"Lisa Needs It Bad!"


By TheFrinkMan




Lisa woke up horny.  True, she was always horny these days, but there was something even more intense about the feeling in her pussy this morning.  Most of the time, she could satisfy herself with her fingers, or perhaps stick one of her dildos or vibrators in her cunt.  But today, she knew she had to get FUCKED!


She got out of bed and headed to Bart's room, since her brother always seemed up for a quick screw.  When she opened the door, she found Bart lying naked on his bed and masturbating his small, but hard, yellow cock.  Lisa sensed he was only seconds away from having an orgasm.


"Bart!  Stop jacking off!  I need you to fuck me!" Lisa cried out, but it was too late.  Bart's whole body stiffened and he shot several loads of hot sperm onto his stomach.


"Dammit, Bart!  I really needed to get fucked!" Lisa said.


“Oh, man, that was intense!  I had this huge hard-on when I got up and just had to whack off!" Bart replied.


"Why didn't you come into my room and bone me instead?" Lisa asked.


“Sorry, Leece, but I couldn't help myself!  I just wanted to cum as quickly as I could!" Bart answered.


"SHIT!" swore Lisa.


"I can get hard again in a little while, if you want to wait.  You could stick around and suck me off until I'm ready again," Bart offered.


"I can't wait that long!  I need a cock in me now!" Lisa replied.  Still, she went ahead and licked all the boy-cum off Bart's stomach, and sucked his penis dry.  No sense in letting good jizz go to waste!


"I'm gonna go find Dad," Lisa said as she left Bart's room.  She walked down the hall to her parent's bedroom and opened the door.  But her hopes of getting nailed by her father were dashed by the sight of Homer and Marge fucking.  Her parents were grunting and groaning like wild animals in heat, and once again Lisa sensed their orgasms were only seconds away.


"Dad, no!  Don't cum yet!  I need you to fuck me!" Lisa cried out.


And once again, it was too late.  Homer shot his wad deep inside his wife's pussy, while Marge's body quivered in ecstasy.  They both collapsed back on the bed in exhaustion.


"Crap, not again!” groaned Lisa.  “Dad, I really needed you to screw me!"


"Sorry, honey," said Homer, gasping for air.  "I couldn't stop myself in time!  Do you want to wait until I'm ready again?"


"No!  I need a cock now!" shouted Lisa.  Still, she sucked the jism and vaginal juices from her father's now flaccid tool, and licked her mother's cunt clean.


Lisa left her parent's room hornier than ever.  She walked into Maggie's bedroom and thought about making her little sister fist her pussy.  It wasn't the same as getting drilled by a hard prick, but it was better than nothing.  But Maggie was still asleep and Lisa didn't feel like waking her up, even with her own vagina burning with desire.


So Lisa returned to her bedroom.  She seriously thought about calling up Milhouse and asking him to come over to fuck her.  She had never screwed him before -- in fact, she had had sex only with her family up to this point.  But her frustration was so great, she briefly considered Milhouse as prime fucking material.  Then she really thought about screwing Milhouse -- his stupid laugh -- dorky glasses -- and the fact that he was certainly a virgin who wouldn't know how to satisfy her wet cunt.  As horny and hot as she was, she didn't want to deal with all that just to get fucked.


"Aaaarrrggghhh!" screamed Lisa in frustration.  She stripped the nightgown from her body and lay naked on her bed.  She reached over into a dresser drawer and pulled out a large realistic penis-shaped dildo and a sleek silver vibrator.  Without any lubricant, Lisa shoved the dildo into her dripping snatch.  Then she turned on the vibrator, almost dreading to discover the batteries were dead.  But it hummed to life, so she quickly spat on it and buried it into her asshole.


For several minutes, Lisa grunted with the effort of dildoing herself.  But it soon became apparent it wouldn't be enough to send her over the edge.  Then the batteries in the vibrator finally died.  This was the last straw, and Lisa could only lay on her side moaning, with tears falling down her cheeks.


Bart suddenly appeared in the room, naked and sporting a stiff hard-on.  "Hey Leece, I got another woody.  Still need a fuck?"  A second later, Homer walked into the room, his cock fully erect.  "Does my little girl need some daddy dick?"


Lisa eyes were wild with sexual abandon.  "Yes, fuck me, both of you!"  She pulled out the dildo and vibrator from her holes and threw them across the room.  "Bart, in my ass -- NOW!  Homer, fuck my pussy!"


The boys didn't need any more instructions.  Lisa made room on the bed for her father, who lay down on his back.  Lisa hopped up on his belly and shoved his dick into her hairless cunt.  Bart positioned himself behind his sister and buried his prick up her anus.




For the next ten minutes, Lisa lost count of the number of orgasms she had.  At one point, Marge came in to investigate the screams, which sounded like someone was raping Lisa.  But when she saw her daughter was clearly in control and enjoying herself, she smiled and walked on.


Finally, Homer and Bart both came in her pussy and ass.  They kept their penises inside Lisa as she continued to quiver with orgasmic ecstasy.  The boys then disengaged and Lisa lay on her bed, white sticky jism leaking from both her holes.  Homer and Bart gave each other high-fives. 


"You da man, Homer!" said Bart.


"Nice ass-fucking, boy!" replied Homer.


In a nearly comatose state, Lisa quietly said, "Dad, Bart...from now on, I want to get doubled penetrated EVERY morning!"


"But honey, I have to fuck your mother every morning!" Homer pointed out.


"Yeah, and I don't want to fuck your icky asshole every day!" Bart said.


Lisa sat up and stared at her brother and father.  "YOU WILL DOUBLE PENETRATE ME EVERY MORNING!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.


"Um sure, sweetheart," Homer said obediently.


"Uh no problemo, man!" replied Bart meekly.


The two boys backed slowly out of the room.  Lisa collapsed back on her bed.  Just the thought of getting DP-ed every morning from now on was enough to send another orgasmic wave running through her body.