Goof Troop
Peggy gets pregnant

On night while fucking his mother doggy style on his bed, PJ began to wonder why his mom never cared who shot cum into her pussy.

PJ thought, ‘Isn’t she worried about getting pregnant?’ He continued slamming his hard cock into his mother’s warm wet pussy.

His curiosity got the better of him and PJ asked, “Mom, Max, Grandpa, the scouts and I have shot so much cum in your pussy. How come you are not concerned about getting pregnant?”


Ramming his cock harder and deeper into his mother’s pussy, PJ questioned, “Why are you on the pill?”


“But I thought Dad got a vasectomy.” Said PJ.


As his pelvis slapped loudly against his mother’s ass, PJ asked, “So if you stopped taking the pill could you get pregnant?”

“YES! WHY DO YOU ASK?” Question Peggy.

PJ grunted, “I was thinking about getting you pregnant. Would you stop taking the pill for me?”

“OH HONEY, I DON’T KNOOOOOWWW!” wailed Peggy as she was overcome by an intense orgasm.

Spilling his cum into his mother’s pussy, PJ moaned, “PLEASE, LET ME KNOCK YOU UP, MOM!”

Later that night Peggy is in the bathroom. Poised at the bathroom sink holding on to her birth control pill, Peggy contemplates her son’s request.

Staring into the mirror, Peggy thinks, ‘I know a mother should never consider what I am, but there are so many things PJ and I are doing that we shouldn’t be doing.’ Peggy tosses pills into the trash, and rushes off to tell her son the good news.

PJ is sitting at his desk doing his homework when his mother rushes into the room. Peggy is excited and smiling. Peggy greets her son with a very enthusiastic hug, and she almost knocks him off the chair onto the floor.

“What has gotten into you?” asked PJ.

“Nothing yet.” Giggles Peggy. Looking at the smirk on his face, PJ can tell she has got something planned.

Confused PJ asked, “What are you talking about?”

“I am going to do it.” Peggy says expecting PJ to know what she is talking about.

Aggravated PJ barked, “DO WHAT?”

With a broad smile on her face Peggy replied, “I have stopped taking my birth control pills, and I am going to let you get me pregnant!” PJ is in shock he doesn’t know what to say. He just sits there not making a sound.

Worried by his lack of response, Peggy said, “As long as you still want to that is.”

“Can we start now!” asked PJ eagerly.

Peggy giggled, “Well I just stopped taking the pill. It will be a while before I can get pregnant, but you can fuck me if you like.”

“Yes, I’d like.” Answers PJ as he strips out of his clothes. Since PJ was taking of his clothes, Peggy removed her clothes as well. PJ lay down on his bed and Peggy got on top of him.

Straddling her son’s pelvis, Peggy grasped his cock and guided it into her damp pussy.

“PJ UNTIL I GET PREGNANT YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CUM IN MY PUSSY!” Moaned Peggy as she rode her son’s cock.

“If you can’t fuck Max, Gramdpa, and the scouts anymore they are going to be bummed out.” Responded PJ.

As PJ forced his cock deeper into her pussy, Peggy grunted, “YES PJ JAM YOUR COCK DEEP INTO MOMMY’S PUSSY! WE CAN STILL FUCK WE JUST HAVE TO BE CAREFUL.”

“Careful?” Question PJ.

“Yes, I can still give blowjobs and let them fuck my ass without worry, but they will have to wear a condom if they fuck my pussy.” Peggy panted.

Ramming his cock back up into his mother’s pussy PJ said, “You better get some condoms tomorrow before the scout meeting then.” As PJ thrust his cock up into her, Peggy was slamming her pussy down onto his cock.


Reaching up and fondling her breast PJ said, “Mom don’t worry I will keep you pussy full of cum I promise.”

Experiencing an orgasm Peggy wailed, “PJ YOU BETTER!” The excitement got the better of PJ and he began to cum. His hot cum poured into his mother’s pussy.

True to his word PJ kept his mother’s pussy well supplied with cum so much so it often his cum was often dripping out of it. As for the scout once they got a taste of anal sex they barely even bothered with Peggy’s pussy. Grampa Pete was thrilled with the idea of another grandchild he gladly kept his cock out of his daughter in-law’s pussy. After hearing about Mrs. P. trying to get pregnant by PJ, Max couldn’t help but attempt to spray his cum into her unprotected pussy. Despite his constant attempt to fill her fertile pussy with his seed, Peggy often invited Max over. It became like a game for Peggy and Max. Peggy enjoyed the thrill allowing Max to get very close to cumming in her pussy. Peggy stopped Max every time; however, there were several times Max almost came in her pussy. Peggy loved it when Max would shot his hot cum all over her only seconds after being made to remove his cock from her pussy.

The closet Max ever came to filling Peggy’s fertile belly full of cum was fucking her doggy style on the lounge chair out by the pool while PJ taped them.

“YES MAX, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!” Moaned Peggy.Max rammed his cock hard into Peggy’s pussy. His thrusts were so hard that each time his pelvis met her ass it made a loud slapping noise. Peggy ass grew redder with every thrust.

“I AM GOING FILL YOU PUSSY THIS TIME FOR SURE, MRS. P.!” Max cheered as he neared orgasm. His cock began to throb. Peggy tore her ass away from him and grabbed his cock. Peggy’s mouth was open and she was about to suck on Max’s cock when cum began spurting out. Max’s cum shot into Peggy’s mouth and all over her face.

After Max stopped cumming Peggy giggled and said, “Better luck next time, Max.”

Five months after they started, Peggy took a home pregnancy test. The test came up positive. Peggy was so excited she could hardly wait for PJ to get home from school to tell him.

When PJ did arrive home he found his mother waiting for him at the door completely naked with a great big grin on her face.

Peggy embraced PJ and said, “PJ I have great news.”

“What is it Mom?” asked PJ.

“I took a pregnancy test today and it came out positive.” Peggy answered excitedly as she undid his belt. PJ was ecstatic about his mother news.

“So I did it you are pregnant?” questioned PJ.

Pulling down his pants Peggy smiled up at her son and replied, “Well yes, but it is always best to have a doctor to confirm it.”

PJ smiled back and asked, “So when do you see the doctor”

Pulling him down between her legs Peggy replied, “I go to the doctor’s on Thursday.”

Sliding his cock into his mother’s pussy PJ asked, “Can I come with you?”

“Of course you can but you will have to miss school.” Peggy answered. PJ began plunging his cock down deep into his mother’s warm pussy.

“OH MOM, YOUR PUSSY FEELS SO GOOD!” PJ moaned. PJ had only just begun to fuck her and Peggy was already experiencing an intense orgasm. PJ could feel his mother’s hips bucking up at him.

“OH PJ, FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR MOTHER GOOD, BABY!” Peggy wailed. For the next few days Peggy fucked PJ frequently and exclusively.

On Thursday, Peggy and PJ sat in the gynecologist waiting room. Peggy was reading an old Time magazine and PJ was playing his game boy.

The nurse came to the door and called, “Peggy?”

Peggy stood up and answered, “Here.” The nurse stepped aside and motioned Peggy to enter the examination area.

As she and PJ past the nurse said, “Examination room 3 second door on the left.” Peggy and PJ went into the examination room together. A few minutes later another nurse came in carrying a paper examination gown.

Handing the gown to Peggy the nurse said, “The doctor will be with you momentarily. Please strip down to your panties and put this on.” After the nurse left Peggy stripped down to her underwear. She was not able to put on the paper gown because PJ kept her busy. The moment Peggy got down to just her panties, PJ grabbed her. PJ began kissing his mother and caressing her breasts.

“PJ stop the doctor could come in an minute.” Peggy gasped. PJ slid his hand down into her panties. Peggy’s pussy was so wet PJ’s finger slipped between her pussy lips easily.

Smirking PJ replied, “Mom your pussy is dripping wet, so don’t even try telling me you are not enjoying this.” Peggy simply sighed and kissed PJ. When the doctor knocked on the Peggy jumped up on the table leaving PJ holding her soaked panties. As the door opened PJ quickly pocketed his mother wet panties and sat down on one in the chair next to the examination table.

“OH! Mrs. Pete I am sorry did you need more time.” Gasped Doctor Harris.

Peggy giggled nervously and replied, “Oh no Dr. Harris I am fine. I hope you don’t mind I brought my son, PJ, with me.”

“Well it is highly irregular.” Replied Dr. Harris giving her a suspicious look.

Thinking quickly Peggy added, “Well, PJ was considering becoming a gynecologist, so I talked him into joining me today.”

Turning to Peggy, Dr. Harris said, “I have to say Peggy allowing your son to observe your exam is very commendable. It is wonderful to see a mother being so supportive.”

Blushing Peggy said, “I try to be. I was putting on the gown, and I thought it would be a good time for PJ to become familiar with the female form.”

With an eager look on his face, Dr. Harris asked, “Splendid would you like me to take over?”

“Certainly.” Peggy answered.

Looking down at his chart Dr. Harris said handing Peggy a specimen cup, “Great but first I think I should collected the specimen for you pregnancy test.” Peggy took the cup and filled it with urine.

Handing the cup back to the doctor Peggy said, “Here you go.”

Standing up and heading for the door, Dr. Harris said, “ I will just give this to one of the nurses so they can get started on the pregnancy test.” Dr. Harris stepped out of the examination room for a moment.

It wasn’t long before Dr. Harris returned.

Dr. Harris looked at PJ and asked, “Well PJ, how long have you been considering becoming a gynecologist?”

“Ah for sometime actually.” Replied PJ nervously.

Placing his hand upon PJ's shoulder, Dr. Harris said reassuringly, “No need to be nervous PJ. You are quite lucky to have your mother doing this for you."

PJ smiled nerviously and said, "I am very lucky to have a mother like mine."

Dr. Harris said, "First we will perform a breast exam on your mother. Peggy lied down please." Peggy lay down on the examination table. Dr. Harris placed his hands on Peggy's left breast and began his examination.

"May I try?" Asked PJ.

Of course what a wonderful idea. Come look at how I am examining her breast. Use your palm and massage it gently. It should have a soft oatmeal like texture. Here you try.” Dr. Harris stepped aside and let PJ examine his mother breasts.

“Feel any hard lumps?” asked Dr. Harris.

“Nope no hard lumps.” answered PJ.

Dr. Harris replied, “Good now check her next breast.” PJ moved onto his mother’s right breasts and began to examine it.

“Do you feel any hard lumps?” asked Dr. Harris.

“Nope none here either.” Answered PJ.

“Good.” Said Dr. Harris. For the next hour, Dr. Harris showed PJ how to examine a woman’s breast very thoroughly. When they finished Peggy’s breasts were tingling from all the handling. Peggy was still very turned on from before and the breast exam and her nipples had grown very hard from all the touching.

Dr. Harris moved to the end of the table and set up the stirrups “Now onto the vaginal exam. Peggy please place your feet in the stirrups, and PJ would join me over here.” Peggy placed her feet in the stirrups and PJ joined Dr. Harris at the end of the table. Dr. Harris put on some sterile gloves and handed a set to PJ. Dr. Harris pulled apart Peggy’s labia and pointed out areas of interest such as her clitoris and vagina for PJ.

“This is strange.” Said Dr. Harris.

“What is strange? Asked PJ.

“Well see how swollen your mother’s clitoris is and notice how easily I can slid my fingers into her vagina.” Said Dr. Harris. As Dr. Harris pushed two of his fingers into her vagina, Peggy let out a small moan and squirmed on the examination table.

“What does that mean?” asked PJ.

Leaving his fingers deep in Peggy’s pussy, Dr. Harris said, “Based on your mother’s flushed face, her breathing is rapid and shallow, her body is tense, her vaginal area is very swollen and wet with secretions. I believe you mother is very sexually aroused. Some women get aroused during an exam, but I have never found your mother to be one of them. The way her vaginal walls are contracting around my fingers is a sure sign of arousal. Here PJ put your fingers in and feel for yourself.” Dr. Harris pulled his fingers from Peggy’s pussy and moved aside to allow PJ room to get his own fingers in his mother’s pussy.

With his fingers in his mother’s pussy, PJ said, “Wow your are right. My mother's vagina squeezing my fingers.”

Dr. Harris said, “The vaginal walls contracting is a sign of extreme sexual arousal. I have never seen your mother in this state. I can only come to one conclusion. Your presence is causing your mother’s arousal. Don’t deny it now Peggy. I could tell you were becoming aroused the first time I walked in the examination room.” Peggy and PJ said nothing they just stared back at Dr. Harris in shock.

Dr. Harris continued, “My records also indicate that your husband had a vasectomy nearly four years ago. If you are pregnant this is not your husband’s child. I bet PJ is the father.”

Peggy composed herself and asked, “Alright lets get to it what do you want?”

"Not much really I just want to watch." said Dr. Harris.

Peggy smiled and said, "All you want is to watch PJ fuck me."

"Actually I want to watch PJ fucking you as your pregnancy progresses. I have a thing for pregnant women and mothers." said Dr.Harrs.

Peggy asked, "How often are you thinking?"

"Every other week. I will just note a concern about your pregnancy, so your frequent visits will not seem suspicious." answered Dr. Harris.

"That is all fine Dr. Harris, but I do not believe my insurance will cover all those extra doctor's visits." said Peggy.

"Don't worry I will wont charge you for a single office visit. In fact if you are not oposed to allowing a few others to watch as well we may work some money into the deal." offered Dr. Harris.

"Others what others?" inquired Peggy.

"Jill my wife for one."

"Your wife is the pretty nurse that brought me the gown isn't she?" questioned Peggy. . PJ remembered the nurse she was a bit shorter than his mom, long brown hair tied up in a bun on top of her head, a very pretty face, huge breast and a large but shapely ass.

"Yes, she was." answered Dr. Harris.

"Beside your wife who else were you thinking of watching?" Peggy asked.

Dr. Harris cleared his throat and said, "My son, Ben."

Peggy grined and asked, "How long have Jill and Ben been fucking?" Dr. Harris gulped hard and sweat began dripping down from his brow.

In a very panicked voice Dr. Harris responded, “I never said they were…” At that moment the door opened and startled Dr. Harris. Dr. Harris was so startled he nearly fell over. Jill his wife barged into the examination room. After entering she shut and latched the door.

With a look of disappointment on her face Jill looked at Dr. Harris and said, “Give it a rest Frank you aren’t fooling anyone.”

With his head hanging down Dr. Harris replied, “Sorry, dear.”

Jill turned to Peggy and said, “Three wonderful years. My son Ben has blessed me with more sexual pleasure than I have ever dreamed possible. It has been Frank’s dream to convince me to allow Ben to impregnate me.”

Peggy said, “So he is hoping watching me and PJ…”

“Will convince me to give in and allow our 16 year old son to get me pregnant.” Interrupted Jill.

Turning toward the nurse PJ asked, "Does Ben want to get you pregnant?"

“You know I never asked him.” Admitted Jill.

“I very much wanted to get my mom pregnant so I asked her. Maybe before you decide anything you should talk it over with your son first.” Said PJ.

“That is a great idea, thank you. Oh I got to go and make a call. I will schedule your next appointment for two weeks from today, and shall we say $100 dollars each under the table of course?” Inquired Jill. PJ looked at his mother his eyes pleading with her to accept the offer.

Looking over to PJ, Peggy replied, “Great, that will be just fine.”

Just before leaving the room, Jill turn back and said, “Oh by the way Mrs. Pete the test came back you are pregnant.” Peggy grabbed PJ and gave him a celebratory hug.

"Mom, I am so turned on right now." Admitted PJ.

Peggy turned to Dr. Harris and said, "Lock the door Doctor this one is on the house."

Removing his clothes PJ asked, "Mom will you put your feet back in the stirrups?"

"Click!", Dr. Harris latched the door.

"PJ, I was thinking the same thing." Replied Peggy placing her feet back into the stirrups." As PJ got in position between his mother’s legs, Dr. Harris positioned to stool and sat down. Dr. Harris watched as PJ pierced his mother’s pussy with his large phallus.

“OH YES BABY!” moaned Peggy as her son’s cock plunged deep into her pussy. Dr. Harris observed how Peggy moaned and writhed on the table as her son pumped his cock into her pussy.

‘WOW! SHE SEEMS TO ENJOY HER SON FUCKING HER EVEN MORE THAN MY WIFE ENJOYS OUR SON!’ Thought Dr. Harris. Watching PJ’s cock slipping in and out of Peggy’s pussy, He noted how exceedingly damp and well lubricated she was. He watched as Peggy began thrusting her pussy up to meet PJ’s cock, and he could hardly believe how loud and boisterous her moans were. Dr. Harris had never seen a couple been so animated during sex even in the all the porno’s he had watched.

“OH BABY, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!” Begged Peggy. Dr. Harris noticed an abundant supply of secretions spill out of Peggy’s vagina. By the way Peggy’s body convulsed on the examination table Dr. Harris was sure she was experiencing a very severe and powerful orgasm. With all the excess lubrication PJ’s cock made a loud sloppy soggy wet noise each time it plunged into his mother’s pussy. The intense sexual scene playing out in front of his was too much for poor Dr. Harris. His hardened cock straining against the crotch of his pants, he needed some release. Peggy turned toward Dr. Harris just in time to watch him pull down his pants and begin stroking his own cock. Dr. Harris’s cock was nothing spectacular just an average size cock, but seeing him stroking it excited Peggy. Peggy loved everything about cocks especially cum. On very rare occasions she enjoyed watching men stroke their cocks. Impulsively Peggy sucked on any cock she saw so that was why watching men masturbate was such a rare treat for her. This time Peggy had no desire to suck on the cock before her. She was happy just watching Dr. Harris jacking off. As he continued to fuck her pussy, PJ noticed how his mother seemed to enjoy Dr. Harris jacking off.

As her body began to tremble with her next orgasm, Peggy turned her attention back to her son and groaned, “FUCK ME PJ! FUCK YOUR SLUTTY MOTHER!” Very abruptly PJ pulled his cock out of his mother’s throbbing pussy.

Peggy turned back toward her son and pleaded, “PLEASE, PJ PUT IT BACK IN!” Peggy felt PJ place his cock head against her butt hole.

PJ grinned and said, “Mom, I has been so long since I got to fuck your ass. Now that you are pregnant I don’t have to keep you pussy full of my cum.” PJ shoved his fat cock into Peggy’s ass. It had been so long since Peggy had taken her son’s monster cock up the ass it actually stung.

“PLEASE, PJ TAKE IT EASY!” Squealed Peggy.

PJ chuckled and asked, “Come off it Mom admit it you want me to fuck your ass hard?”

“YES BABY FUCK MY ASS HARD!” Peggy moaned. Dr. Harris loved watching PJ dominate Peggy.

PJ ordered, “Mom, tell the nice doctor who’s slut you are.”

Peggy groaned, “I AM PJ’S SLUT! MY SON’S SLUT!”

“What do you think about my slut doc?” asked PJ.

“Will she do anything you tell her to?” asked Dr. Harris.

“So Mom will you do anything I ask?” questioned PJ.


PJ smiled proudly and said, “See Doc she will do what ever I want.”

“Can I spray my cum all over her face?” Asked Dr. Harris.

“Sure go ahead.” Answered PJ.

Dr. Harris stood up and walked around in front of Peggy and began jacking off in her face.

“PJ you are one lucky boy to have a mother like Peggy.” Grunted Dr. Harris.

PJ asked, “Hey Mom what do you think? Am I lucky?”

Peggy moaned, “NO, I AM LUCKY. TOO HAVE A SON WITH SUCH A BIG HARD COCK.” PJ felt very proud.

“I AM GOING TO CUM!” groaned Dr. Harris.

PJ said, “Mom open your mouth and give the good doctor something to aim at.” Without another word Peggy opened her mouth wide and leaned forward toward Dr. Harris’s cock. Streams of cum began spouting out of Dr. Harris’s cock. The doctor’s hot cum splashed onto Peggy’s cheeks and into her open mouth. As she tasted the doctors salty cum on her tongue, Peggy felt the rush of her son’s hot jism flooding into her bowels.

As they were leaving the doctors office Nurse Jill rushed over to Peggy with a big smile on her face and whispered something in her ear before rushing off.

“Mom, what did Nurse Jill say to you?” asked PJ.

Quietly Peggy answered, “She was excited. It seems her son wants her to have his baby, and she is just thrilled.”

PJ said, "That's cool."

Just as they reached the car Peggy began "PJ, I was wondering..."

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