by The FrinkMan




For the most part, Lisa Simpson tried to limit contact with her older brother.  Bart was a walking, spiky-haired time bomb and Lisa preferred to stay as far away from the blast zone as she could.  This was especially true whenever there was evidence he was up to no good.


But there was something about Bart's recent behavior that puzzled Lisa.  First, she noticed Bart looking at her strangely at times.  Whenever she caught him doing this, he would look away quickly.  One time she asked him, "What are you looking at?"  She expected a smart-aleck answer, but Bart only mumbled "Nothin', Leece."


Second, she noticed an unusual pattern each day.  After school, the two siblings would normally watch Krusty the Klown on TV, but Bart seemed to spend more time watching his sister than his favorite clown entertainer.  And lately, Bart had started going upstairs to his bedroom before the end of the show.


On this day, all of these things happened, mystifying Lisa.  Halfway through a particularly violent Itchy & Scratchy cartoon (“Scar Wars: Revenge of the Scythe”), Bart got off the couch, gave his sister a quick glance, and went upstairs.


Unable to contain her curiosity, Lisa went into the backyard and climbed the ladder to Bart's treehouse.  From there, she could get a good view of Bart's bedroom through his window.  She was prepared to find him doing something stupid, illegal, or dangerous -- possibly all three.  But as she peered into the bedroom, she never imagined what she now saw!


Bart was lying on his bed with his blue shorts open.  One hand was busy stroking his small hard penis up and down in a furious motion.  His other hand was rubbing his tiny yellow balls.  He was breathing heavily and occasionally his whole body would quiver.


Lisa wondered why Bart was rubbing himself and moaning.  Was he sick?  Should she get Mom?  But Lisa was too interested by what she was witnessing to leave.  She could tell something was going to happen and was anxious to find out what.


Bart began moaning more loudly as he increased his stroking.  Then Lisa's eyes widened as she saw several spurts of white fluid shoot out of Bart's penis and fall onto his shorts.  After this, Bart seemed to collapse from exhaustion.  Lisa realized she had been frozen in fascination, and very quietly took several deep breaths.


Bart grabbed a nearby towel and wiped himself off.  When he stood up, Lisa noticed his penis was no longer erect.  Bart zipped up his shorts and left the bedroom.


Lisa climbed down from the treehouse and went back inside the house.  Bart was sitting on the couch again, watching the last few minutes of Krusty's show.  Lisa couldn't help but notice the dark stains on his shorts.  Curiously, Bart didn't even glance at Lisa for the rest of the day.


That night, Lisa tossed and turned in her bed.  She still couldn't figure out what Bart was doing with his penis and what happened when the white stuff came out.  Lisa prided herself on her intelligence, but clearly this was something she had never learned about in any of her books.  But as she drifted off to sleep, she vowed she would.


The next day was Saturday, so Lisa was able to ride her bicycle to the library in the early morning.  She spent several hours checking the card catalog and searching for the right books.  Her first inquiries, biology and anatomy textbooks, seemed to answer most of her questions, at least the scientific ones.  It wasn't until, with some embarrassment, she scanned several books on sexuality that it all came together.


Lisa discovered Bart was masturbating, a form of sexual self-gratification involving the rubbing of his penis until an orgasm was achieved.  She learned most boys began experimenting with masturbation around Bart's age.  The white stuff was called semen, a viscous secretion containing sperm.  And when Bart was rubbing his testicles, he was giving himself added pleasure, which eventually led to his orgasm.


Satisfied she had solved another one of life's mysteries, Lisa left the library.  She was happy and relieved to find out Bart wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary.  But now that she knew exactly what Bart was up to, she was anxious to see him doing it again.  If asked why, she would have said it was simply an opportunity to observe the activity with a more knowledgeable and critical eye.


Lisa knew Bart had gone to play with Millhouse, so she spent the rest of the day at home awaiting his return.  Bart eventually showed up to eat lunch and then watched some TV in the living room.  Lisa noticed he kept glancing at her direction and wondered if he suspected something.  But Lisa was pretty sure he didn't.


Finally, Bart started up the stairs toward his bedroom.  Lisa quickly went outside and into the treehouse.  This time, she was able to catch Bart just as he entered his bedroom.  He had a towel with him, which he placed on the bed, then hopped up himself.  Lying on his back, Bart unzipped his shorts and began rubbing his penis.


"Ah," thought Lisa, "his penis is flaccid.  But as he rubs it, blood will rush into the shaft and cause an erection!"  Sure enough, Bart's penis became rigid as he continued to stroke it and began to rub his testicles.  His breathing rate increased and Lisa could see his body shaking as waves of pleasure surged through him.  She could tell Bart was only seconds away from having an orgasm.


But Lisa was completely unprepared for what happened next.  As Bart neared his climax, he began whispering in a low voice.  "Oh yeah, keep doing that LISA!  That feels so good!  It's gonna happen, Leece!  Here it comes!!!"  Bart's body stiffened and several spurts of semen shot from his tiny cock.  When it was over, Bart wiped himself with the towel, stood up, zipped his shorts, and left the bedroom.


Lisa had been watching the proceedings with an almost clinical eye, but Bart's words had thrown her for a loop.  Then all the pieces fell into place for her.  Bart was thinking about HER while masturbating!  And that explained why he kept staring at her over the last few weeks!  But could this mean -- Bart was in love with her?  She was almost sure this wasn't the case.  From the books she read, she learned boys used their imagination while masturbating, often visualizing sexual situations that were pure fantasy.  Lisa was nearly certain this was the answer, but she remained perplexed for the rest of the day.


That night while she lay in bed, Lisa still couldn't believe her brother was sexually attracted to her.  Perhaps this was because she had not begun to masturbate herself and had never felt any urges.  Lisa threw off the covers of her bed and lifted her nightgown.  She examined her vagina in the soft moonlight streaming in through the window.  Having read about both male and female genitalia, she inventoried the different parts of her vagina.  There was the Mons Veneris, which is the fatty tissue covering the front of the vagina and typically covered by pubic hair (though Lisa was too young for that).  There were the outer folds of the vagina, called the Labia Majora, and the inner folds, called the Labia Minora.  Between the Labia Minora is the Clitoris, a highly sensitive body of tissue with blood vessels and nerve endings.


Lisa began experimenting with rubbing her vagina using her stubby yellow fingers.  First she rubbed the Mons Veneris, which was very pleasant.  She then drew a finger up and down both the Labia Majora and Minora, which sent a shiver throughout her body.  She slowly inserted a finger inside the vagina.  She was careful not to probe too deeply, because she assumed her hymen, a thin membrane stretching across the vaginal opening, was still intact.  It would normally not be broken until she had her first sexual intercourse, which she didn't imagine would occur for many years.  Then Lisa began rubbing her Clitoris in a circular motion.


Whoa, that felt the best of all!  A strange tingling sensation began to spread from her vagina and throughout her body.  It was similar to the feeling she had while riding her pony, but more intense.  She doubted she could actually achieve an orgasm due to her young age, but it felt wonderful just to rub herself.


Then she remembered how Bart had fantasized about her to enhance his masturbation.  What if she did this?  Lisa closed her eyes and pictured her brother Bart.  She saw him lying on his bed and stroking his penis.  She imagined she was sitting there on the bed, naked, watching him.  The tingling feeling was getting stronger.  Then she imagined touching and stroking Bart's penis.  The pleasure in her vagina increased even more.  Then she thought about making Bart achieve an orgasm, causing his body to shake with ecstasy and sending his boy semen shooting into the air.


"Ooooooooh!  It's happening!  It's happening!  I'm having an orgassssmmmm!" Lisa whispered softly.  She quivered as the most wonderful feeling in the world ran throughout her girlish body.


Lisa lay exhausted on her bed, panting with the effort of her first climax.  Then feelings of embarrassment and shame swept through her.  How could she fantasize about her brother Bart?!  Why that would be -- INCEST!  But soon Lisa fell into a wonderfully deep and dreamless sleep.


The next day, Lisa was still conflicted.  She found herself staring at Bart and wondering if she really loved him in a sexual way.  He even caught her glance a few times and now it was her turn to blush and look away shyly.


Later that afternoon, Lisa saw her brother climbing the stairs to his bedroom.  Lisa hesitated for only a second, and then quickly ran outside to the backyard and up the ladder to Bart's treehouse.  Once again, she could see Bart lying on his bed and masturbating his yellow penis.  Lisa lifted her red dress and pulled down her panties.  She began rubbing her pussy, timing her movements to Bart's strokes.  She sensed both of them were nearing orgasm.


"Oh Lisa," moaned Bart.  "Keep doing that!  Rub my pee-pee.  Make me squirt!"


"Yes, big brother," Lisa replied quietly under her breath.  "I love to touch your penis.  I want to see you ejaculate!"


Bart and Lisa achieved orgasm at the same time.  Thinking he had privacy, Bart moaned quite loudly.  Only by a supreme effort did Lisa keep her cries of ecstasy to a minimum.  After wiping himself, Bart dressed and left his bedroom.  Lisa sat down in the treehouse to catch her breath and think.


It didn't take long for Lisa to come to a decision.  She just HAD to masturbate Bart in person!  But how to accomplish this?  She considered and discarded several ideas:


1. Tell Bart she has been watching him masturbate?  No, that might make him too embarrassed or angry to let her watch.


2. Have Bart catch her masturbating?  No, too difficult to set up and no guarantee Bart would take the initiative.


3. Walk into Bart's room while he is masturbating?  Hmmm, that had possibilities...


The following day, Lisa put her plan into action.  As usual, her knowledge of the library proved invaluable.  Lisa located a copy of Troy McClure's book "Do-It-Yourself Door Repair and Who To Call When You Screw It Up" (you might remember him from other self-help books such as "The Half-Assed Approach to Foundation Repair" and "Dig Your Own Grave And Save!").  After absorbing the information, she waited for the right moment to put her plan into action.


Bart was out at Millhouse's again and the rest of the family was occupied elsewhere.  Lisa went to the garage and got a screwdriver from her father's tool chest.  She noted there were numerous dents on the handle from when Homer had tried to use it as a hammer.  Upstairs at Bart's room, she took the door handle apart and made some adjustments to the inner mechanism.  Now the door would appear to lock from the inside, but could still be opened from the outside.


Lisa waited in the TV room and could hardly concentrate on anything but the thought of her brother masturbating.  Finally Bart returned home.  He sat down on the couch, watched a little TV, stole a few glances at his sister, and then went upstairs.  As soon as Lisa heard his bedroom door close, she quietly climbed the stairs and tiptoed to the door.  She could just make out the heavy breathing of Bart.  With rising excitement, Lisa rubbed her crotch through her dress.


A minute later, Lisa could hear Bart nearing his orgasm and moaning, "Oh yeah, Lisa!  Rub my pee-pee!  That feels so good, Lisa!"  Lisa stopped rubbing herself, took a deep breath, then opened Bart's door and stepped inside.


"Hey Bart, I heard you call my name.  What did you -- (gasp)!"


Both Bart and Lisa were frozen in time.  Bart had his small cock in his hand, his face turning a deep shade of red from embarrassment.  Meanwhile, Lisa was playing her role to the hilt.  She put her hands up to her face in mock-shock, but had no intention of covering her eyes.  Even though this was the fourth time Lisa had seen Bart's cock, the thrill of being so near to him was dizzying.


Finally, Lisa spoke.  "Bart -- are you masturbating?"


"Oh Lisa, don't tell anyone, please!"


"I won't, Bart.  And don't worry, what you're doing is perfectly normal!"


"It -- it is?" Bart said, hopeful.


"Yes.  I've read about it in books."  Lisa then gave Bart a brief lecture on masturbation, though she had to dumb it down a bit so he could understand.


"So there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing?" asked Bart.


"No Bart, not at all.  In fact, even I masturbate!"


"You do?" said Bart.


"Sure!  Would you like to watch?" Lisa offered.


Bart's eyes went wide as he squeaked out a high-pitched "Yes!".  Lisa pulled her red dress off, revealing her naked body (she had no panties, since she had removed these before in anticipation of success).


Lisa hopped on the bed and spread her legs so Bart would have an unobstructed view.  She began to rub her clit in a circular motion.  The act of being naked in front of her brother and rubbing her pussy soon sent her over the edge of ecstasy.  "I'm having my orgasm, Bart!" she cried, as waves of pleasure surged through her body.


As Lisa lay back in exhaustion, Bart finally found his voice.  "Whoa, Leece, that was awesome!"  Then Lisa took the lead.


"Bart, would you like me to masturbate you?" she asked.


"Um, I dunno, Lisa.  I guess."


Lisa helped Bart pull his shorts and underpants off.  She gently grabbed Bart's penis, which quickly hardened to a full erection.  Lisa was fascinated by his stiff shaft and soft balls.  She then began to stroke his penis up and down with her hand.  Bart lay back and was soon moaning, "Yes Lisa!  That feels so good!  I love having you rub me!"


"I love masturbating you, Bart!  It's so exciting!"


As she continued to stroke her brother's penis, Lisa couldn't help but think about performing fellatio, something she had read about in one of the sex books.  However, she was concerned about taking things too far too quickly.  But Lisa was certain she and Bart would be doing more sexual things in the future, so there was no need to rush.


Finally Bart had his orgasm and ejaculated several spurts of white semen into the air and on Lisa's hand.  She played around with the sperm for a few seconds, and then used a nearby towel to wipe herself and her brother clean.


"Thanks, Lisa!  That felt great!" panted Bart.


"So Bart, do you want to keep doing this?  I mean, masturbating with each other?" inquired Lisa.


"Oh yeah sis, that would be awesome!"


"Great!  How about I come back to your room tonight when everyone is asleep?"


"Cool!" replied Bart.


Lisa leaned over and gently kissed her brother on the cheek, grabbed her clothes, and left Bart's room.  As she put her dress back on in her bedroom, and lay down for a quick nap, she sighed contentedly.


"I think I'll try licking Bart's penis tonight..." thought Lisa, as she fell into a pleasant sleep.