Goof Troop
Peggy goes Camping with Max and PJ
Part 1

It was 3:00 Friday afternoon, and Max and PJ were coming home on the school bus.

“Too bad our Dad’s had to cancel our big camping trip this weekend.” Grumbled Max.

“I know I was so looking forward to going camping.” Griped PJ.

“PJ, it is our stop.” Said Max. The two boys got up and headed for the front of the bus to get off. As they walked down the ally the two boys noticed a familiar figure waiting for them.

“What is my Mom doing here?” Questioned PJ.

“Is she wearing her old den mother uniform?” Asked Max. Peggy was wearing a pair of tan short hiking shorts, tan button down short sleeve shirt, white knee high socks, and a pair of hiking boots. Bus came to a complete stop and the bus driver opened the door.

“Have a good weekend boys.” Said the bus driver.

“You too.” The boys answered back. When the boys got off the bus and Peggy greeted each of them with a nice warm hug. Unknown to Peggy at the time while she hugged the boys on of the buttons of her shirt came undone, and even more of her ample breast could be seen along with a bit of the lace fringe of her bra. The boys mesmerized by abundance of displayed cleavage unable to look away from Peggy’s breast.

“Boys good new the camping trip is back on.” Said Peggy cheerfully.

“ALRIGHT!!” Cheered the boys.

“But, if we want to get to the camp site before dark, we have got to hurry. You boys go get Max’s camping gear and meet me at the jeep.” Peggy said.

“You said we are you going with us?” PJ asked.

“Since both your dad’s had to work, I figured I could take you. I got grandma to take pistol for the weekend. Now lets get going.” Peggy said trying to hurry them along. After a little prodding the boy ran off to get Max’s camping gear.

The boys were in Max’s room getting his camping gear together.

“PJ, I know she is your Mom, but she look hot in that hiking outfit.” Max confessed.

“I know she does, but maybe she bring that pink nightie my dad bought her.” PJ confessed.

“How much can you see when she is wearing this pink nightie?” Asked an eager Max.

“Everything.” Said PJ.

“You mean you can see her nipples?” Max asked.

“Clearly.” PJ teased.

“Can you see her bush?” Max asked.

“Nope.” PJ answered.

“Too bad.” Max said.

“No, you can’t see it because my Mom shaves her pussy bald.” Smirked PJ.

“WOW!” Gasped Max.

“Wow is right.” PJ added.

“Wait a minute your Mom would never wear anything like that in front of you.” Max said glaring at PJ suspiciously.

“I peeped at her.” Admit a very uncomfortable PJ.

“YOU PEEPED AT YOUR MOM!” Exclaimed Max excitedly.

“Yes, I peep on my Mom.” Whisper an embarrassed PJ.

“PJ, you pervert. That is so cool.“ Answered Max.

“You don’t think it is weird?” Asked PJ.

“No, man if I had a Mom that looked like yours I’d be peeping at her all the time.” Answered Max.

“My Mom has one great body.” Confirmed PJ.

“You have got to tell me details!” Said Max.

“Sure but later. My Mom is bound to come looking for us if we don’t get moving.” PJ said nervously.

“Could we peep on your Mom while we are camping?” Asked Max optimistically.

“You bet buddy.” PJ answered enthusiastically.

“Bald that is so hot.” Said Max.

“Yes, it is, and so is the tattoo on her lower back.” PJ added.

“You Mom has a tramp stamp?” Questioned Max.

“Yes.” Answered PJ.

“What does it say?” asked Max.

“Hot Mama” replied PJ.

“Damn hot!” responded Max.

“Max would you want to… you know?” Asked PJ.

“I know what?” Asked a confused Max.

“Fuck her.” Whispered PJ timidly.

“Your Mom in a second.” Replied Max.

“Even if she was your Mom.” Asked PJ.

“I told you before you Mom is hot. How could anyone even her own son not want to fuck her.” Answered Max.

“I guess your right.” Responded a less nervous PJ.

“I’d fuck her doggy style.” Said Max.

“I’d want her on top so I could see her face and play those beautiful breasts.” Answered PJ.

“Wow, you spend a lot of time on that.” Max joked punching PJ in the shoulder.

“Ouch. That hurt Max!” complained PJ rubbing his shoulder.

“Help me carry my camping gear down to the car.” Said Max.

As the boys got to the Jeep they found Peggy wrestling with the buttons on her shirt. Every time she would get it buttoned she would move and several buttons would come undone.

“Good boys you’re here. Load your gear into the car I have got to run in an change my shirt.” Peggy said as she headed toward the house.

“But Mrs. P. isn’t already getting late. We don’t want to be setting up came after dark. Couldn’t you wait to change your shirt once we get there?” Asked Max.

“Max, you are absolutely right. I mean it will just be you and PJ in the car and seeing me in this bra is not much different than my bikini top.” Peggy responded holding her shirt wide open and displaying her bra.

“Not different at all except it is prettier.” Said Max with his voice cracking.

“What do you think PJ?” Peggy asked closing her shirt.

“I think the breast plan is too leave now. I mean breast plan. Oh darn it.” Answered PJ as his face turned a beet red.

“Come on Max, you heard PJ it is the breast plan.” Giggled Peggy. She walked over to PJ and gave him a big hug.

“Mom, this is a very pretty bra. I like this lacy fringe.” PJ said touching the lacy fringe of his mother’s bra. Slap! His mother slaps his hand although not a very hard slap PJ noted.

“Naughty boy. You should know better than to go about touching a lady’s undergarments without their permission. You are going to sit next to me, so I can keep an eye on you.” Peggy said.

“Mom, I didn’t mmm…” PJ began to stammer.

“Let go.” Interrupted Peggy. She turned toward her son and gave him a playful nudge.

Part 2.

As they drove, Peggy engaged the boys in casual conversation on easy topics such as school and sports. The boys attempted to seem unaffected by Peggy’s exposed bra. Luckily for the boys, Peggy was to busy keeping an eye on traffic and attempting to keep the conversation going to notice either their staring at her chest or their strategically place hands on their laps. When they were very close, Peggy noticed a clean looking gas station and pulled in.

“Max, can you hand me my bag. It is the brown duffle bag just behind your head.” Peggy asked. Max passed the bag to Peggy.

“Mom, what are you doing?” PJ asked.

“Well, we are almost there, and we could use some gas. I also figured this would be as good time as any to change my shirt.” Peggy answered pulling a shirt from her bag. After retrieving her shirt, She zipped up her duffle bag about halfway when the zipper stuck. Unable to get unstuck quickly Peggy handed the bag back to Max half zipped.

“Just stay here. I will be right back.” Said Peggy as she left the car. Max was still holding her duffle bag. When she was out of sight, Max started searching through the bag.

“Max, stop that is my mother’s stuff!” yelled PJ.

“But look at what I found.” Max said holding up a large vibrator shaped to resemble a real cock. PJ paused for a moment and stared in awe at his mother’s sexual toy.

“Quick, put it back!” yelp PJ.

“PJ wouldn’t it be great to get to see your Mom fuck herself with that thing?” Asked Max quickly place the vibrator back into the bag and place the bag back behind his head.

“Yes, it would.” Answered PJ already visualizing his mother in her tent lying naked on a sleeping bag thrusting the buzzing vibrator deep into her pussy.

“PJ, did you know your Mother own one of those?” asked Max.

“I had no idea.” Answered PJ.

“Your Mom is so hot.” Said Max. PJ was about to agree with Max when he spotted his mother returning to the car.

“Quiet down, Max! My Mom is coming back!” PJ barked nervously. When Peggy got back in the car, see noticed both boys staring at her.

“All set. Let’s get back on the road.” Peggy said. She started the car, and soon they were back on the road.

Part 3

It took another 15 minutes of driving and a forty-five minute hike before they got to the campsite. Once Peggy and the boys got to the campsite, they set up camp. The boys made a campfire. The boy set up their tent, and Peggy set up her tent. Both tent were big, tall, roomy six man tents the kind you could stand up in. Once the boys were finished pitching their tent they went to check on Peggy who was busy unsuccessfully attempting to set a cot in her tent.

“Oh, I am glad you boys showed up. I need help with this cot.” Peggy said with a sigh of frustration.

“No, Problem, Mrs. P. Why don’t you go warm up by the fire while we fix your cot.” Answered Max.

“Thank you, boys.” Said Peggy as she left to go warm herself by the fire. In no time the boys had the cot set up, and PJ got up to leave.

“Wait.” Max whispered grabbing PJ by the shoulder.

“What?” PJ asked softly. Max motioned him to follow him over to the window on the opposite side of the tent.

“First I am going to open the window by tying the flap up and then I am going to cut the threads connecting the flap to the window.” Max explained.

“But, when my mother goes to close it the flap might fall off.” PJ said unsure of the plan.

“Exactly, this way we can sneak over and peep through the window screen whether you mother tries to close it or not.” Clarified Max.

“Oh.” Answered PJ finally catching on. Max began tying the flap up.

“PJ, watch the door.” Whispered Max as he began carefully cutting the threads connecting the flap to the tent. PJ went to the door and peered out at his mother sitting by the campfire. Several minutes went by and Max was finishing up sabotaging the window.

“Max! I think she’s coming.” Whispered a panicked PJ. Max quickly finish with the last few threads, and headed over to join PJ at the door.

“Sorry, false alarm she was just stretching.” Sighed PJ.

“It’s all set.” Max said placing a reassuring hand on his friend shoulder. The boys walked out of the tent and joined Peggy by the fire.

“All done, Mrs. P.” said Max.

“Oh good. I was starting to get worried you weren’t going to be able to set it up.” Peggy said sighing with relief.

“No problem, Mom.” PJ said nervously.

“Well, thank you boys. If you excuse me a second I am going to my tent and finish setting it up.” Peggy said as she started off for her tent. Once Peggy was out of site, Max hit PJ in the shoulder.

“Oww! What was that for?” Asked PJ rubbing his sore shoulder.

Max leaned over to his friend and whispered in his ear, “Stop acting so guilty, or your Mom is going to suspect something.”

“What if she is getting changed now?” PJ asked in a quiet voice.

“Maybe you should go over and check on her.” Max suggested pointing to Peggy tent. PJ got up and started walking towards his mother’s tent. Just as he was about to reach the tent, PJ turned back toward Max with a scared look on his face, and Max waved him on. PJ slowly walk over to the door of his mother’s tent and peered in. PJ saw his mother wearing only a pair of thong underwear. Peggy was standing over by her cot with her back to the door. PJ had a clear view of his mother’s naked back. PJ mouthed the words hot mama as he read his mother’s tramp stamp. Peggy grabbed the side of under and pulled then down. When his mother bent over, PJ caught a glimpse of her his mother’s pussy lips. Excited by the sight his mother’s naked body, PJ’s heart began to bound so furiously he thought it might burst out of his chest. As his mother turned toward her cot and pulled a nightshirt for her duffle bag, PJ began to swear profusely as his mother naked breast came into view. Peggy pulled the nightshirt down ove r her head. As his mother pulled the night down over her hips, PJ took a few steps back. Having composed himself somewhat PJ return toward the tent door.

“Mom, is everything alright?” PJ called into the tent. Peggy turned toward her open tent door.

“Oh my, I guess I forgot to close the door. If you had come only a few minutes sooner you would have caught your mother standing completely naked. Now that would have been embarrassing.” Peggy said blushing. Hearing the conversation, Max walked over to Peggy’s tent.

“Yes, embarrassing.” PJ giggled nervously. Max places his hand on PJ’s shoulder and peered into Peggy’s tent.

“Did you tell your mother we were going to call it a night, PJ?” Max asked.

“I thought you boys might want to tell ghost stories around the campfire or something.” Peggy said sounding a bit sad.

“Maybe tomorrow night, but it has been such a busy day. PJ and I just want to get some sleep so we will be ready for tomorrow.” Max answered.

“Alright then boys. Goodnight.” Replied Peggy.

“Goodnight Mrs. P. I got to douse the fire.” Max said started toward the campfire.

“Goodnight Mom.” Said PJ turning to leave.

“Wait, PJ!” Peggy call. PJ returned to the tent door.

“What, Mom?” Asked PJ.

“Aren’t your going to give your old Mom a kiss goodnight?” Asked Peggy holding out her arms. As he poured water over the campfire, Max watched PJ enter his mother’s tent. When PJ left the tent Max had just finished with the campfire, and was heading to their tent. PJ saw Max enter their tent and followed him.

Once PJ joined him in their tent, Max asked very quietly, “What did you go in her tent for?”

“She wanted to kiss me goodnight.” PJ whispered.

“If it were me, I would have slipped her some tongue.” Joked Max.

“Liar!” Said PJ hitting Max’s on the shoulder.

Rubbing his shoulder, Max whispered, “I know you saw something so spill.”

“When I got to the door she was standing with over by her cot with her back to the door…” whispered PJ. Max listened as PJ described everything he saw standing by his mother’s open tent door.

Part 4

A few minutes after PJ left her tent; Peggy decided to go check up on the boys. Walking over to the boys tent, Peggy could hear them speaking very softly. Being a very curious by nature, Peggy decided to eavesdrop on the boys. Once she was close enough, she heard the end of PJ telling Max about what he saw out side her tent. Listening to the story, Peggy felt very embarrassed.

“Wow! You are so lucky. Your Mother got a great body, and you got to see her naked.” Said Max.

“I know what luck.” Said PJ.

“Your Mom is so hot. I would have given anything to see her naked.” Said Max.

Her initial embarrassment faded as Peggy continued listening to the boys. Peggy started feeling very flattered. ‘I can’t believe it they think I am hot. I guess I still have what it takes.’ Peggy thought.

“The only way it could have been better is if I got a better look at her pussy.” PJ declared.

“That’s right, you said your Mom keep her pussy clean shaven. Do you peep at her all the time?” Asked Max.

After hearing her son has been peeping at her, Peggy wonders what has her son seen?

“No not all the time, I don’t peep at my mother when my dad is around. Luckily for me my dad is out of the house before my mother takes her shower and gets dressed, and I only have to give Pistol half my allowance to keep her quiet.” PJ explained.

“And you have never been caught?” Asked Max.

“Once I almost got caught when I first started peeping. One morning I was spying on her as she was getting dressed in the bedroom. After having taken her shower, Mom was wearing a short green silk bathrobe as she picked out her clothes. She untied her bathrobe and pulled it open about to take it off. I could see every luscious curve of her body. First I looked over her bountiful breast with her sweet looking nipples, and then for the first time I saw her bare pussy. I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of her form. I leaned in to get a closer look and I kicked the door. In an instant I knew she had to have heard me, so I quickly opened door and said ‘Mom! I’m sorry the door was open!’ My mother quickly covered herself up and I shut the door and dashed off. She was convinced that the whole thing had been an accident.” Said PJ.

Peggy found herself strangely delighted to hear how much her sweet son adored her body. Listening to how PJ described her body, Peggy could felt a warm tingling sensation in her crotch.

“Do you think your mother’s good in bed?” Asked Max.

“Yes, without a doubt. I just wish I could fuck her one time. I can imagine my hard cock piercing her bald pussy.” PJ replied.

Peggy was shocked to hear her son admit to wanting to fuck her, but at the same time she felt a bit of naughty sexual excitement.

“Hey, I bet she is masturbating right now.” Max said excitedly.

“Max, since you found that vibrator in my mother bag this afternoon, I have been dying to see her use it.” PJ added.

“Do you think she will keep that nightshirt on?” Asked Max.

“No way. She must masturbate naked after all my mother the hottest sexiest woman ever.” Declared PJ.

Hearing the boys’ plans to spy on her, Peggy found herself very aroused, but not wanting to be caught, she quickly and quietly returned to her tent.

Part 5

When Peggy got back to her tent, she was extremely anxious. Her heart was pounding her body trembling. The boys would be coming; she had to calm down. Peggy took a deep breath and let it out. The panicked feeling quickly subsided, and she had to act normal. Grabbing her romance novel from her bag, Peggy lay down on the cot, propped her head up with her pillow, opened her book, and pretended to read.

Peggy was unable to get her mind off of the boys. The more she thought about Max and PJ peeping at her the more excited she got. She was becoming very aroused. Her body was tingling with sexual desire, and her pussy had become damp.

She never intended to masturbate for the boys, but she could not help thinking about it. She began to imagine the boys lusting over her naked body. As she imagined her son and his best friend watching her masturbate, Peggy was so engrossed in her imagination she inadvertently began rubbing her pussy.

Then Peggy heard some rustling outside her tent, and she realized the boys must have already seen rubbing her naked pussy. Since the boys had already seen her masturbating, Peggy rationalized it did not matter if they saw more. Thinking about how PJ would prefer her naked, Peggy quickly pulled off her nightshirt, and she reached over to her bag and removed the vibrator. Peggy turned the vibrator on low and began rubbing it between her pussy lips. Peggy could hear the boys whispering outside her tent, and she knew the boys were peeping through the window on the other side of the tent. Peggy turned onto her side and spread her legs to allow the boys a better view of the bald pussy as she rubbed the vibrator between her wet pussy lips.

Max and PJ had clumsily and very nosily made there way over to the other side of Peggy’s tent, but the boys did not look in through the window until after she started using the vibrator. When the boys looked in they saw Peggy lying on the cot. Peggy was completely naked and masturbating. The moment they saw Peggy rubbing her pussy with the vibrator, boy’s cocks immediately became rock hard.

PJ jabbed Max with his elbow and whispered, “See I told you she be naked.”

“Quiet, she’ll hear you.” Max whispered. Little did Max or PJ know, she could hear every word they spoke.

Peggy slowly eased the tip of her vibrator into her pussy and turned it up. Soon she was feverously plunging the vibrator in and out of her pussy. As waves of pleasure washed over her entire body, Peggy found the entire experience of masturbating in front of Max and PJ more thrilling than any other sexual experience. As her right hand worked the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Peggy reached up from behind with her left hand and starting rubbing her asshole with her fingers. One finger easily slid in. She paused with the vibrator while she slowly worked in another finger.

PJ could feel his cock throbbing as he watched his mother thrusting the buzzing vibrator into her wet pussy while diving two fingers into her tight asshole. He could see the juices glisten on the inside of her thighs and hear the wet buzzing sounds of the vibrator plunging into his mother’s pussy. All PJ could think is how much he wanted to fuck her. He wanted it to be his cock thrusting in her pussy not some vibrator.

Lost in his on thoughts PJ muttered, “Oh God, I want to fuck my mom.” Max hit PJ in the shoulder.

Max leaned over to PJ and whispered, “Are you trying to get us caught?”

Peggy body tingling all over when she heard PJ admit his desire to fuck her for the second time that evening. The idea of her son fucking her sounded very naughty and very exciting. Peggy began to imagine the vibrator was actually PJ’s cock. As intense as the pleasure was before, Peggy found herself experiencing an even more passionate pleasure imagining she was fucking PJ. Peggy was deep into her masturbatory fantasy. Her breasts heaved with her rapid breathing. Peggy felt the beginning of an orgasm.

The boys watched as Peggy started gyrating her hips and grinding her pussy onto the vibrator and her breathing became labored. Peggy’s whole body began to quiver and she moaned, “OH, Honey fuck me! Fuck me, Honey!”

With their eyes glued to Peggy, both boys began stroking their throbbing cocks through their shorts.

Peggy hips undulated wildly, not knowing whether to push out or pull back from the vibrator. Placing both hands on the vibrator, she drove it hard into the depths of her pussy. A dozen times she drove it into herself, each time somehow harder and deeper. Then she slowed down and laid still. Trying to catch her breath.

Outside both boys had pulled the cocks out of the shorts and were stroking them openly as they watched Peggy writhing in pleasure on the cot.

“OH, I gonna cum.” Grunted Max as his cum spurted out onto the side of the tent.

After hearing Max cum, Peggy became filled with the desire to hear PJ cum. Intent on getting her son to cum, Peggy turned the vibrator all the way up and up the tempo of thrusts into her pussy.

PJ groaned as he matched speed with his mother’s thrusts. He was so close felt he was ready to pop.

Peggy’s body began to tremble as felt another orgasm coming.

As he watched his mother’s body begin to quiver and shake. PJ grunted, “OH MOM!” as he shot his load onto the side of the tent.

During her orgasm, Peggy heard her son and she was thrill because she knew he had cum. Peggy was even happier knowing PJ had cum at the same time as she did.

Part 6

The next morning, Peggy woke early. While the boys sleep, Peggy prepared breakfast. The boys awoke to the smell of coffee, eggs, and bacon. As PJ and Max step out of their tent, Peggy noticed the boys were experiencing a bit of swelling in their pants. Peggy was impressed by how big her son’s package seemed under his shorts. At that moment, Peggy formulated a plan to see her son’s cock.

“Good morning boys. Did you sleep well?” Peggy asked cheerfully.

“Yes, *yawn* very well.” Max answered groggily.

“Very well, thank you. How was your night, Mom?” asked PJ.

“Oh Honey, my night was incredible.” Peggy responded with very sensual tone. PJ found himself feeling a little arouse by his mother’s voice, but he thought he must have been hearing things. The boys quickly devoured breakfast. Once breakfast was over the boys cleaned up.

Walking over to her tent Peggy said, “Alright boys, I going to get ready to take a bath in the lake.” Shortly afterward she came out of the tent carrying several towels and wearing a short white terrycloth robe.

“Are you boys ready?” Peggy asked.

“Ready for what?” asked Max nervously.

“To take a bath, silly.” Peggy said.

“WITH YOU?” Asked PJ very excitedly.

Peggy giggled, “Well there is only one lake, Honey.”

“You mean na-na-naked?” stuttered PJ.

“Yes, it is a bath.” Peggy laughed.

“We just need to grab some towels.” Max shouted enthusiastically. The boys ran into their tent and grabbed some towels, and headed of the to the lake with Peggy.

When they reached the lake the boys eagerly pulled off their clothes. Peggy was surprised how fast the boys shucked their clothes. Max was the first one naked and PJ was second. Peggy was surprise his member was longer than average about 8 inches she thought, but PJ was easily 9 inches and very thick.

“Mom, what are you looking at?” PJ asked.

“Sorry, it is just that you have gotten so big.” Peggy replied.

“I thought you were looking at my pecker. I get teased because it is freakishly big.” PJ explained.

“Well, I was looking at your penis, but I was thinking it was simply exquisite.” Peggy admitted.

“You really like it, Mom?” Asked PJ. Peggy smiled at her son and nodded.

“Mrs. P, you can’t take a bath like that.” Max said anxiously. “You are right, Max.” Peggy said as took off her robe. Both boys stared at her naked body.

“Wow! Mrs. P, you got a killer body.” Complimented Max.

“Thank you, Max.” Peggy responded blushing.

“Mom, you are the most hottest woman ever.” Said PJ.

Peggy grinned and said, “Honey, I think you are pretty hot too.”

Max said, “Mrs. P, you are totally a MILF.”

“I don’t know about that, Max.” Responded Peggy.

“You are definitely a MILF Mom.” PJ gulped as his mother walked toward him positioned herself less than a foot away.

“Really, a mother you want to fuck, PJ. If I could get a guy with a cock like this, I fuck him all the time.” Peggy said staring into PJ eyes and running her finger up and down the length of his cock. PJ trembled as his mother turned and walked off toward the lake.

Once she was knee deep in the lake, Peggy turned back toward boys and asked, “Are you coming in or not?”

On shore Max turned to PJ and shouted, “Let’s get her!” As two boy rushed toward the water, Peggy quickly dove into the water. Peggy tried her best to keep away from the boys. She held them off by splashing until PJ swam up behind her and caught her. PJ wrapped his hand tightly around her abdomen. Peggy struggled trying to get away. Max joined in and tried to help PJ subdue Peggy. As his mother struggled, PJ became aroused, and his erection began rubbing up against her pussy. During their playful struggle, Max inadvertently forced Peggy back against PJ, and in one swift motion PJ’s cock penetrated deep into Peggy’s pussy. The moment his cock penetrated her pussy, Peggy and PJ froze. Once Peggy stopped struggling, Max cheered, “We’ve won!” The feeling of his cock in mother pussy was pleasurable he did not want to pull it out of her, so PJ pulled his arms off his mother and waited for her to pull away. Peggy was enjoying the feeling of her son thick cock stretching her pussy, and she was unwilling p

ull herself free. Peggy and PJ just stood there in the water locked together unwilling to pull themselves apart.

“What’s wrong with you two?” Inquired Max who started to circle around them.

“Nothing!” Gasped Peggy as she pulled herself away from son’s cock. The moment PJ’s cock slipped out of her pussy, Peggy ached to have it back. PJ feared his only chance to fuck his mother was gone.

‘My cock was in her pussy, why didn’t I fuck her?’ PJ pondered.

“Come on boys time to get out.” Peggy said walking back to shore.

Part 7

After they got back to camp, Peggy got dressed and left. She told the boys she was going on a hike, but she would be back before lunch. After she left PJ told Max what had happened at the lake.

“No way, you had your cock in her pussy and you didn’t fuck her!” Max yelled.

“I wasn’t sure what to do.” PJ said.

“Do you remember, ‘Really, a mother you want to fuck, PJ. If I could get a guy with a cock like this, I fuck him all the time.’” Max said imitating Peggy.

“What do you mean?” Asked PJ.

“I mean that she was all over you, PJ. She would have let you do her!” Max shouted.

“But she’s my mom.” PJ said.

“PJ, she is a woman. I am also sure a mother doesn’t normally run their finger up her son’s cock.” Max explained.

“Shit! Shit! Shit! I really blew it!” PJ shouted.

“No, wait I have a plan.” Max said with a grin.

“What is it?” PJ asked. Max leaned over to his friend and whispered in his ear.

Since the incident at the lake, Peggy was unable to think about anything but PJ cock. Peggy wanted PJ to fuck her. She had nothing against having a threesome with PJ and Max, but she wanted her first time with PJ to be one on one. Because she also believed PJ was a virgin, Peggy wanted it to be special and intimate. Unable to think of an immediate solution to her dilemma, Peggy returned to camp.

When she got back to camp, Peggy found the boys had already prepared lunch. Since the boys made lunch, Peggy cleaned up. The boys were acting as if they were up to something. Max went to go collect more firewood, and PJ staid behind.

“Mom, can I talk to you in private?” PJ asked.

“Sure lets go in my tent.” Peggy said. She took his hand and they walked into her tent.

They sat down on her cot and she asked “Okay Honey, what is it?”

“Mom, earlier at the lake I hur-hur-hurt myself.” PJ stuttered.

“Show Mommy where it hurts honey.” Peggy responded. PJ stood up and pulled down his pants.

Looking up at her son, Peggy asked, “Honey, does you penis hurt?” PJ closed his eyes tight and nodded. Peggy with her both hand she inspected his penis. There were no cuts, bruises, or marks of any kind. As she inspected his penis, it became fully erect. Holding it in her hand, Peggy realized her earlier assessment of PJ’s cock was off, because it was over 10 inches long and nearly 4 inches thick.

Still fondling his cock, Peggy asked, “PJ, there is nothing wrong with your cock is there?” PJ shook his head.

“Honey, I think I know what the problem is.” Peggy said pulling off her hiking boots.

“You do?” asked PJ. He watched his mother remove her socks.

“Yes, I do. Because I have the very same problem, Honey.” Peggy answered pulling her t-shirt over her head.

“What?” questioned PJ as he watched his mother pull off her shorts.

Wearing only her bra and panties Peggy stood and said, “First, I need you to take of the rest of your clothes and sit down.” PJ stepped out of his shorts sat down on the cot and strip off the rest of his clothes. Peggy went and closed the tent flaps and then returned to the cot.

While undoing her bra, Peggy asked, “Early today something happened. Something wonderful, but it ended far too soon. Ever since your beautiful cock exited my pussy, I have wanted to get it back. What I am trying to say is PJ will you fuck me?”

His face lit up and PJ shouted, “YES!” Peggy smiled at PJ as removed her panties.

“Do you really like my body?” Peggy asked in seductive tone.

“Oh yes, I think you have a great body, Mom.” Answered PJ his voice cracking. Peggy knelt down between her son’s legs and began fondling his cock.

“Honey, I think you have a great body too. I especially like your cock.” Peggy said as she began licking her base of her son’s cock.

“Ah, I like y-y-your sha-sha-shaved pussy Mmm-mm-mom.” PJ replied.

“Those things make me look naughty.” Peggy replied looking up at PJ as she licked up and down the length of his cock.

“Yes, they d-d-do-o, M-m-mom.” Groaned PJ.

“I don’t want to shock you, but I have been very naughty.” Peggy said. As Peggy started licking the head of his cock, she noticed some pre-cum leaking out. Peggy lapped up her son’s pre-cum from the tip of her son’s cock.

“H-h-how na-na-naughty?” PJ asked as he watched his mother take his cock into his mouth and begin sucking.

Peggy looked up at PJ with a devilish grin and teased, “I am not sure I should tell you.”

As he stared down at his mother who’s head was bobbing up and down on his lap, PJ asked “Th-th-that not Fa-fa-fair, Mom. M-m-may I li-li-like y-y-you pussy?”

Peggy stood up with a big smile on her face and replied, “Honey, I would like that, but let’s get in a 69 position, Honey. PJ just lie back so I can get in position.” PJ lay back on the couch and Peggy positioned herself on top of her son with her pussy in his face and her head by his cock. Peggy was still positioning herself when PJ eagerly began licking her pussy vigorously.

“Oh Honey, you really like Mommy’s pussy.” Moan Peggy enjoying the enthusiastic pussy licking from PJ.

When he returned with the firewood, Max notice Peggy and PJ were nowhere in sight. When he proposed his plan to PJ, Max realized that two thing could have happen one Mrs. P would fuck PJ or two their would be an ugly scene between Mrs. P and PJ. Max was certain he did not want to be around for the latter of the two, and that is why he went to collect the firewood. Very hopeful to find Mrs. P and PJ in the tent, Max snuck around to the incapacitated window and peered inside. Max was please to find both Mrs. P and PJ naked. He watched Mrs. P bobbing up and down on PJ’s cock and grinding her pussy into his face.

“Oh Honey, I nee you inside me.” Peggy moaned.

Peggy shifted positions turning toward PJ and straddling his hips. Looking up into his mother’s face, PJ reached up and began caressing his mother breasts. PJ watched as his mother grabbed the base of his cock and position the tip at the entrance of her pussy. Peggy tried to ease herself on to his cock, but PJ’s cock was slightly thicker than it was at the lake. PJ watched as his mother forced the head of his penis into her pussy.

“Ohm!” gasped Peggy gasped biting her lower lip.

Looking up at his mother, PJ asked “Mom, is something wrong?”

Looking down on him with loving eyes Peggy replied, “Oh no honey, it is just I am used to a cock as big as yours. You seem a bit wider than when we were at the lake.”

PJ blushed and said, “Well I was a bit nervous at the lake.”

“Oh, I see. It is all right just stay still, honey. While I ease you into my pussy.” Peggy said. PJ watched his mother slowly lower herself down on to his cock. Peggy groaned as she felt her pussy spreading further and being filled deeper than ever before. Peggy felt her pussy stretching yielding accommodating to the girth of her son’s cock. Once she entire length of her son’s cock into her pussy, Peggy leaned down and kissed him passionately. She could feel his cock throbbing against the walls of her pussy.

Peggy leaned in and whispered into PJ ear, “Honey, your cock feels so wonderful in my pussy. It is so big and hard. I can’t believe how big my little boy has gotten. All grown up with his cock stuffed in Mommy’s pussy.”

“Please, may I fuck you now?” PJ asked.

“Honey, I need to get use to your cock, so just lie back and let Mommy do all the work.” Peggy said in a slutty tone. Peggy slowly began to ride up and down on PJ’s cock.

From out side Max watched as Mrs. P leaned down and offered her breasts to PJ welcoming mouth as she rode his cock. Max stared excitedly into the tent and rubbed his cock.

“So Mom are you ever going to tell me how naughty you have been?” Asked PJ.

“I tell you what you tell me something naughty, I will tell you if I have done it.” Peggy giggled. Peggy began to hump PJ a little faster.

“What like have you ever been gangbanged?” asked PJ. PJ grabbed on to his mother’s his and started thrusting up to me her pussy. Between the conversation and PJ’s thrusts, Peggy’s pussy was on fire.

“Yes on both accounts.” Moaned Peggy. She could feel it coming.

“What you have been gangbanged? When?” asked a very shocked PJ.

“In college I fucked all your Dad teammates on the football team.” Groaned Peggy. Peggy began to tremble.

“OOH, PJ FUCK ME! FUCK MOMMY BABY!” Peggy shouted as the orgasm surged through her entire body. PJ responded my thrusting more forcefully into his mother’s pussy. Peggy was humping PJ wildly until her orgasm subsided.

PJ said, “I guess you had threesomes then.”

“Oh yes, but only with two men.” Peggy replied.

“Who did you have the last one with and when?” groaned PJ.

“Last Saturday, Grampa Pete and your Dad.” Moaned Peggy.

The conversation between Peggy and PJ had been too much for Max and he shot his load onto the side of the tent.

“MOM, YOU HAVE BEEN A NAUGHTY LITTLE SLUT! NOW YOU ARE GOING TO BE MY SLUT!” Groaned PJ. His cock began throbbing in his mother’s tight pussy.

Sensing her imminent orgasm Peggy moaned, “YES, MOMMY WANTS TO BE YOUR SLUT!” Peggy felt the pulse of PJ’s cock against the walls of her pussy. As PJ’s cock began spewing deep into her womb, Peggy’s body began convulsing with the largest orgasm she had ever experience in her life. Exhausted Peggy collapsed on top of her son. Peggy felt PJ’s come was oozing out her pussy.

Peggy whispered in to PJ’s ear, “After Max has gone to sleep sneak over here and I will fuck you again.”

PJ nodded. Turn her head toward the window, Peggy began to think tonight might be the right time to pull in her other voyeur.

Part 8

Later that evening Peggy and the boys were sitting around the campfire toasting marshmallows. Peggy stood up and said, “We boys, I think I am going to hit the sack.”

“Goodnight.” Max said.

“Goodnight Mom.” Said PJ.

“PJ come give your mother a kiss goodnight.” Asked Peggy playfully. PJ walked over to his mother. Peggy seized hold of PJ and kissed him full on the lips. Peggy grabbed his crotch giving it a playful squeeze and whispered, “Remember after Max goes to sleep come to Mommy’s tent.”

Approaching his Mother’s tent, PJ could hear a very familiar buzzing noise. When he entered the tent his Mother was lying naked on the cot rubbing her pussy with her vibrator.

Peggy look up to see PJ standing at the tent entrance and said, “Come in Honey, Mommy was just thinking about you.” The thought of his Mother masturbating thinking about left PJ speechless.

Peggy put down her vibrator spread her leg and called to PJ invitingly, “Come PJ show Mommy how much you adore her pussy.”

“Gladly Mom.” PJ said placed his head between his mother’s thighs and feverishly began eating her out.

Engulfed in the pleasurable session of PJ’s tongue on her pussy Peggy said, “Oh PJ, you are making me very happy. I can rarely get your father to touch my pussy with his tiny prick let alone to lick my pussy.” Peggy lay back and enjoyed her son’s intense pussy licking.

Enjoying her son very active tongue on her pussy Peggy moaned, “PJ does it turn you on to know how slut I have been?” Feeling shiver through her body, Peggy knew and orgasm was imminent.

Intent on licking his mother’s pussy PJ quickly replied, “Yes.” Peggy body began to shudder as an orgasm sent pulses of pleasure through her body.

Peggy said panting, “It is time for Mommy to show you how much she loves your cock.” PJ sat down on the cot after his mother got up. Peggy quickly tugged PJ’s short and under off, and knelt between his legs.

“Would you like to watch me handle another cock?” Peggy asked stroking PJ’s cock.

“I would love to see you being a slut.” PJ replied.

“How would you like me to have a threesome with you and Max?” Peggy asked licking her son’s hard cock.

“Oh yes, that would be so hot.” PJ moaned as his Mother engulfed his cock into her mouth.

“Then tell him to stop lurking outside an come in.” Peggy teased. Both boys gasped. After the initial shock, Max headed for the tent’s entrance.

“You knew, how, when?” Asked PJ.

“I knew last night I over heard you two in your tent.” Peggy admitted.

“You overheard us in out tent last night.” Gulped PJ.

“Yes, peeping on you mother. I am very disappointed PJ.” Peggy answered.

“You are?” asked PJ.

“Very disappointed you did not try and fuck me sooner.” Peggy teased.

Max entered the tent and said, “Mrs. P, I am impressed you not only naughty but devious as well.”

“You two boy strip and I will show you how naught I can be.” Peggy purred.

Once he and Max were naked, PJ asked, “Ok Mom, what do you want us to do?”

Peggy got down on her hands and knees and said, “PJ come shove that beautiful cock in my pussy. Max come over and let me get a taste of her cock.”

Soon PJ was ramming his cock deep into Peggy’s pussy while she sucked Max’s cock.

Once Peggy was convinced Max’s cock was fully erected Peggy said, “Alright boys time to learn about double penetration. PJ lie down on the cot.”

PJ lay down on the cot. Peggy straddled his hips and guided PJ’s cock into her pussy.

Turning to Max, Peggy said, “Max get behind me, place the tip of your cock on my asshole, and slowly ease it into my ass.” Max followed her directions and soon filled Peggy ass with his cock. With both Max’s and PJ’s cock buried in her Peggy felt stretch to her limits. Once Max was inside his mother’s ass PJ began thrusting his cock up into her pussy. Max began ramming his cock into Peggy ass.

“Oh God!” Peggy gasped as PJ and Max, awkwardly started to thrust into her. It only took a few thrusts before the boys awkwardness faded. Pleased by the feeling the two cocks, Peggy started humping back. Max and PJ felt Peggy’s body begin to quiver.

“OH FUCK ME BOYS! FUCK ME SENSELESS!” screamed Peggy as an intense orgasm exploded deep inside her. Peggy felt PJ and Max thrusting faster and deeper.

Ramming his cock up into his mother’s hot pussy PJ asked, “Mom have you every had sex in a public place?”

“Yes.” Groaned Peggy.

“May I fuck you anywhere I like?” asked PJ.

“Anywhere anytime, honey.” Answered Peggy.

Thrusting his cock into her ass Max asked, “Mrs. P, have you ever been video taped while having sex?”

“Oh lots of times I will give you boy the tapes.” Peggy moaned.

“Mrs. P, will you allow me to tape you fucking PJ?” Max asked.

Peggy gasped, “Definitely.”

“Can Max tape us having sex on Monday in the back yard after school?” Asked PJ.

“Yes, Honey.” moaned Peggy.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” Max cried. Peggy felt Max’s hot cum spraying deep into her ass. Max slid his cock out of her ass and sat down on the floor to watch. Peggy began humping PJ excitedly. Her body tingling, she sensed she was nearing another orgasm. As his mother began bucking wildly on his cock, PJ felt his cock begin to throb. Peggy began to shake.

“FUCK ME PJ. FUCK MOMMY!” Cried Peggy as powerful orgasm sent shock waves of pleasure through her body. PJ’s cock began spewing hot semen deep into his mother’s unprotected pussy.

Peggy and PJ cuddled on the cot for a few minutes. PJ cock recovered quickly and was soon jabbing Peggy’s thigh.

“Mom, I want to fuck you again. Could you get on your hands and knees, please?” Asked PJ.

“Sure.” Answered Peggy getting in position.

Part 9

The next morning Peggy and the boys packed up the jeep and were ready to head home.

“Before we leave I wanted to thank you boys. I enjoyed our camping trip.” Peggy giggled. Max watched PJ walk up to his mother and begin unbuttoning her blouse.

As he removed her blouse PJ asked, “Mom, can we do it one more time before we go. There is something I want to try.”

Peggy smiled at her son and said, “Oh PJ, I guess we have some time.” As PJ yanked down her shorts, Peggy reached back and unclasped her bra.

“Good. Mom, bend over with your hands on the hood, please.” PJ asked while unbuckling his belt. Peggy complied with PJ’s request and bent over and put her hands on the hood of the jeep. PJ got behind his mother and positioned the tip of his cock on her ass hole.

Feeling her son’s cock at her ass, Peggy gasped, “Not my ass you’re too big!”

PJ asked sweetly, “I want to have you everyway I can. Please, let me fuck your ass, Mom?”

Wanting to make her son happy Peggy answer, “Alright, but be gentle with me.” PJ quickly thrust his cock deep into his mother ass, and begin ramming into her hard.

“TAKE IT EASY!” Peggy groaned. PJ started thrusting faster and deeper into her ass. Excited from watching Mrs. P and PJ, Max pulled his cock out and began stroking it.


“SLOW DOWN, HONEY!” Peggy whimpered. Despite his mother’s request, PJ continued to fuck her ass even more passionately. Due to PJ’s unyielding thrusts, Peggy’s initial discomfort gave way to more pleasurable feels.


“Do you want to be my slut?” Asked PJ.

“YES PJ, I WANT TO BE YOUR SLUT! MAKE ME YOUR MOMMY SLUT!” Peggy begged. Her body shock as she began to orgasm. As feeling of intense pleasure flowed through entire body, Peggy felt PJ cock spurting his hot seed into her ass.

“Oh PJ you make Mommy feels so good.” Panted Peggy.

Seeing Max jacking off PJ asked, “Mom, how about sucking Max’s cock?” Peggy knelt down and started sucking Max’s cock. Feeling Peggy’s mouth wrapped around his cock, Max began spewing cum down her throat. Peggy gagged and swallowed Max’s load.

When they arrived at home, Pete, Goof, and Pistol were all waiting for them.

“Welcome home.” Goof and Pistol cheered.

“Yeah, Yeah, welcome home.” Grumbled Pete in his usual unenthusiastic tone.

Goof asked, “Peggy, how was camping with the boys?”

“I sure hope behaved themselves.” Pete asked glaring at the boys suspiciously.

Winking at the boys Peggy answered, “Camping was very enjoyable. As far as the boys are concerned, they were very good for me.” Max and PJ snickered.

Pete gave Peggy a gentle tap on her butt and Peggy cried, “OUCH!”

“What’s the matter Peggy a little sore from camping with two little boys?” Pete laughed callously.

“Pete, trust me when I say they are not so little.” PJ said rubbing her ass.

Later that night, Peggy got ready for bed. She put on her very sexy see-through pink teddy. Pete was already in bed.

“Goodnight.” Pete mumbled and rolled over. Once Pete was asleep, Peggy snuck out of bed. Peggy could hear her husband snoring loudly as she crept down the hallway toward PJ’s room. After entering her son’s room, Peggy latched the door.

“Oh Mom, you look hot.” Whispered PJ.

“I thought you would like it.” Peggy purred. PJ walks over to his window and opens the blind.

“I bet Max would like to see it.” PJ said. Peggy came over to the window and waved to Max who was watching across the way from his own window.

“Lean over and put your hands on the window sill.” Requested PJ. When he mother leaned over PJ pulled down her panties.

Peggy giggled, “Oh PJ, you naughty boy.” PJ pulled down his pajama bottom releasing his erect cock.

Positioning his cock at his mother’s pussy PJ said, “Come on Mom, admit it you like when I am naughty.”

“YES I DO!” Groaned Peggy as PJ plunged his cock into her pussy.

‘Life in Spoonerville will never be the same.’ Thought Max as he watched Mrs. P blissfully fucking PJ by an open window.

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