which set Jen off as well. The redhead pumped spooge into Rina as the love tunnel convulsed. It went on for a while, then Jen collapsed onto her furry partner.

By now Courtney was in a triple penetration, still blindfolded and still thinking she was being fucked with artificial toys. Melody again found herself in a hot, wet pussy and was as dazed as before. Kim was in Courtney’s mouth now, preventing her from holding the dick as Vivian had done. Kim had done a quick morph after Melody transferred to the cheerleader. Kirsten plugged Courtney’s ass, while Vivian did the same with hers, manipulating the teen into daisy-chaining.

Melody fucked Courtney with glazed eyes, overcome with the sensation and making mindless little sounds of pleasure. She was in an awkward and unfamiliar position, but that didn’t stopping her from ramming the dick as hard as she could. The blonde cheerleader moaned in response, though she was under onslaught in her other orifices as well.

After being shown what to do by Vivian, Kirsten enthusiastically daisy-chained, shoving her dick deep into Courtney’s asshole, then backward to jam Vivian’s dick into her own ass. She didn’t last long at that rate and soon spewed into Courtney. After she hung there dazedly for a moment, Vivian gently set her aside, where she laid in a stupor, dick leaking spooge. The grown woman took her place in Courtney’s ass, well lubricated by the load of cum.

Courtney let go next, her internal passages churning, and triggered Melody and Vivian as well, resulting in more cum deposits. The cheerleader was a little distracted at that point, so Kim finished off in her mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmm,” was the response. “Yummy, I like...wait a minute! That tastes like real cum!” She ripped off the blindfold and stared at Kim’s drooling dick. By now the others had pulled out as well, displaying more leaking cocks. “What the fuck?!”

The Isis group had shifted around several times, Isis and Connie fucked by all three of the cocked girls. They were on the final push now. Rogue humped Connie, while Bloom slammed Isis. Hilly jerked off on Connie’s cone. The spray of warm spooge on it set the alien girl over the edge. The internal movement during orgasm was so different and stimulating that Rogue was unable to hold onto her wad. “Rrrrraaaaagggghhhhh.” Her dick fired its load into Connie.

Bloom and Isis finished off soon after, influenced by all the excitement right next to them.

As Plenty had expected, Ursula shot her load almost immediately. The Bond Girl had known it would happen, her own first time only hours old. Ursula flopped back on the bed, tongue hanging out. Plenty licked up some of the leaking cum, then gently shoved the jungle woman out of the way. She refilled the recently-vacated, cum-filled pussy with her own dick. Laura resumed moaning as she was again pounded with a hard, throbbing cock. Ursula’s cum was squicked out to make room for a new load, the ejected goo again streaming down Laura’s inner thighs.

A moment or so later, Plenty felt hands pulling on her thighs. She looked back to find that Lyra wanted to play through. Plenty pulled out and allowed the almost-teen access to the criminal pussy. As a consolation, Lyra grabbed the now-inactive dick as she inserted her own into Laura, after putting down a pillow to raise her up even with the pussy. But Plenty had a more active task for the dick, targeting Lyra’s asshole. She had seen the other girls daisy-chain, so it was fairly easy to position her dick according to Lyra’s stroke and then adjust until she was in fairly deep. Since Plenty was stationary, it was easy for June to fuck the woman’s ass at her own pace.

So the four of them progressed toward orgasm, only Lyra and June moving, while the two grown women just let themselves be fucked. And of course, with Plenty passively fucking via Lyra’s movement. All three of the cocked girls had fired multiple times by now, so they were able to go for a while longer. With her longer reach and lack of movement, it was easy for Plenty to fondle the two young girls.

Plenty started to feel the signs of impending orgasm. The still-new feelings emanating from her cock and the familiar ones of an assfuck warred within her. She tried to hold on, embarrassed that she was about to be outlasted by a couple of preteens, even with her greater experience. But her balls would not listen, and she filled Lyra’s ass with cum. Plenty held her position as the girlcock continued to spew, so that the others could keep going.

After the dick softened and popped out of Lyra’s asshole, it was just her and June. But a few moments later, the asian girl groaned and stopped. Plenty could feel the dick in her ass throb and jerk as it bequeathed its load.

Half a minute later, Lyra clutched Laura’s thighs and trembled as her own balls exploded. She pumped a quantity of cum into the con-woman and finally collapsed on her. Laura hadn’t quite made it, but had no trouble finishing herself off as another cascade of cum ran down her thighs.

Nikki’s group swapped partners and positions several times, but Nikki made a point of being with Caitlin at the finish. The blonde held her tight as she was hammered, or at least as tightly as she could while still allowing movement. “Fill me up, Nikki! Let me have your hot cum!” The dirty talk took Nikki over the edge. Her cock pulsed and sent a streamer of goo into Caitlin. It was followed by others and yet others, until the slightly younger girl was filled up. Caitlin’s own orgasm followed seconds later, munching on the dick and squeezing every last drop out of it.

Jasmine’s finish with Violet was equally intense, and they managed to orgasm simultaneously. “Ohhhhhhhhhh,” the super moaned as cum was sprayed into her.

Storm’s group was the last one active. The positions had not changed. It was still a double penetration and Storm was still in control. Her two dazed partners just hung there and tried to hold on as long as they could. It wasn’t easy, because they could feel each other as well as the friction against Storm’s inner passages.

Helen let go first, despite her best effects to hold it. Rather than cum by herself, or not cum at all, Storm stopped holding off and let it happen, which of course triggered Annie. So the three of them managed to cum fairly close together. After they ran down, they collapsed on top of each other.

A few minutes later, Kitty phased back into the room. “Hey, I found a great place for the...” She looked around the room. Girls were lying everywhere as if a bomb had flattened them. She sighed. “For the orgy you had without me.”

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