Goof Troop
Past Experiences

Peggy and PJ returned home after the doctor’s office visit. Once they arrived home, PJ fucked his mother’s ass three more times. That afternoon Max was getting off the bus when he bumped into PJ.

“Hey Max, can you do me a favor.” Asked PJ

Max replied, “You know I will.”

“Good I am off to buy my mother a present can you keep my mother busy.

With a big grin on his face Max answered, “You can count on me.” Max rushed off to PJ house. He dashed in the house, ran up the stairs, and flew ran down the hall to Mr. and Mrs. Pete’s bedroom. When Max burst into the bedroom he discovered Peggy waiting on the bed wearing a black garter belt, stockings, a pair fuck me pumps, and nothing else. Peggy looked up at the door. Max’s mouth was open wide and he was drooling.

“I was expecting PJ.” Said Peggy.

Breathing heavy Max panted, “I asked PJ if I could have a chance to do you all by myself.”

“Well if it is alright with PJ then it is fine with me.” Replied Peggy. Peggy was surprised when Max sprang onto the bed.

Peggy giggled, “Oh my, you are an eager one.”

Pulling off his clothes and tossing them onto the floor Max asked, “Can we forget the condom?”

With a devious smile Peggy asked, “Are you still trying to cum into my fertile pussy?”

“Most definitely so can we skip the condom?” Asked Max.

Peggy spread her legs and beckoned, “Come put your naked cock into my fertile pussy, Max.” Max climbed between Peggy’s legs and sank his hard cock into her damp pussy.

“Oh Mrs. Pete, I love the feel of my cock in your pussy.” Moaned Max.

Peggy blushed and replied, “That was so sweet but so naughty Max.”

Max groaned as his continued to ram his cock into her pussy, “I would never admit this when PJ is around but I have wanted to fuck you since the very moment we first met.”


Max confessed, “I know. I imagined fucking you right there on the front lawn in front of everybody.” The thought of Max fucking her in front of the entire neighborhood made Peggy even more excited.

“Max that is so hot.” Gasped Peggy. As his continued thrusting his cock, Max noticed how much wetter her pussy felt.

“Mrs. P are you getting turned on?” Questioned Max.

Reaching back and grabbing Max’s ass Peggy screamed, “YES MAX! FUCK ME! TELL ME ALL THE NASTY FANTASIES YOU’VE HAD ABOUT ME!” Peggy’s heightened state of sexual arousal made Max feel even more certain he would be able to cum in Peggy’s fertile pussy.

Hoping to get Peggy even more excited Max said, “I used to spy on you hoping to catch you doing something naughty.”


Unable to think of anything Max said, "Really naughty thing, I am too embarrassed to tell you."

Eager to hear more of Max’s fantasies Peggy asked, “How about I say something you tell me if you thought about it?”

Unable to think of anything else Max said, “Alright.”

“Did you thinking about catching me masturbating?” Asked Peggy.

“Yes.” Answered Max.

Thinking out loud Peggy said, “Hmm fantasizing about catching me masturbating that would not be embarrassing.”

Still playing along Max said, “No it wouldn’t.” Unknown to Peggy and Max, PJ had snuck back into the house and was listening outside the door.

Peggy said, “Let’s see maybe I should think about all the nasty things I have done.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” Said Max eager to hear about Mrs. P’s sexual exploits. Listening intently PJ was also excited about hearing about his mother’s past sexual experiences.

“Well let me think you have already seen me having sex in the backyard, recorded me for some homemade porn, and even participated in gang bang.” Said Peggy.

“That doesn’t leave much does it?” Questioned Max.

“Well it does limit it to the kinkier side.” Said Peggy. Max continued to plow his cock deep into Mrs. P’s pussy.

“I have got it. Bondage you imagined me getting fucked all tied up.” Said Peggy.

Hoping to keep her occupied with thinking of what he fantasized about Max said, “That is hot but no.”

“You naughty boy you hoped to see me being spanked.” Said Peggy.

‘I will have to remember that.’ Thought PJ.

Max replied, “No.” Max found it very exciting to imagine Mrs. P being tied up and even spanked.

Discouraged Peggy began “Come on Max there isn’t anything left except…” Max began to panic when he saw the shocked expression on Mrs. P’s face.

“Uh… I… uh…” stammered Max nervously unable to think of what to say.

Peggy said, “Beastiality Max! I never would have guessed.” At first he just wanted to slink away, but Max noticed Mrs. P’s pussy seemed to have gotten even wetter than before.

‘Is the thought of having sex with an animal really getting Mrs. P excited?” wondered Max. He had seen pictures and movies on the Internet of women with dogs and horses. The image of Mrs. P being fuck by a dog entered his mind. The image was just not of any dog, Max immediately pictured King, the Smith’s Great Dane from across the street.

“Did you fantasize about catching me with an animal?” Asked Peggy.

Max replied, “Yes, King.”

“You fantasized about catching me with the Smith’s Great Dane?” asked Peggy.

Max replied, “Yeah you are on you knees and King has mounted your ass and thrusting is big slimy pink cock into your tight pussy.” Max pumped his cock deep into Peggy’s pussy.

“Oh Max, do you want to fuck me like King would?” asked Peggy.

Max answered, “Yes please, Mrs. P could you get down on your hands and knees so I can fuck you Doggy Style.” Peggy and Max changed positions

As he pushed his cock back into Peggy’s pussy Max asked, “Mrs. P have you ever had sex with a dog?”

Peggy replied, “Yes, I had sex with a dog back in college.” Peggy felt a surge of excitement as Max began thrusting even faster. PJ could not believe what he was hearing.

“Oh tell me all about it?” asked Max.

Peggy said, “As you know I was a cheerleader and the football team’s fuck toy. Our team was the Bulldogs and our mascot was a Bull Mastiff named Barney. Before every game the team liked to watch Barney fucking me.”

‘Holy Shit! My mom got fucked by a dog!’ thought PJ.

“Mrs. P did you like being fucked by Barney?” asked Max. As Max rammed his cock into Mrs. P’s dripping snatch, he could feel it throbbing.

“Yes, very much. I had sex with Barney more than anyone else in college. Even though I was expected to fuck him before the games, Barney and I used to practice regularly. I loved that dog.” Replied Peggy with a wide grin on her face.

Max asked, “Did you stop once you graduated?”

Peggy sighed, “No, I went back every homecoming weekend and had sex with Barney until he died eight years later. Since Barney past I stopped having sex with dogs.”

“So Barney was the only animal ever to fuck you.” Said Max. PJ opened the door a crack and watched Max plunging his cock deep into his mothers sopping wet pussy.

In the midst an orgasm, Peggy wailed, “NO! ONCE OUR RIVAL TEAM THE MUSTANGS MADE ME SUCK OF THEIR MASCOT A HORSE NAMED, LIGHTNING” With the image of her sucking on a Horse’s cock in his head, Max began to shot his load deep into Mrs. P’s pussy.

“I’M CUMMING! I AM CUMMING INSIDE YOU!” Cheered Max. Peggy had planned on telling Max she was already pregnant, but for now she decided to let him reveal in his long sought after victory. Meanwhile outside PJ pondered what to do with all the things he had learn about his mother that afternoon. One thing was certain PJ wanted to know more.

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