Jane Saves Elroy
At the Restuarant

After checking into their room at the hotel, Jane started to unpack her suitcase. As his mother was bent over the bed going through her open suitcase, Elroy lifted her dress and rammed his cock deep into her pussy.

Remembering she forgot to take her birth control pill Jane gasped, “ELROY WAIT I NEED TO TAKE MY BIRTH CONTROL PILL OR YOU MIGHT GET ME PREGNANT! THAT IS IF IT ISN’T TOO LATE ALREADY!“

Still thrusting his cock deep into his mom’s pussy Elroy asked very sweetly, “Please don’t take the pill.”

Turning back to look at her son, Jane asked, “Honey, did you hear me I might get pregnant?”

Slowing his thrusts and grinning proudly Elroy said, “Yes Mom, I heard you. I could get you pregnant.” Jane stared lovingly into her son’s eyes.

Elroy asked, “Mom would it be so bad if I got you pregnant?”

“Actually it would not be bad at all. I would love to have your baby. In fact it might be fun to try and get pregnant sometime, but for now we’ll just throw caution to the wind and just fuck. If it happens it happens.” Replied Jane. Elroy smiled joyfully and picked up the pace of his thrusts.

Ramming his cock deep into his mother’s pussy Elroy groaned, “MOM, I AM GOING TO KEEP YOUR BELLY SO FILLED WITH MY CUM YOU CAN’T HELP BUT GET PREGNANT!”

Quivering from an overwhelming orgasm, Jane moaned, “YES, ELROY FILL MOMMY’S WOMB WITH YOUR HOT SEED!” All the talk of getting his mother pregnant got Elroy very excited. Elroy was so excited he began spewing cum deep into his mother’s pussy.


Feeling her son’s cum spurting into her pussy, Jane moan, “OH YES ELROY, FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED!” Jane and Elroy fucked two more times before deciding to leave for dinner. Elroy’s cum was dripping down her inner thighs as the left for the restaurant.

They went to a fancy Venusian restaurant. The restaurant was dark and dimly lit like many Venusian restaurants. All of the table were glass. On top of the tables were candles which made the under the tables very bright. The headwaiter was a venusian and he brought them over to a table in the middle of the dinning area. Sitting at the shiny glass table, Jane was feeling a bit self-conscious about her bare pussy and the cum dripping down her legs. Her skirt was so short she was afraid if she would expose herself by crossing her legs. Sitting at the shiny glass table, Jane was feeling a bit self-conscious about her bare pussy and the cum dripping down her legs. Her skirt was so short she was afraid if she would expose herself by crossing her legs. Sitting at the brightly lit table Jane felt like a spotlight was lighting up her legs. Worst of all, one of the three tables with the best view of their own were occupied by two mothers and four boys most likely their son’s and maybe a friend or two, another was occupied by a family a father, mother, and two sons, and three elderly gentlemen occupied the third table.

After they ordered their food, Elroy placed his hand on his mother’s leg. He slid his hand between his mother’s sticky thighs.

Jane leaned over and whispered in her son’s ear, “Elroy, other people can see.”

With a devilish grin on his face Elroy said, “So I am sure they will enjoy seeing such a beautiful and sexy woman as you.” After relaxing her legs and allowing Elroy access between her legs, Jane could tell by the way he was staring that one of the two sons at the table with the family had noticed. The boy nudged his brother and motioned in the direction of Jane and Elroy’s table. Now both boys were staring at a Jane. As the boys watched, Jane felt Elroy’s finger slipping between her moist pussy lips.

After noticing the two boy from the other table watching Elroy whispered in his mother’s ear, “Mom spread your legs and give them something to really good to stare at.” Jane was trembling nervously as she opened her legs. By the way the boys eyes widened, Jane could tell they have a clear view of her son fingering her pussy. Trying to muffle her moan Jane bit her lip, but as quiet as her moans were they were still noticeable enough. One of the elder men heard and looked toward Jane. Soon the three elderly men were watching the goings on at Jane and Elroy’s table.

With their audience growing, Jane’s pussy tingled with excitement. Jane noticed the table with the two women and four young boys. Each woman was being pounced upon by two of the boys. The women had panicked expressions on their faces as a one boy pulled off their panties from under the table while the other held their arms. After removing the panties the boys under the tables pulled the womens' legs apart and plunged their faces into the mothers’ pussies. From the ladies initial expression Jane could tell they were truly startled when the boys began licking their pussies. While the other boys were licking their pussies the other two tore open their blouses, pulled the bra cups aside and began sucking on the ladies’ nipples.

“BEN AND RICKY, STOP I AM YOUR MOTHER!” shouted one woman.

“OH ALAN! OH SCOTT! MY PRECIOUS BOYS YOU’RE MAKING YOUR MOTHER CUM!” Moaned the other mother. Both mothers seemed to relax and begin to enjoy themselves. Jane’s pussy began to contract as she had her second orgasm. The contraction of her pussy forced large gobs of Elroy’s cum to squirt out of her.

While Jane watched the table with the two mothers and four sons, Elroy watched the family at the other table. He noticed the entire family was watching them now. Then the father whispered something into the younger boys ear. Elroy could not tell what the father told his son but what ever it was it put a big smile on the boy’s face. The Father nodded and the boy turned toward his mother and began undoing her top. The mother quickly covered her chest with both arms, but after looking at her husbands smiling face she lowered her arms. The other boy noticed the mother unclasping her bra for his brother and he began to undo her slacks. Before being stripped completely naked the mother stopped both boys straightened out her clothes. The mother leaned over and said something quietly to her husband after which she got up from the tables and lead her sons to the restrooms.

“Mom lets go to the restroom so I can fill your pussy up again.” Elroy whispered to his mother. Jane took her napkin and wiped the gobs of cum off the chair before following Elroy to the restroom. As he walked up to the mens’ room, Elroy could hear the moans echoing from within. When walk in the mother was already naked and being pulled into one of the stalls by her two sons. The door closed and Jane and Elroy could clearly hear the sounds of boy unclasping their belt, unzipping their pants, and their pants flopping on the floor.

“OH BOYS! YOU BOTH GOTTEN SO BIG!” gasped the mother. Elroy pulled his mother into the stall next to the mother and her sons.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I DON’T THINK YOU SHOULD BE PUTTING THAT THERE! OOOOHH, JEFF! PLEASE TAKE IT OUT! WE SHOULDN"T BE DOING THIS!” Moaned the mother. Elroy dropped his pants and sat down on the toilet seat. Jane straddled Elroy and plunge her pussy down onto his cock.


Jane whispered to Elroy, “Oh no I think he is going to do it.”

“Do what?” asked Elroy.

The mother in the next stall shrieked, “DANNY! NO DANNY NOT THERE! TAKE IT OUT IT IS TOO BIG! PLEASE STOP! YOUR IN MY ASS!”

Elroy’s eyes lit up and he said, “OH!” Elroy listen to the mother in the next stall slowly change from begging for her son not to fuck her ass to begging him ram his cock deep into her anus.


“Mom have you ever had anal sex?” asked Elroy.

Jane replied, “No I haven’t.”

“Why haven’t you?” asked Elroy.

“I never found anyone I would be willing to let fuck my ass.” Answered Jane.

“Can I fuck your ass?” asked Elroy.

Smiling sweetly Jane said, “Oh sweetheart I would love to let you be the first to jam his cock into my asshole.” Jane lifted herself off of Elroy’s cock.

“We don’t have to do it now.” Said Elroy.

Jane said, "I know but I want to." Jane turned herself around lowered her ass down toward Elroy’s cock. Reaching behind herself with one hand Jane directed Elroy’s cock toward her anus. Jane let out a loud groan as she lowered herself on to Elroy’s cock it pierced her tight anus.

The moment Elroy’s cock entered her virgin anus Jane yelped, “OUCH! THAT HURTS!”

“Do you want to stop Mom?” asked Elroy.

Jane answered, “No Honey, I should be alright in a minute or two.” Biting her lip Jane slowly began humping Elroy’s hard cock. I took longer than Jane had hoped but soon the pain subsided and she began enjoy the feeling of Elroy’s cock in her anus.

Jane body began to tingle all over and she begged, “OH MY ELROY! FUCK MY ASS!” Elroy grabbed onto Jane’s hips and began stuffing his cock deep into his mother tight asshole.

“OH MOM!” moaned Elroy as he cum began gushing into his mother’s bowels. Jane quivered from an intense orgasm as her son’s hot cum poured into her anus.

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