Blondie Time and Again..
The Foolish Bet

Part 7

Blondie began loading the laundry into the washing machine. As she pulled Alexander’s soiled Baseball practice clothes out of the laundry, Blondie thought back to a time he came home from Baseball practice completely covered with mud. Blondie brought him straight to the bathroom.

Part 8

Blondie helped Alexander strip out of his clothes and get into the tub. After tossing the soiled clothes into the laundry hamper, Blondie noticed her clothes wear now all muddy. For every night over a month Blondie and Alexander had been fucking, but Blondie wanted more. She had grown unsatisfied with only fucking Alexander at night. Through out the day all she could think is about fucking her son. Her desire to fuck Alexander through out the day was overwhelming. Staring at Alexander washing his young naked body, Blondie decided that she would deny herself no longer.

Unbuttoning her blouse, Blondie said. “Well I guess I need a bath too.” Alexander grinned at his mother as she undressed. Alexander was just as eager to fuck Blondie as she was to fuck him. Blondie climbed into the tub with Alexander. Slipping into the tub and sat down between her son’s legs, Blondie could feel his cock grow and begin to poke her from behind. As soon as his mother was settled between his legs, Alexander reach around and with his left hand cupped her breast and with his right hand he began rubbing her sweet pussy.

“Alexander, am I to take it you would like to do something more than take a bath?” Asked Blondie.

Alexander responded, “Yes, Mom. In fact I want to fuck you until you pass out.”

Blondie giggle and said, “I like to see you try.”

Alexander said in very calm serious voice, “Mom, I am not joking. I really want to fuck you until you pass out.”

“I bet you’ll pass out first.” Teased Blondie.

Alexander responded, “I’ll take that bet. What do I get when I win?”

Turning to face her son, Blondie asked, “Don’t you mean if you win?”

“No, I am going to win, no doubt.” Stated Alexander.

“If you really think you can’t lose. What do you want?” Asked Blondie.

“Let’s say loser has to do what every the winner says for the whole weekend.” Answered Alexander.

Hesitant to accept the terms, Blondie gulped, “Uh… I don’t know.”

“Don’t tell me you are chickening out.” Teased Alexander.

“Hell no! You got yourself a bet young man. I hope you are ready cause I have a lot of chores for you to do.” Blondie snapped back. Although she took the bet, Blondie was worried. Blondie was afraid about what Alexander would have her do. Petrified Blondie imagined Alexander fucking her in front of his baseball team.

Blondie thought ‘Oh dear! What have you gotten yourself into Blondie. What if Alexander doesn’t just have his teammates watch makes me fuck every one of them.’

With the images of being gang banged by her son’s teammates still in her head, Blondie stood up and said, “Let’s go to your bed room and settle our little bet.” Alexander watched his mother wrap a towel around herself, strut out of the bathroom and head toward his room. Alexander quickly finished washing himself. Once he was clean Alexander jumped out of the tub grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist and dashed off to his room.

When Alexander entered his room he found his mother lying on his bed completely naked and fingering her pussy. Despite her fears imaging being gang banged by several teenaged boys got Blondie very excited. Standing in the doorway looking at his mother writhing on his bed, Alexander let out a loud gasp. Blondie heard the noise and turned to discover her son the doorway frozen in his tracks.

Blondie smiled and said, “Don’t stand there honey. I have been waiting for you. Come on in and shut the door.” Alexander shut the door and jumped onto the bed.

Alexander lay on top of his mother and asked, “Are you ready for me to fuck you raw?”

“I am ready for you to try.” Blondie teased. Wasting no time, Alexander began to sucking on her breast and fingering her pussy.

Blondie scolded, “Oh no, that is not part of the bet. You got to fuck me until I pass out. Blondie quickly grabbed Alexander’s hand and pulled it away from her pussy.

“You asked for it.” Alexander said slipping between his mother’s legs.

“OOOHHH SSHHHHITTTTT!” Blondie gasped as her son rammed his cock deep into her pussy. Right at the start Blondie heart was beating fast and her breathing labored. Blondie began to cum profusely.

“I hope you are ready cause I this weekend I plan fucking so much you won’t be able to stand on Monday.” grunted Alexander.

The walls of her vagina began to spasm and her body began to shake and Blondie screamed, “OH YES BABY FUCK MOMMY RAW!” While she was having an orgasm, Blondie felt her son’s hot seed spraying deep into her womb.

Alexander allowed Blondie no time to recover before rolling her on her side. Without a missing a beat, Alexander pushed his cock back into his mother’s cum filled pussy. Alexander like spooning his mother just as much as he did fucking her doggy style.

“PLEASE GO EASY ON ME ALEXANDER!” Blondie begged breathlessly.

Alexander replied, “Fine, all you have to do is admit I won the bet, Mom.”

“NO WAY!” Blondie shouted.

That afternoon, Alexander never let up. He fucked his mother over and over again. He fucked her every position he knew. He even fucked her missionary, doggy, and spoon style three times each. Alexander filled his mother with so much come that by the time she finally passed out, cum just poured out Blondie’s well used pussy.

When she recovered, Blondie caught Alexander taking a few quick pictures of her sprawled naked on his bed with the family Polaroid.


Alexander grinned and replied, “I wouldn’t get too upset because this weekend I plan on taking a whole lot more pictures. We will also be making our own sex video.” Blondie just sat on the bed with her mouth agape.

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