Tiny gets Raped
Warning:Contains extreme forms of Rape of a minor.
(Note this is was the second chapter of my other DK fic, i didn't think it fit the story of the other one so i moved it here)

Tiny got home from her sleepover with some girls and put on her overalls and white shirt and hat and 

then headed out to look around as her grandmother fell asleep inside. As she left a big horny ape saw 

the girl leave alone from where he watched behind some bushes, he followed her at a close distance, but 

unseen. She skipped along, looking around, brushing some dirt off the flower on her overalls before 

continuing. The ape followed, faster, then started running to try and get in front of her, making sure 

the place he chose to make his move was very out of the way. She giggled as a butterfly tickled her 

nose, she smiled at it, not knowing that would be her last smile of the day. Getting close, the ape 

lashed out with his large hands, grabbing Tiny by her hair and lifting her off the ground!
"Ahh, god, put me down" she cries out as she struggles
"Oh, who are you, sexy little girl?" He roughly fondled her little pussy through her clothes still hung 

from his large hands
"Ahh, my name is Tiny, let, let me go, now" she says through the yelps of pain.
The ape licked her face. "Tiny? Sexy name for a sexy little girl." He threw her to the ground, taking 

off his pants as he watched her struggle. She squirms around in pain, not able to move really do to 

fear and pain. He chuckled, showing his huge erection. Walking up to her, he kicked her hard, then 

knelt down with a knife.
She started to cry as sat there and watched him approach her with a knife and his huge cock. "What, what 

are you gonna do?"
“If you don't take off your clothes, I'm going to cut them off, you little cunt!" He started 

masturbating in front of her
"I, I will, just put the knife away" she says as she looks at her stroking himself as she unbuckles her 

overalls and takes them off then takes off her shirt and orange panties tossing them to the side as her 

overalls were close to her feet. He laughed, then sat on her legs, pushing his cock into her face. 
"You want some of this, you little slut? Answer me!" 
"Ahh, no, please, get it away" she says crying
He laughed, and then reached out to pinch her nipple. "Don't you like this?" He squeezed hard, twisting, 

pulling at the sensitive nub.
"No" she cries out in pain "Please stop, please, please sir"
He reached down instead, holding her throat while he put his knife up to her neck saying "Tell me that 

you want my cock"
"Ahh, god no, please, I want your cock, please stop, I want your cock" she yells out loudly
"Good girl...." He pulled her face to his, kissing her.
He moved in closer and rubbed his cock on her little face, the feel of her soft, warm skin making him 

moan in lust. "Tell me what you want, Tiny" he moaned out.
"I want your cock, and, and only your cock" she says through tears
“Well, if you insist." He laughed, then sat on her chest, holding her hands over her head as he thrust 

his nasty cock into her tiny mouth. She gags as it goes deep into her mouth, she coughs but sucks it 

lightly, drooling all over it. He gently slapped her face, "Suck harder, bitch" he said as he grabbed 

her nipple again, squeezing it hard.
"hmmhmmm" she says into his cock as she sucks on it harder as tears go her face. Feeling himself about 

to cum, he grabs her hair, popping out of her mouth, and starts to masturbate with it. She yelps as she 

feels her soft hair flow over his hard cock.
"Now, how do you like this, little girl?" He asked her, reaching back to caress her clit.
"Its, its good" she says through tears.
He slapped her pussy and said "Don't lie to me now." He stared into her eyes, grinning, enjoying the 

feeling of her soft hair on his cock.
"It's good, please, cum all over my hair,” she says through soft yelps. With a grunt, his penis 

exploded with cum, he aimed it, carefully, getting in her eyes, up her nose, her mouth, and all over her 

beautiful yellow hear. She yelped out as she blew some out of her nose onto her chest and wiped the 

other cum out of her eyes. He grinned, smearing the sticky mess into her hair and face, rubbing it into 

her nipples with his dirty hands.
She moans against to her will, just leaning back trying to get some rest, just taking all the cum he 

smears on her. Reaching over, he grabbed her panties, handing them to her "Clean yourself up, you 

little slut, wipe that cum off your face and chest, but leave it in your hair. Use your panties."
"O, ok" she says as she wipes off her nose and eyes and the little on her chest, making her panties 

rather soaked. Grinning, he stepped over to her, raising her head off the ground, then punched her in 

her gut to make her scream. She cries out loudly yelling at the top of her lungs. As she screamed, he 

cruelly stuffed her cum soaked panties deep into her throat, then dropped her naked, abused little body 

into the dirt. She coughed on it but kept it in, getting used to the taste of cum now. He kneeled 

down, putting cock at the entrance to her hole. She couched but kept them in her throat as the cum 

taste got to her.
Pushing them deeper into her throat with a thumb, he slowly started to rape her as she cries out into 

her cum soaked orange panties. He groaned as his cock violated her tiny entrance.
"Suck you little slut, suck my cum out of your panties!" He slapped her again. She moaned into the 

panties as she sucked on them lightly. He grinned, then reached for her overalls, pounding harder and 

harder into her tiny little body. She yelped into her panties as this huge ape pounded her. Tears 

rolled down her eyes as she tried to scream but didn't not wanting to taste his cum again. He pulled 

out of her abused cunt with a pop, and then placed her clothes in her chest, aiming his cum at the 

center of the flower as he started to orgasm. He screamed in lust, slapping her face saying 

"Suuuuuuuck!" She cried out as she saw her clothes ruined as she sucked on her panties more. He 

groaned, leaning forward in exhaustion. He placed the crotch of her overalls over her bellybutton, above 

her own cunt, letting his cock rest there, spurting out the rest of his cum. "Ooo, what did you think of 

that, you little slut?"
She cried lightly as she talked into the panties. He yanked the wet panties out of her mouth saying, 

“Now what did you think of it”
"It, it as great" she says through tears. He just laughed, then stood up, standing on her little hands 

so she didn't get away. 
"Really?" He fondled his now soft cock, looking down at her abuse body, cum soaked panties on her face, 

cum covered crotch of her overalls on her stomach. She nods slowly afraid what he would do if she 

didn't do what she thought he wanted to hear. "Tell me which part you liked best, Tiny." He grinned.
"I, I liked it when you came in my hair and when you cover my overalls in cum. I, I would like some 

more" she says against her will.
"Oh, really?" he smiled with an evil glint in his eye. “Then close your eyes and open your mouth."
"O, ok, sure" she says as she closes her eyes and opens her mouth, scared of what is coming. He 

chuckled, relaxing his bladder, and shot a powerful stream of piss onto her tongue and into her mouth. 

She coughed as the taste took her over, she looked to see him pissing all in her mouth, she swallowed 

what she could but a lot dripped out. He laughed, moving the spray to soak her hair and all her 

clothes, then he started to piss on her cunt "Open you cuntlips with your fingers so I can get it 

inside, quick!"
She cries but does so, letting the spray go into her pussy as the last drops of piss mix with the cum in 

her pussy. She laid there, very weak, crying to herself softly. The ape walks over to her and picks up 

her piss and cum soaked panties and puts them on her. Then he picks up the overalls and clips them on 

her and buckles them up. Then he crushes the buckle so she can't take them off. He sits next to her 

against a tree.
"I want to have one more good fuck with you before i let you go."
She just sighs as he moves on her slighly and begins to rub all over her piss and cum soaked clothes, 

espcially on her crotch, making sure it is very wet. He moved closer and began to kiss her face as she 

just looked passed him into the trees as he slipped his tounge in as some apes swung above her.