The Not-So-Lucky Ron Stoppable 4

"(Sighs) Another day, another doomed Drakken World Domination Plot." It’s morning time in Dr. Drakken’s Lair. Shego sits up in her bed. The pain in her ass has finally resided enough for her to sit. No Alarm Clock goes off, as she didn’t bother to set it. She doesn’t even bother to look at the time, which is 11:30am. She’s wearing nothing but a Dark Green Thong, and doesn’t really care. Her Breasts hang perfectly, as the sunshine illuminates them, giving them a glow as it did before. Slipping on her ‘Oh Boyz’ Slippers, she stands up, trying to adjust her eyes to the light, and heads for the bathroom for her morning routine. The door slides open and she walks over to the sink, turning on the faucet. She grabs her toothbrush, and some toothpaste, and begins brushing her teeth. Her eyes finally adjust to the sunshine as she spits out the toothpaste and wipes her mouth. She leaves her bathroom and grabs a dark green Robe hanging on the wall. Putting it on, she steps out of her room into the Main Laboratory area, on her way to the Kitchen.

When she steps out, she notices that most of Drakken’s equipment is running, but Drakken is nowhere to be seen. She doesn’t pay much attention, since this type of thing has happened before. "(Sighs) I swear…I’m glad I don’t pay his evil Electric Bill. Probably somewhere in the Millions by now." She passes through the Lab and enters the kitchen, which looks like your typical, run of the mill kitchen…kind of out of place in an Evil Lair. She looks in the refrigerator, trying to decide exactly what she should have this morning. After a moment, she pulls out a Carton of milk and decides to have a simple bowl of cereal. Grabbing a box of Evil-O’s, she pours them into a bowl, followed by the milk, and leaves the kitchen, not bothering to clean up after herself. She plops herself down on a couch in a corner of the Lab, in front of a Big Screen TV. She turns it on, and flips past shows like ‘Space Passage’ & ‘Evil Eye for the Bad Guy, to finally end up on ‘The Fearless Ferret’. "UGH! The Ferret Show?" She looks to her left at a clock on the wall. "Eh, there’s nothing else on around this time." So she continues to watch the show, and eat.

30 Minutes later…

Finishing her breakfast, Shego tosses her bowl onto the table, gets up and decides to get dressed. She also notices that Drakken still hasn’t shown his face or been heard from. She starts to call out at him. "DRAKKEN! Are we gonna do some evil stuff today or what?" Still no answer. She heads toward the Equipment Room, where she keeps her gloves and spare jumpsuits. "Drakken? Hey, if you locked yourself in the bathroom again, I am NOT getting you out." She reaches the room and presses a side button to slide open the doors. But what she sees is totally unexpected. There’s Drakken, bound & gagged on the floor of the room, looking scared to death. Shego immediately grabs her gloves and turns around. "Alright, show yourselves! Monkey Fist, Killigan, Dementor…come out!" She looks at a dark corner of the Lab, figuring that it’s the most likely hiding spot. She’s right, but out of that corner steps…Ron Stoppable.

Shego is in shock. "YOU??? You did this to Drakken?" Ron smiles, a confident, almost cocky smile. "You could say that. But Dr. Drak isn’t who we’re here for." Shego’s look changes to that of smugness. "Oh, I get it now. You’re still mad about me taking over little Kimmy’s body and almost tricking you to have sex with her." "No, at least not anymore. Actually, after you left, me & Kim tore up the bedroom. So that’s not why we’re here." Shego then raises an eyebrow, listening to what Ron has said. "Wait, you said we. That means…" And before she can react, Shego is hit with a Light-Blue Energy Ray. She falls to the ground, unable to move, with a light-blue glow around her body. Kim jumps down from the rafters and lands right beside Shego. She’s holding a bag in one hand, and an Immobilization Ray in the other, leaving no doubt that she’s the one who shot Shego. "We’re here, because we didn’t want to leave you out of our fun…and payback." Shego struggles to move, but can’t. She yells out in frustration, and realizes she can move her mouth. "Out of your fun? What the hell are you talking about? What are you gonna do?" As Shego yells continues to yell out, Ron picks her up and puts her on her shoulder, as he & Kim walk over to her room, leaving Drakken by himself…again.

Ron tosses Shego onto her own bed, then smiles as Kim adjusts the settings on the Immobilization Ray, allowing for limited movement for Shego. Shego looks up at the two, thinking they have something sick & sinister planned. "Hey, uh…I’m sorry, for…the whole ‘Tricking you into taking Kim’s virginity’ plan. Ye—it was really Drakken that made me…" Kim cuts her off. "Calm down, Shego. This won’t hurt." Kim leans in closer to Shego and grins seductively. "In fact, you just might enjoy it." Kim tilts her head slightly, and lays on a Deep, Wet, Passionate Kiss on Shego, who’s shocked about it, and didn’t see it coming. Kim even moves her tongue into Shego’s mouth, surprising her more. Shego tries to fight it, but can’t because of the Ray’s effect. Then she starts to give in to it. Ron grins to himself, as he watches the make-out session. "Damn, that’s sexy." Kim backs away from Shego, and Shego looks down, seeing that just the Kiss Kim gave to her made her dripping wet. She looks back up to see Kim smirking, and starts to think to herself. "Holy Shit! Just the Princess kissing me got me soaking wet. This is some joke. It’s got to be. They’re not really gonna Fuck me…are they?"

At that moment, Ron starts unbuckling his pants, letting them drop around his ankles. He then slowly pulls down his boxers, revealing the massive manhood Shego’s real familiar with. Shego turns to it, and gets lost in a trance, remembering that day under Middleton High School. But Kim quickly grabs her attention again. "Don’t worry, Shego. Just think of this as another All-Night Orgy with Team Go." Ron looks at Kim with shock. "What? She actually had an Orgy with her brothers?" "Read it in her diary." "Oh, that is Wrong-Sick." Ron moves closer to Shego’s face, and instantly she opens her mouth, welcoming his Cock. "What am I doing? I’m letting the Buffoon and the Princess have their way with me. But damn, he’s such a good fuck…and I always wanted Kimmy. God, I want his Cock in my mouth now." And she gets her wish. Ron inserts his Dick into her warm, drooling mouth. She feels a small bit of gratification, as she works her tongue around his head. "Oh God, this tastes so good." Her sensation is interrupted when she feels her thong being pulled down to her knees. Kim is behind Shego, mere inches away from her wet love lips. Shego can feel Kim’s breath on her, and Kim knows it. "Hmm. Time to see if what Bonnie taught me actually works." She inches closer, then sticks out her tongue and licks inside Shego’s Pussy.

Shego trembles in pleasure and would fall down, if not for the Immobilization Ray’s effects holding her up. Kim begins to bury herself into Shego’s ass, as Shego gives Ron a serious Deep Throat Job. The sensation of giving and getting good is almost more than Shego can handle. "Oh, God. It’s been so long since I had two at once. I can’t even remember the last time. Oh, I think I might cum just from this." Ron also looks ready to cum, as he can barely stand from feeling Shego’s tongue work all around his manhood. Unable to hold on any longer, he lets his load go inside of her mouth. This time Shego is ready, as she gulps down every bit of his semen down her throat. None of it escapes her mouth. Kim gives Shego’s lips one last, long lick, before backing away, with a small line of saliva connecting her lips to Shego’s pussy. "That tasted almost as good as Bonnie’s." Kim gets up off her knees and pulls down her Capri Pants; She steps out of them and takes off the light red Thong she’s wearing, before lying on Shego’s bed, Spread Eagle. "I think it’s time for you to be a giver, Shego."

Shego slowly opens her mouth, letting Ron’s Cock go free, before turning to Kim. There’s a look of struggle on her face. "DAMMIT! They’re making me into their Sex Slave. I wanna pay them back…but I want them to Fuck my Brains out, too." Shego begins to bury her face between Kim’s legs. Kim motions for Ron to come over to her. "Come on, Ron. I want what you gave to Shego." He grins at her and walks over, as Kim opens her mouth for his Cock. She takes it in, and works her tongue all around his Penis. She isn’t able to Deep Throat his meat, but she makes up for it with her tongue work. Shego is licking Kim like a Popsicle, going all around and inside of Kim’s Pussy. Then suddenly, Shego wraps her arms around Kim’s thighs, really pushing herself deeper into her. Kim puts her hand on Shego’s head, sending her deeper as she moans with pleasure. She didn’t expect Shego to be so into it. "Oh, man! Her tongue really in there. She must’ve practiced with Adrena Lynn or something to get this good." Kim keeps up her work on Ron’s Manhood and not after long, he’s back hard. Shego looks up, and sees his Erect Dick. Kim sees Shego eyeing Ron’s Cock and smiles. "Ron, I think Shego wants to get fucked. Right, Shego?" And what comes next is something no one would ever expect. Shego smiles, lovingly, and her eyes light up like a Christmas tree. "Yes. I want Ron’s Cock in me." Kim decides to play with Shego a little, since she’s helpless. "What was that, Shego?" She starts to get desperate. "I WANT RON’S COCK IN ME!!!"

Ron develops a smug smirk as he begins to climb onto the Bed. He grabs his Cock and slowly dives in between her lips, putting himself deep inside Shego, who moans in pure pleasure. "OH GOD, YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!" Ron begins pumping in and out of her. Shego is wearing a huge grin, when she realizes Kim’s dripping pussy is still in front of her. So she goes to work on it. Kim puts her hand back on Shego’s head, pushing her deeper, as she uses the other hand to Rub on her Breasts. Ron is in full swing, pounding Shego’s Pussy much like he did that day under Middleton High. Shego is in Heaven. She closes her eyes and delves even deeper into Kim, who looks ready to climax any second. "Oh, God! She’s so good…I think I’m gonna…" Ron also looks ready to blow. "Me too, KP…I’m gonna…" They both hit their Orgasm at the same time. Ron lets loose another load, this time in Shego’s pussy. Both Kim & Ron look out of breath, but Shego just looks frustrated, as she looks up at the two. "Wait…no, you can’t do this. You can’t leave me like this. I haven’t had my Orgasm yet!" Kim rolls over and out of the bed. "Don’t worry, Shego. We wouldn’t dare think about leaving you unpleased."

Kim walks over to Shego’s Dresser Drawer. Shego begins to wonder what she has planned, but those thoughts are tossed to the side as Ron takes his Cock out of her and lies down on her bed. "I figure that it’s your turn to ride, Babe." Shego smiles nervously, wanting more of Ron. The Immobilization Ray’s effects are still allowing minimum movement, as Shego climbs on top of his Cock. "You’re about to get the best ride of your life, Stoppable." She slips down onto his Penis and begins to grind herself on him. It doesn’t take long for her to get into full gear. "OH GOD, THAT’S IT!! HARDER!!! YES!!!" The bedsprings are squeaking loudly and the bed is shaking wildly. Shego is lost in her own ecstasy. So lost that she doesn’t notice Kim coming up behind her, carrying a 2-way Dildo. She climbs onto the bed and grabs Shego, almost startling her. "Well, since Ron took the one hole, I can settle for the other."

Shego immediately gets what she meant by that. "Wait…NO!" She tries to move, jump out of the way, do anything, but the Ray’s effects are still active. "Oh, God! NOT AGAIN!" Kim inserts one end of the Dildo into her pussy, then slowly guides the other end into Shego’s ass. Shego starts grimacing in pain as Kim pushes it in through her asshole. "AARGH!!! IT’S FUCKING TEARING ME APART!!!" Kim works the Dildo in and out of Shego’s ass, and herself. Ron keeps pumping into her pussy, not slowing down a bit. Shego begins to enjoy it as she did last time. "YES!!! OH GOD, YES!!! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP!!!" She begins to tremble all over from the pleasure, and starts drooling uncontrollably, feeling ready to climax right then & there. "YES!!! OH GOD YES!!!! FINALLY!!! I’M GONNA…I’M GONNA…AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" She lets out a Huge Orgasm, screaming at the top of her lungs, and falls onto the bed besides Ron. Kim takes the dildo out of Shego’s ass, and Ron takes his Cock out of her pussy. Shego lies there, pouring in sweat, breathing hard, unable to move…but extremely satisfied.

Kim gets up from the bed, and grins at Shego. "Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, Shego." Shego grins at the two, out-of-breath. "You know, you two really know how to give good Payback." Ron smirks and begins to get dressed himself. "Oh, this wasn’t payback. This was to thank you for getting me & Kim together." Suddenly, the sound of Helicopters can be heard coming from outside Drakken’s lair. Kim finishes dressing and grabs the Immobilization Ray. "That’s our Payback." Shego looks over to her window, and can see FBI Choppers landing. The Agents all pile out of the Helicopters and raid Drakken’s Lair. Both Kim and Ron are fully clothed now. Kim turns off the Ray’s effects on Shego, and tosses her Rope onto her. Shego’s still unable to move much from the Wild Sex-a-thon. Kim smiles as she leaves out of her room. "Enjoy your stay in Federal Prison, Shego." Ron follows her right out. "And don’t drop the Soap, Girl!"

10 minutes later…

Both Dr. Drakken & Shego, now wearing her Robe, are handcuffed and tossed into an FBI Paddy Wagon. Drakken has a vengeful look on his face. "KIM POSSIBLE! YOU THINK YOU’RE ALL THAT, BUT YO…" Shego cuts him off. "AW, SHUT THE HELL UP, DRAKKEN!!!" The Agents close the doors as the engine starts. Shego looks through the small barred windows at Kim & Ron. "I’ll get you back, Princess. I’LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR MY ASS!!!" The Paddy Wagon pulls off as Ron looks at Kim. "Well, another Evil Villain put behind bars. And it was fun doing it, too." Kim looks a little concerned as she looks at Ron. "I don’t know, didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would…" Her look then changes from Concerned to Seductive. "…maybe we should get in some more ‘Practice’." Kim walks off to the Helicopter that will give them a lift home. Ron follows behind, with only one thing to say about Kim’s offer. "BOO-YA!!!"