Blondie Time and Again..
Tootsie's Tale

Part 9

Blondie and her best friend, Tootsie Woodley, are sitting at the Bumstead kitchen table having a cup of coffee and talking.

“Oh Blondie, I have said it before you are one lucky woman to have a young stud like Alexander to fulfill your sexual desires. Remember if you ever need a break from all that hot passionate sex I'd be more than happy to help out. I would be willing to sacrifice all my time to keep Alexander sexually sated for you.” Said Tootsie.

Blondie laughs, “Tootsie, you never give up do you, and besides didn’t I see someone sneaking over your house the other day.”

Tootsie giggled nervously and admitted, “Yes.”

“Tootsie you are so bad. You are fucking Elmo Tuttle. Tootsie, he is so young.” Said Blondie.

“Blondie, you are one to talk.” Said Tootsie defensively.

Blondie replied apologetically, “I sorry Tootsie. I didn’t mean to sound judgmental and to be honest I have thought about Elmo on more than one occasion.”

“Blondie, it isn’t like I sought him out. Believe me I did fantasy about Elmo from time to time myself, but I didn’t initiate anything with him.”

Blondie asked trying not to sound so suspicious, “You don’t mean Elmo approached you?”

“It began three weeks ago. It was three in the afternoon and I was taking a bath when I heard the front door open and shut. I was very horny and thought maybe Herb was home a few hours early, so I called out ‘Honey, I am upstairs in the tub. Why don’t you come in and join me.’ I heard footsteps rushing up the stairs, and I stood up and beckon once again, ‘Honey, come on and fuck me.’ The moment Elmo opened the door, I was so shocked I just froze. I just stood there with Elmo staring at me. I did not even move as he walked over to the tub.”

Become aroused by Tootsie’s tale, Blondie asked, “He just walked in on you. Didn’t he say anything?”

“No, he just walked over to me and started sucking on my breast and touching my pussy.” Answered Tootsie

“What did you do?” Asked Blondie.

Tootsie blushed and replied, “Began pulling off his clothes.”

“TOOTSIE!” Blondie shouted out in shock.

“I couldn’t help myself. We fucked for the rest of the afternoon. When Herb got home there were gobs of Elmo’s cum was spilling out of my pussy as he started fucking me for the sixth time that day. Elmo and I were so lost in the moment, we nearly didn’t hear Herb climb the stairs. Blondie, Herb almost caught us. I had to smuggle Elmo out later.”

“Wow, I didn’t know boys could fuck at such a young age.” Said Blondie.

Tootsie said, “Well I do not think it is normal, and I don’t care. I am just glad to be filling my pussy several times a day with some hard young cock.”

“Tootsie just be careful you don’t want to let Elmo know how much you want it. Remember when I let Alexander know how much I really wanted it. Alexander took me as his every willing sex toy. I tell you the things that boys has had me do.” Cautioned Blondie.

“It is too late Blondie. That ship sailed at the start. The next day Elmo brought a couple of his friends over to watch. Now every day at lunch, I go down to the school and he fucks me in the bathroom to in front of countless boys.” Said Tootsie.

“Oh I am so sorry, Tootsie.” Said Blondie.

“Don’t be I am hoping Elmo might invite some of the boys join in.” Said Tootsie.

“Be careful Tootsie. Young boys can have so very kinky ideas.” Warned Blondie.

Tootsie smiled knowingly and replied, “You don’t have to tell me. Elmo was talking about watching me and Max.”

“Isn’t that Elmo’s Great Dane?” asked Blondie.

“Yes. It is.” Said Tootsie.

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