Little Lulu was in her room on her bed reading a book she had found in

her father's drawer. The book was a marital guide on sexual intercourse and

it showed many couples in the act of copulation. Lulu was fascinated by all

the pictures and was thinking of showing it to her friend Tubby and having

smoe fun with him. So she hhhhid the book in her backpack and went off to

Tubby's clubhouse where he spent most of his time.


Lulu knock on the door and announced her presence .Hello,Tubby I have a

surprised she said . Look what I have and she handed him the book and as he

looked over the pages Lulu got undressed and when Tubby looked up there was 

Lulu completely naked and was ready for some very adult fun.


Come on Tubby let's go for it , nobody's going to see us in here it's very safe here.

So Tubby got naked himself and they started exploring each others bodies all

over . Tubby being as plump as he was had a very nice dick on him and Lulu

was enjoying putting it in her mouth and sucking on it. It had a delicious

flavor to it and she was fondling his balls while going down on him.


Tubby was also having a verygood time ,finally he had always wanted to see Lulu

naked and have his way with her and he was going to take full advantage of

this oppunity. He first felt Lulu's pussy and clitrois giving Lulu and

little thrill . She loved having being mastubated and being felt up by a boy

was doubly enjoyment.


Tubby then went down and started to sniff Lulu's pussy

and took in her very nice aroma. Then for a few minutes  they went into a 69

position and started sucking and licking each other's genitals. After awhile

Tubby lifted Lulu and placed her  on her back and proceeded to penetrate

Lulu's pussy breaking her hymen Lulu was no longer a virgin and now was an

experice woman. They kept it up for about an hour and then fell backwards

into and pleasing collapse. They just looked at each other for a few minutes

and kissed each other passionatly.


"I Love you Tubby" said Lulu and "I Love

you Little Lulu replied Tubby. They started to get very clothes back on and

Lulu went home knowing that she would never be the same ever again.